Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LVF and Company - Expect more posts soon!

I apologies everyone for my lack of updating! The holidays created a bunch of chaos for me in terms of work and me getting ill. But on the bright side, in a few hours I'll be getting one of the best Christmas treats of all - getting to see my frilly friend from CA who will be staying with me for a week! As a result, expect some more videos and posts in a more personal sense with her visit coming soon.

Curious, what did everyone get for their respective holidays this year? I didn't get too much in the world of frills this year, but I did get some adorable Doc Martin Polka Dot boots in Black and my other favorite present being My So Called Life The Complete Series! Did you guys get what you wanted for the holidays? Leave it down on the comment section below!

I hope everyone's holiday was lovely and that you have some epic New Years Eve plans! I'll be celebrating a day early at this year's Dances of Vice celebration called Moonlight Circus! With the theme being circuses, I decided to dress as the Show Pony girl. Have big feathers in my hair, pink tutu vibe and possibly harlequin tights or something of a fun pattern to my liking. What are your plans for New Years? So curious to know!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Return of "Not Another Lolita Blog" and a Thank You.

Many have been asking when "Not Another Lolita Blog" would be returning and well... here it is! In this episode you can see me and some of my frilly girls head out to celebrate International Lolita Day:Winter 2011. And don't worry, this isn't the last you'll be seeing of the video series! More posts will be coming in the future and boy, I am beyond excited for them! Here's the video below:

In other news, you might have noticed on the side of the blog that there is an Amazon link! Well I'm pleased to say that La Vida Frills is now an Amazon affiliate. If you need to do any Christmas shopping this year, please feel free to click on my side bar to shop all the amazing deals on Amazon. I put a list of some of my recommendations for the holidays when it comes to frilly movies, toys and books. You can't go wrong with Amazon (they are a serious life saver!) Feel free to check it out!

Also, did you know La Vida Frills turned 2 years old? I know this year I didn't make as big a hoot about it like last year, but I do want to just simply say: Thank you. When I started LVF I had no idea what kind of a response I would get. Yes, there is a very small amount of you that come to read the posts and comment on them. But seeing the few of you that do have such passion and love in your hearts makes me really never want to give this blog up. I hope to be getting more on the bandwagon with making LVF more fabulous for the next year and the years to come. I hope to write/tape a bigger thank you soon, since this is a little too casual for my taste. But in general: 


Thursday, December 1, 2011

LVF's Ideas For Gifts!

Yes, it's December 1st. Can you guess what that means? Officially it's only a few short weeks till the biggest Holiday of the year. Though you might have already finished your christmas shopping way in advance like myself, there might be the rest of you (seriously, its ok if you haven't. I just work at a mall) and are looking for the perfect gift for that frilly person in your life or need to suggest a gift for yourself - here's some ideas.

1. New Scents!

All right, I'm going to do sort of a shameless plug. As some of you may know I work at Bath and Body Works at my local mall, and as a sales associate I'm asked to talk up our new scents. Though sometimes I disagree with these ideas, our new scent really is amazing and I'm seriously a big fan! It's called Be Enchanted and is a mixture of Pomegranates and Sugar Leaves. It comes in the usual styles (Lotion, Shower Gel and Splash) along with others. Other scents to check out are Strawberry Sparkler, Secret Wonderland, Winter Candy Apple and Paris Amour! Trust me, you can never go wrong with smelling good for the holidays.

2. I Am Chubby Bunny
It's pretty true that when it comes to Lolita Fashion, you can never go wrong with a bow. Bows are essential, beautiful and make an outfit truly complete. So why not combine that with your frilly ladies favorite things? If so, check out! This brand is all about bows, accessories and is even going forward into apparel for the Spank! fan in everyone. You may know Chubby Bunny from their famous Hello Kitty bows and their various events that they make special bows for. If you are really looking for the perfect gift for the bow lover in your life, Chubby Bunny can do no wrong.

3. Locketship

So you know that you wanna get her a special piece of jewelry, but nothing at the normal places in the mall are doing it. She has all the Tarina Tarantino and Betsey Johnson collections from every season, but you don't want to just slim down to a gift card at Macy's. Look no further then Locketship, an amazing brand that features some of the most beautiful and colorful of designs out there. Though a bit pricy, some of these pieces truly are worth it. I'm especially obsessed with the Sparkling Sea collection and the Unicorn one as well. Basically these pieces are amazing and I'm obsessed - so I'm sure your girl will be too.

4. Etsy Shops

As mentioned, the two options above are pretty pricy. So what do you do to get a truly unique gift for someone that has it all without blowing all your savings and that down payment on the new Angelic Pretty reserve? Check out the various amazing handmade stuff on Etsy! Here are a few of my current favorite stores to check out. First, for the mermaid fan in us all check out Siren's Grotto by internet darling Traci Hines. She makes tons of amazing accessories to fit your favorite mermaids color and tase along with things for the fellow cosplayers out there, and if there is any mermaid you can trust it's Traci for sure! Also check out Alice Doll (adorable and beautifully made ice cream rings, brooches and more!), Icing Sugar (Beautiful brooches and clothes) and The Pink Life (Mega 80's accessories)! Hopefully something can catch your eye there!

5. Classic Christmas Movies

It wouldn't be a La Vida Frill's Christmas without bringing up the world of film, of course! So if interested soon a post about my top 5 Best Rankin and Bass Christmas Specials will be up and I recommend going for one of those. Also there are a slew of old reviews/recommendations from past Christmas's I've made on here, including my all time favorite The Polar Bear King. Be sure to look for more Christmas themed movie ideas in the next week or so.

So, Boyfriends and Lolita Friends, has this helped you? Or fellow frillies, got something new on the list? Hope so! But there is one more thing I forgot to mention: The Winner of Our Mini-Contest! Drum roll please....

The winner is - Kieli_Heart who writes:
"I think my Lolita Fashion Icon are the people I meet here on their blogs. No one is a master at it but everyone has their own ideas and opinions and are all wonderful people that can create so many beautiful things. Each post is something to look forward to and I feel this is how inspiration is shared. And it only takes one person's idea to start something big. And I love to create things so being a part of the process drives me to create more and hopefully become one of these icons =)"

These words were lovely and treasured! So Kieli_Heart - you won something awesome. To reclaim your prize please comment below and we shall exchange emails. If you didn't win this time, don't sweat it! There's another contest coming soon... cause shocking as it is.... LVF is going to be 2 years old very very soon!

Also in other news, the new episode of Drawn to Fail is up for viewing! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Drag Queens and Lolitas: An Essay

Deep within the realms of the universe lies a world of two cultures - one of a more glitz and glam and the other of a more classic attempts at beauty. Both share similarities that one could not configure through a normal looking glass but when looking deep within can see a world of possibilities. I bring you a luscious "A-ha" moment ladies. Are you ready? Drag Queens and Lolitas are ridiculously similar.

Now that you might have had a gasp and a moment to think, take a deep breath and remember - be calm. No, I'm not saying that we are men dressed to be female impersonators (though we do have Brolita's and gosh do I love them!) but instead that like Drag Queens us girls in frills are of a very similar attitude, mind set and cultural behaviors. We are both of an extreme subculture based around fashion/appearance, and we have an actual system of rules and regulations that keep it in order, excluding it from other subcultures and lifestyles. (You don't see a group of girls that are religiously obsessed with Wal-Mart or reserving prints at Kohls, do you?)

So in honor of the teaser trailer release of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 4, I just had to write this article - the article of my dreams. Now if you are completely stumped on how RuPaul relates to Maki and Asuka, well take a look below at a side by side comparison of somethings that you may find surprising. Trust me, when I had the revelation it definitely took me a back. So let's lip sync for our lives huntee, and check out the relations below.

Let's face it, there is definitely drama in Lolita Fashion. You know it, your friend knows it, hell even your momma probably knows about it too. From the infamous drama communities, cgl (it exists honey, let's embrace it...?) and even just private little spats - it's a drama cliche driven world out there. But guess what? Drag Queens have that all too. Sure they might not have an online forum community like us but there are plenty of cat fights and backstabbing.

Take for instance the drama on RuPaul's Drag Race, specifically Raven versus Tatiana. Raven is a much more professional and older queen from LA, where as Tatiana was younger and newer at the game (think of it as an older Lolita versus an newbie). Raven would basically tease Tatiana to no end, allowing it to end in a catty fight towards the end of the season. As mentioned, there is definitely a dramatic difference between the older Queens versus the newer ones. Maybe it's a age thing or maybe even something of jealousy or envy on both sides, either way it can end in a big ol' mess. But when Queens come together after a battle it sure is a lovely sight of love and harmony, which I believe can be said the same for any relationship patchwork. Speaking of which....

Older Vs. Newbs
(a.k.a Heathers vs. Buggers)
You know how it is when you start out in the scene, everything looks a bit bigger and scarier then it does later on in your frill life (Trust me, I was extreme fail the first go around) and the same goes doubly for our fellow Queens. It's one thing to dress in a poofy dress and call it a day, but to dress as the identity of another gender?

Oh honey please, it ain't easy. But then you've been in the scene for a while, you've evolved from that girl asking the questions about Bodyline on egl to the one answering the questions about Angelic Pretty. We learn and we grow. But as mentioned above, both of these scenes share their drama in the generational gaps.

The best example in this can be that of the two cliches discussed at length in Drag Race Season 3, Heathers vs. Buggers. The Heathers (formed in the show of Manila, Raja, Carmen and Delta) were the beauty queens, the fiercest and the trend setters. They always would win competitions, have the best dresses and lip sync with the most passion. Much of the time the Heathers would be Queens in their "prime" or had been around a decent enough time to know a thing or two. 

Then on the other side we have the Buggers (or to frilly relate, Itas or Newbs) The Queens that maybe aren't as polished as the others because they are newer to the scene or maybe didn't listen to their Drag Mothers as they should have. Sometimes Buggers can be the ones that are more reliant on their wit then say their looks or their sewing skills. Buggers can also be a bit easier to jump into drama then say Heathers, where they like to be in denial of a flaw and attack a Heather to make themselves feel better. (Sound familiar girls?) There are even some Queens that'll give themselves other titles like a Veronica (Raven dubbed herself this in Drag U Season 2) But not all these groups are filled with drama....


Last Friendships
It's true that some of the weirdest of events can gain you the greatest of friends, and I was lucky enough to have been granted the chance to have some of the best friends a girl can ask for because of this Fashion. I honestly think my life would be a lot more duel, sad and just not sparkly enough if it weren't for the beautiful and talented people I've met while wearing the frills. I think the same can be said for the long term friendships made through being a Queen. 

These are both subcultures that you really need to make lasting bonds within to stay current and continue on with it for the long hall. I know I'm never the best dressed in the culture, but I do consider myself to be the Miss Congeniality, and that comes from the friendships I've made and the ones that are far beyond just about dresses - they are about a sisterhood huntee! We can teach one other things within the fashion and within life itself. 

Queens and Lolitas can bond over this. You really can make lifelong friendships with people you otherwise never would have ever thought of to meet, just because we share this similar love for poofy dresses and a time long forgotten. Queens share that similarity of wanting to be fierce, beautiful and creative. Together, friendships like this can rule the world and make it ones that withstand even more then the ones you might have had in high school or in college. The girls I've met I know will be there for me forever, as I will be with them. 



We Are All Fabulous

That's right girl, everyone in these cultures is amazing and fabulous. Even if you are new at this style and just attempting to see if you even want to fully dive into it, you've already made the biggest step of all: Being Yourself. In a world where we are told that everyone should just be the norm and that is what is praised, honey - no normal person ever truly succeeded. As RuPaul says to all the girls, "Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent" are what is gonna get you places and that is exactly what you need in Lolita Fashion and in life in general.

Drag Queens have taught me that confidence is the biggest and most important factor in your entire out look on life. If you don't believe in who you are and what makes you fabulous, then you might as well go home and cry to your picture of Maki and Asuka. Like many that have come before, sitting in a corner and doing nothing doesn't solve any problems or get you anywhere. And if you don't feel fabulous right now, change it so that you feel so! Even if someone says you can't - you can!

From watching the girls on Drag Race and seeing my other friends I've made a commitment this year that I'm going to make myself feel the most fabulous then I ever have. I'm going to take my lessons in treating myself right (and getting rid of those little bits of pounds keeping me away from some brand pieces), getting myself some wigs (you can never have enough of those!) and making me the ultimate version of myself! But aside from the outer stuff, I want to make myself proud of who I am as a person. So trust me, a new La Vida Frills is upon us and it'll be fiercer then ever.

If you are feeling the same way, girl - get yourself to where you need to be and take some advice from those that are incredible. Pick a role model (a Queen works too!) and figure out the things that you like about them, and apply them in a natural and mature way to yourself. What do they do that I can reasonably do that'll make me feel like a true and fabulous Diva? That's what Queens do and trust me, it'll make you feel sparkly all over.

So what have we learned today?
You are amazing, Queens are amazing - and if the world don't see that then they need their overpriced sunglasses checked. So what are you going to do today to make yourself feel amazing?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mirror, Mirror Trailer

Oh gosh guys, here's the OTHER SNOW WHITE movie trailer. I present to you Mirror Mirror, a movie that considers itself to be the superior Snow White re-telling. It's of a more lighter family appropriate affair with some cheesy jokes, divine costumes and Julia Roberts. (who I have a love hate relationship with!)

Originally I was going to hate on this movie just simply based on whose directing it, (Damn you Tarsem!) but I'm giving it the upper hand as it really reminds me of the Fairy Tale Theater television series style of storytelling. Comedy and fluffy with an adult sense of humor. Also Nathan Lane is in it, therefore it must be incredible because he is my comedy god.

So if interested, check out the trailer here. Afterwards write your thoughts down below of which of the Snow White movies is the fairest of them all in your eyes. I'm still pushing for the Huntsman version but this is getting my interests more then I expected.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

LVF's Winter Tips!

My favorite season is fast approaching and I'm seriously just buzzing with excitement over all the fun and yummy things coming up! So though I'm no expert on all things for all seasons (my friend Parfait Doll is though!) I thought I could at least write down some things I believe are frilly essentials for the cold times a-comin'.

1) Drink As Many Delicious Hot Drinks As Possible
Maybe it's just me, but I am a sucker for a good cup of either Chai, Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider. Though I usually love these drinks all year round, there is something special about getting them during the colder months and adding a splash of whipped cream at the top with some sprinkles or chocolate chunks. For me though it's all about the mint or the dark chocolate. Just last night I tried a new favorite - Mint Green Milk Tea! It comes in a beautiful Mint color and is delicious without being too intense. Also I recommend trying Max Brenner's brew of Dark Hot Chocolate - the more intense the better in this case. It'll give that lovely yummy winter cheer in your step.

2) Invest In A Good Pair of Mittens/Gloves This Winter!
If Halloween was any indication for us on the East Coast of the US what winter has in store, this tip will certainly be helpful. I personally have tons of gloves but I always lose them. This year I'm making a decision to get rid of all the gloves I can't wear with most of my frilly outfits and in turn find a pair that works for all and every kind of outfit. Though some might think they are ridiculous, I'm seriously digging these pair of cupcake inspired mitten to fingerless style gloves that come from Urban Outfitters. Urban along with Forever 21 have tons of great styles to chose from.

3) Buy yourself a really nice present. You deserve it girlfriend!
This year has definitely been a strange one. Filled with drama, fun and incredible adventures. Though I had bought some little treats for myself down the road and an amazing Graduation present - Christmas is the time to celebrate the year and what a better way then to get yourself something nice to end the year on a good note. This year I've decided to indulge myself in a TaoBao spree! I've never bought a lot from TaoBao stores before, but I keep hearing how great the prices are and what amazing things behold in them. Also, I'm seriously eyeing these babies to wear with my Lovely Sweet Room print.

4) Watch A Christmas/Winter Themed Movie You've Never Seen
Since LVF is a lot about the movies, you know you can expect to see tons of Christmas/Winter themed movie posts coming shortly. But the question is, is there a Christmas movie you haven't seen before? Well this year go out and find one you've been itching to see as a kid. Though I have watched it numerous times I highly recommend the short 30 minute TV Special The Wish That Changed Christmas, about a girl who wishes to have a specific doll in a window after she's been kicked out of her orphanage for the winter. Every year I get a bit teary eyed and nostalgic watching it.

So those are just a few very simple little tips to make your winter more enjoyable. Though not maybe the most creative, these make my favorite season even better. As mentioned, look forward to new posts about Winter/Christmas movies for your enjoyment! Also if you haven't, you can still submit an answer for the contest below (link here). It ends on Nov.25th! What are you excited about with the upcoming winter season, or are you dreading it completely? Leave a comment below!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Trailer: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

So it's beginning to seem a lot like.... Summer trailer time! We already got some love from super hero trailers and other horror surprises as well and it isn't even 2012 yet. But one of the movies I'm the most excited about? Snow White and the Huntsman

Now I'll be honest I'm not terribly excited by Kirsten Stewart being a part of this project but everything else seems perfect. The visuals, costumes, and choice in other roles (Chris Hemsworth, need I say more!) look nothing short of incredible. Unlike previous fairy tale related films of the past year (COUGHCOUGHLITTLEREDRIDINGHOODCOUGHCOUGH) This looks like a high caliber film and definitely deserves respect. Also hopefully since it seems to be a Summer release it'll be decent. Curious? Check out the trailer in the link/website!

What do you rufflebutts think of the movie? Look good or awful? I have hopes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making New Blog Friends and Other Updates!

This past weekend I got to meet Ellejay of Sherry and Cookies. I can't explain how magical and amazing a person Ellejay is. She lights up the room with her smile and her spirit! A true one of a kind lady!

Hello Kitty and all us ladies together! 

Because of my encounters with Ellejay, I've been really inspired to put even more work in LVF and bring back Not Another Lolita Blog (Remember that? Ancient!) So look out for more fun content that'll make this blog pop again.

On another topic, I'm currently working on Episode 2 of "Drawn to Fail"... Quest for Camelot anyone?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Some News: New Web Review Series "Drawn to Fail"

So I've finally started working on my dream project! A video review series that is all about the fail of a good portion of Animated films. I thought you frillies would be interested in checking it out as the first episode is all about the rip off Snow White sequel "Happily Ever After"! I will admit that the first episode isn't perfect but if this show becomes more successful, this could be the place for me to start posting over reviews including Lolita Fashion Movie reviews!

Write down what you think in the comments below and please if you do, like it on the video page via Facebook. The more views this video gets the more likely I can produce better content for the channel along with La Vida Frills and my many other projects!

Hope you rufflebutts like it and if you are dying to see a certain bad animated film or music video get ripped a part, let me know as well!

Friday, October 21, 2011

LVF's New Addiction: Lalaloopsy Dolls

Last night, My friend Crystal and myself went on some errands and just happened to stop in the big Toys R Us in Times Square. Little did we know that we would find an extremely new collection addiction in our midst. Step over to the side My Little Pony and welcome Lalaloopsy Dolls. Now, some might think these dolls look a little on the creepy side. But to me these are a Lolita's dream doll. They have a slight gothic tang of rag doll style to them but with tons of sweet elements all around. Just read their description:

"The Lalaloopsy Dolls™ were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. They each have different personalities that come from the fabrics that were used to make them. They live in a colorful, silly world, and with your love, their magic can go on forever!"

I just love every single aspect about them and now am dying to collect some of the Mini versions. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and even ones for boys! Personally I'm having a lover affair over Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Marina Anchors and the new special edition doll Suzette La Sweet (hope they make a mini of her eventually!) Interested in seeing more of these pieces of rag doll perfection? Check them out!

(All Photos From Individuals on Tumblr)

So what do you think? Like 'em, hate 'em? I can't get enough of them! I see some new appearances of these babies on my christmas list this year! Do you girls have any toy addictions? Tell me about 'em!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"She's So Unusual: Lolita Fashion in the Media" Overview

So my panel has passed and gone with success! Though it took a idol to open the show for me, I've seen stranger and have been the stranger thing prior to many things as well. But I must confess, I was extremely nervous to present this and would have liked to have practiced more. But overall it was an experience I'd love to present again (maybe at another east coast convention in the spring? Hint hint!)

For those of you that might be been interested to see the panel but couldn't make it, don't worry there is a video coming soon! It was shot by a friend of mine (thanks Ann!) and should be available in the future that isn't as distant.

Here's a small spoiler for you in picture form, taken by my lovely friend Yuuki!

One disappointing factor of the panel was I ran out of time to play the game at the end. But good news for you, I still have a pack of prizes! So the question for you is, would you like to win something? If so answer the following question:

Who to you is your Lolita Fashion Icon?
The best answer gets a prize!
Contest ends on November 25th!

(by the way, I while ago someone won a prize on the blog for a contest I have and yes I still have your prize. If you ever see this please contact me as it's almost been a year and I need to send this to you!)

So excited? You should be! More Comic Con updates coming soon!

Monday, October 17, 2011

NYCC After Math Post #1


So I only a day ago returned from my adventures at New York Comic Con/Anime Fest 2011 and by far it was one of the most insane years possible. I didn't get to do too many guest related things or interviews, but I did present a wildly successful panel and attended some of the coolest presentations of all time. There's a lot for me to write about and my fingers are just crying at the prospect of all the button smashing about to take place, but don't worry there's a lot of content for you lovely frillies to check out here and on my sister blog Twenty Four Lies Per Second for tons of nerdy and lolita coverage for your enjoyment!

In the meantime, I'd like to mention a big thank you to MTV Geek for mentioning my panel (and when I mean mentioning I mean commenting on....) as a list of their "Most Off Beat Panels" at NYCC. Because when you know it's a legit comment about your knowledge in a topic can when it's confirmed by a channel that should have changed their name like 10 years ago. You know cause they don't actually play music anymore - irony, it's cool. Also major props go to the picture, super special yo.

So, excited to hear about the panel? Wanting to possibly win a prize? Be prepared!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

LVF has reached 200 subscribers!

I just want to give all my followers, new and old, a big hug for getting LVF 200 of you lovely people who come to my blog!


I love reading the comments and putting out fun content for you to read! Please look out for more content in the coming months and hopefully some reviews (which I haven't done in some time!) Which review should you be looking for? Hint: It has to do with a Mask!

I'm so excited to continue to see this blog grow and have more adventures with it each day!

Thank you all so much~!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dress Up Time #15: Little Twin Stars

I definitely have a thing for Little Twin Stars! Being my favorite from the Sanrio catalog (I also have a thing for Tuxedo Sam and our favorite kitty of course!), these two little kids come in the cutest color palette ever and share a wealth of products under their belt that are charmed and whimsical for any age group!

Being twins in my favorite color palette automatically makes me love them and the interpretations are endless. From bags, to wallets, to charms, to cupcakes - you can't get enough of these two. I also am in love with all the variations of them, especially when they are dressed up in fancy fairy tale outfits or snow gear.

So how can you capture the pure bliss of the Little Twin Stars? Simple! All you need is an imagination, some collection of blue and pink pastels, and a lot of charm and dreams. Check out the outfit below for inspiration ~!
Here is my coordinate - can't you tell I love Dream Sky by Angelic Pretty? I can't help but notice how it seems to be related to Little Twin Stars and the color palette is my dream (ironic!) of mine for any dress to be in. I combined it with a pair of adorable star tights (sadly they are children's size) and a pair of Little Twin Stars inspired bows from dellamore on etsy.
Casual but it would be the perfect outfit to go on cotton candy adventure of fluff and fantasy like the Twins themselves!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NHK x Tokyo Rebel Taping: This Friday at 3PM

Hey there readers! Sorry for the lack of posting again, been busy recovering from Fashion Night Out and getting pumped for NYCC/My panel! But by golly is there something cool happening tomorrow for all those in NY and I am extremely excited!

Tomorrow Tokyo Rebel will be hosting an event exclusive within their store where the TV Station NHK "Tokyo Kawaii TV" will be filming the customers for a special episode to air sometime in the future. Part of the episode will be at the store while the rest will take place at CHA-AN, and NHK will exclusively invite some of the Lolitas to have tea there!

So now I'm on a massive hunt to coordinate the most epic outfit possible that showcases my personal Lolita style and that will make me stand out in NHK's eyes, hoping that I'll get chosen as one of the lucky 20 girls!

First off, I was originally going to wear just punk style - but as much as I love it when I saw letsgocolourful's tumblr I became inspired to do a more sweet style coordinate!

So with that I decided to do something more on a Fairy Kei inspired side! There will be tons more accessories added to this outfit but hey, why the heck not go all out for this right?
I don't always wear blouses with my outfits, so I'm hoping to start up again this winter with this one. I also plan on taking the insane detachable bow from the JSK and attached it to the collar of the blouse - hence why I got inspired by the outfit above! Finally I plan on making my very teased and adding tons of bows and charms in my hair. I'm tempted to do possibly buns instead but I'm not sure still.

So if you're in the NYC area and are interested in getting in on the action yourself, check out the TR blog post here! Remember to RSVP as it is helpful to them with getting everything organized for the event. I hope to see some familiar faces there!

On another important note: My panel is approaching super soon! If you are a Lolita business owner interested in sending prizes for the game at the end of the panel, let me know as it is epic advertising! Email me at if interested!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LVF Check Out: "Big Sexy" - For Women Everywhere.

Lemme just put this out there - I'm not thin. I've never been thin ever in my life and have had curves attached to me without signing any contracts. It's taken me a while to embrace myself as beautiful due to this fact and it's been a struggle back and forth between "Should I be ok with this?" or "I need to change this!". Well I can finally say that a recent new TV show changed my mind towards the positive. Don't get me wrong, I could change a bit of my chocolate intake (for my teeth's sake) but nothing else is changing cause I finally realized I am beautiful, thanks to the ladies of "Big Sexy" on TLC.

If you haven't heard about this series the scoop is pretty simple: It follows the lives of plus size girls trying to bringing themselves into New York's fashion world along with living their lives of romances, struggle and friendship. If there ever was a show our culture needed to get a slap in the face with, I think it be this one. Even if you aren't considered to be the size of the show's cast, I think everyone can find something relatable about these women. But something I can't help but notice is their confidence and their fierce-ness.

The one that stands to be the fiercest of them all is Audrey. This girl gives every other girl, thin or big a run for their money. Her ability to have so much confidence inspires me in every way possible, allowing her to become one of my new fashion heroes. As someone that is both a bit on the tall side and big, this gives me a load full of inspiration. I recommend checking the show out just to see what amazing things this girl wears (Check out her Time Out article here)

But the best overall part of this new series? It's lesson. Be proud of yourself. It's a struggle many of us have to face, things about us that sometimes we can't change or facts that we have to accept and these girls embrace all the hopes I have for females around the word: acceptance of yourself. These girls are all beautiful and take pride in the fact that they find themselves to be such and knowing that makes me think they're beautiful too, inside and out. This definitely is a lesson all girls can have, in Lolita Fashion especially.

My new goal in life: To be as confident and stylish as the girls on this show. I think it's a lesson we all can aspire to have. Check out "Big Sexy" Tuesday at 10PM on TLC!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

LVF Presentation at New York Comic Con!

My apologies for my readers for being MIA for the past couple of weeks! First off California was amazing but Hurricane Irene wasn't as fabulous, trust me. I promise I have a lot of things to post including pictures and stories from my epic vacation along with some reviews and more!

But let me post the thing I'm the most excited about: I'll be doing my first ever panel at New York Comic Con! It'll all be about Lolita Fashion within our media/pop culture, along with tons of fun clips, prizes and more! So if you're planning to attend New York Comic Con, please come and check it out. I'm extremely nervous and excited so the more support the more fun it'll be! I hope to see you there.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

LVF Loves: DIY Jewelry - Taking The Old and Making It New Disney Style!

Sure sure, so many people know what DIY is and "Do It Themselves" anyway, so why does this post even matter? Well with my recent discovering mynostalgic objects and the upcoming D23 Expo approaching more quicker then ever, I thought this post would be tiny yet fun and a bit of a change from the usual.

Since My mom has been on a kick of finding things that'll keep her innocent image of me alive, she seemed to find a collection of treasures of my Disney loving back in the 90's and seems to have been reawakened just in time for D23! But what treasures are these exactly?
Do you remember being so into the Disney Princesses as a kid that you'd want to dress up as them? Maybe this was the beginning stages of me wanting to become sort of a "frilly girl" stylin' lady as I am now but I was definitely into the Princess Dress Up sort of play and these toy sets were my life. Luckily, the thing that my mom happened to find was a variety of these items all in a small box. Somewhere yucky, some were a bit too damaged, but many were just right and have now become newly made pieces that'll be coming with me in some form to D23!

This piece came from a Cinderella playset probably around 93 or 94. It's a lovely baby blue plastic locket with a bow decoration at the top and a picture of Cinderella inside. I'm pretty sure there might have been a picture of Prince Charming as well, but seeing as he wasn't a favorite of mine I probably ripped him out hoping for a Prince with more personality (Look, even then I was specific with men!) I've already put a cute gold ball dot chain to it, bringing out the lovely yellows of Cindy's hair! It just happens to go lovely with my Twinkle Princess JSK!

This piece is probably my favorite I found! This little castle comes from an Ariel Playset from 1998 - around the time of the Little Mermaid re-release to theaters. It came as a series of items in which you could change the trinkets on the necklaces and bracelets within the set. Maybe it's just my fascination with pink and blue together, but this piece was always my favorite - probably also cause if has a working door! It also happens to go perfectly with Jelly Jewelry!
So what about you? Have you found anything nostalgic lately and made it into something part of your everyday where or just found something cool? Tell me about it, I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dress Up Time #14: Marie from the Aristocats

In celebration of my big Disney trip in only a week, I thought it would be fun to make a series of post based upon the characters that I'll be dressing as at the D23 Expo! First we'll take a look at my character Disney animal, Marie from The Aristocats! Marie is a little white fluff ball with tons of spunk and style. Though young, she has a lot of attitude and knows who clearly is the lady of her other family members. She dreams of being like her mother Dutchess and loves to show off more then her brothers. Marie is just adorable all around!

Probably the neatest thing about Marie is Disney's insane line of merchandise featuring - especially that coming from Japan. If you are at all into Marie, you can find pretty much
anything featuring her coming from any of the Disney parks or stores, especially Tokyo Disneyland. I'm lucky to be a owner of a few of these items but my favorite is most definitely my Marie Popcorn box. Now I know this sounds odd but trust me, it's the cutest thing in the world.

As you can see though there's even more things Marie that you can't even imagine to have her on. I'm lucky to be an owner of a few of these rare items and will be sporting some of them at D23 if you're curious to see more!

But now how does one capture the cuteness of this kitten heiress? The great thing about Marie is she's super basic so there are lots of ways to go about doing an outfit inspired by her, below is my current version of an outfit for her but trust me it can be dressed down a lot more or dressed up to the nines! Check out below!

This is one of the many many ways you can do Marie in a lolita format so don't take this as any sort of official have to's. First chose a Pink jumperskirt - I went to Angelic Pretty's Assorted Cookie JSK (an alternative version of Wonder Cookie!) then I went with an off-brand blouse that I originally bought from Mashimaro Girl. Though technically it's supposed to be bear eats rather then cat ones, I love the giant detachable bow which goes so well with Marie's personality and love of girly bows all around!

Next I chose to go with something a bit more fairy kei (and comfortable) with wearing some pink converse and legwarmers. Granted you can go with the more traditional Lolita roots of Tea Party Shoes in Pink, but I think this works for Marie especially with her being a kid - wanting to go on adventures and all! The best part with wearing Chucks is they come in a variety of styles and you can dress them up or down whenever with putting on some bow clips into the shoes, which I also did when I went to Pony Con this last July!

Now we come to accessories! I decided to play into the more french themes of things like Presents and Parfaits but including my Present Box bracelet from Angelic Pretty and an off-brand Parfait brooch (actual not shown). Finally (if you can find them) look for Marie themed jewelry such as the special face ring they made as toys in Japan. You can easily find them on ebay along with Dumbo and Mickey styles!

Finish the look with the perfect hair! Instead of going with the traditional cat ears or a wig, I chose to go with this adorable double bun style (great tutorial by VenusAngelic here) You can add tons of little pink bows or charms all around or go with a big pink head-eating bow at the very top!

As mentioned, there's tons of different ways to go bring about this adorable kitty in your outfit! Whether it be Fairy Kei inspired or a very elegant try - you can't ever go wrong with Marie! Now go show them why "Everybody Wants To Be a Cat!"


Saturday, August 6, 2011

LVF is going to D23 Expo

So if you haven't noticed I've been a bit MIA for the past couple of days. I just returned from Otakon '11 (report post on that eventually) and been working in preparation for the greatest vacation I'll have had thus far in my whole life. It's coming up in only 10 days and by jolly am I excited more then a little kid at Christmas. Because what I'll be attending is my Christmas, My College Graduation, and a million trillion Otakon's worth of excitement rolled into 7 days of pure epic fantastic times, especially with 3 of them being the bestest of any day in my life thus far. I speak of my dream convention, my number one fandom celebration that I can't even express: The Official Disney Convention, The D23 Expo!

For those of you that don't know one thing about the D23 Expo, it's a weekend of celebrating everything and I mean EVERYTHING Disney. The movies, the parks, the TV channel, the characters, the merchandise and even the coolest fans. With new additions like Marvel and more, there really is something for everyone (even my boyfriend, who without him I wouldn't be going to the convention!) I'll be there to celebrate all of these aspects and to finally be in the center of my most favorite fandom in the world. I probably will scream, cry and smile harder then I ever had AND I'll be in lolita the whole time while doing that!

I also will be getting to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Hollywood while I'm at it! While going on my various adventures I'll be hopefully meeting up with the CA Lolita Girls, including Julie of Bonjour, I'm Julie Doll !! We Disney girls gotta stick together and I'm beyond excited to be with such an expert as this lovely lady!

So are any of you going to D23? If so let me know, I'd love to meet any fellow Disney fans or readers! If you aren't going to the Expo and or are wondering what things will be like, put down a request and I will do my best to get something back for you. I also will be heading to Little Tokyo if I can and if you're wanting pictures I can bring those back too. Either way this will be epic and I'm beyond freaking out from the excitement - Mickey won't be able to handle my little kid spunk!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: Prince

It's hard to sometimes find a musical idol in America that fulfills all our needs for multitudes of beauty in both physical style and music talent. The majority of the time I'm pulling my hair out from the fact that most artists cater to only the publics pleasures and not that of actual artists or people with slightly different interests, and then there are few artists that cater to both. Some of these include other LVF favorites like David Bowie and Michael Jackson, but today we're going to pay tribute to the frilliest of these male artists: Prince.

Prince is by far the closest America will ever get to an Lolita appropriate male artist. Yes as the prior mentioned can fit into this category too, I think Prince fits the bill more then others, especially with his ever infamous and fabulous album/movie Purple Rain, Prince sort of set himself apart from everyone else after its release. It's all about the glamour and the destruction that the rock music world can have on a star, but we don't care cause Prince looks just oh so pretty in it the whole time.

The best part of Prince though is the music and his appearance in promotional music videos. Dear lord does this man have charm in every which way. The most obvious of his charms are shown in the video for "When Doves Cry", where Prince climbs slowly out of a bath tube and into the leaping hearts of many a fangirl (like me... possibly!) With the combination of fedora hats with veils, lace gloves and ridiculous pastel shades - this video truly has it all (Did we mention legit doves?) If you can't find some sort of inspiration for fashion in this then that is just depressing.

Also "Purple Rain" just happens to be one of those love ballads that sticks with me forever, probably because of the ridiculously good guitar coming from it - haunting and yet so beautiful. Though not to single all the other songs out, each Prince tune has its own special place in my heart and should have a place in your heart as well.Did we mention with all this coolness that the man is a shy bit over the big 5-0 and still looks like he's in his 20s (Maybe he took a magic potion and possibly a vampire - I've always been curious).

Overall there truly just isn't anything that could keep you in some way from loving this purple prince of power and grace. He's got it all and has the coolest guitar on the planet. Whether Prince or just a symbol, the man is simply an icon and should be remembered for all this fabulousness (even with his not as fabulous ideas of recent year!) So wanna give a try at looking like his majesty? Look at the outfit down below!

This outfit is as Purple Rain as it gets. I chose one of the traditional JSKs from Alice and the Pirates, along with an Angelic Pretty jacket for a nice feminine look of bows and more frills. The hair should be curly and feature some of the dove shaped hair clips shown along with a nice sparkly bow for a flashy touch! Finally finish it off with some purple lace tights (maybe over the top of some bold colored tights for a more modest appeal) and some epic Doc Martins for a rock'n roll edge!

Basically, you can never go wrong with Prince. So come on and Go Crazy with a bit of his own personal flare in your own lolita style!