Saturday, November 12, 2011

LVF's Winter Tips!

My favorite season is fast approaching and I'm seriously just buzzing with excitement over all the fun and yummy things coming up! So though I'm no expert on all things for all seasons (my friend Parfait Doll is though!) I thought I could at least write down some things I believe are frilly essentials for the cold times a-comin'.

1) Drink As Many Delicious Hot Drinks As Possible
Maybe it's just me, but I am a sucker for a good cup of either Chai, Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider. Though I usually love these drinks all year round, there is something special about getting them during the colder months and adding a splash of whipped cream at the top with some sprinkles or chocolate chunks. For me though it's all about the mint or the dark chocolate. Just last night I tried a new favorite - Mint Green Milk Tea! It comes in a beautiful Mint color and is delicious without being too intense. Also I recommend trying Max Brenner's brew of Dark Hot Chocolate - the more intense the better in this case. It'll give that lovely yummy winter cheer in your step.

2) Invest In A Good Pair of Mittens/Gloves This Winter!
If Halloween was any indication for us on the East Coast of the US what winter has in store, this tip will certainly be helpful. I personally have tons of gloves but I always lose them. This year I'm making a decision to get rid of all the gloves I can't wear with most of my frilly outfits and in turn find a pair that works for all and every kind of outfit. Though some might think they are ridiculous, I'm seriously digging these pair of cupcake inspired mitten to fingerless style gloves that come from Urban Outfitters. Urban along with Forever 21 have tons of great styles to chose from.

3) Buy yourself a really nice present. You deserve it girlfriend!
This year has definitely been a strange one. Filled with drama, fun and incredible adventures. Though I had bought some little treats for myself down the road and an amazing Graduation present - Christmas is the time to celebrate the year and what a better way then to get yourself something nice to end the year on a good note. This year I've decided to indulge myself in a TaoBao spree! I've never bought a lot from TaoBao stores before, but I keep hearing how great the prices are and what amazing things behold in them. Also, I'm seriously eyeing these babies to wear with my Lovely Sweet Room print.

4) Watch A Christmas/Winter Themed Movie You've Never Seen
Since LVF is a lot about the movies, you know you can expect to see tons of Christmas/Winter themed movie posts coming shortly. But the question is, is there a Christmas movie you haven't seen before? Well this year go out and find one you've been itching to see as a kid. Though I have watched it numerous times I highly recommend the short 30 minute TV Special The Wish That Changed Christmas, about a girl who wishes to have a specific doll in a window after she's been kicked out of her orphanage for the winter. Every year I get a bit teary eyed and nostalgic watching it.

So those are just a few very simple little tips to make your winter more enjoyable. Though not maybe the most creative, these make my favorite season even better. As mentioned, look forward to new posts about Winter/Christmas movies for your enjoyment! Also if you haven't, you can still submit an answer for the contest below (link here). It ends on Nov.25th! What are you excited about with the upcoming winter season, or are you dreading it completely? Leave a comment below!


  1. Those shoes are fantastic, I fully support you buying them!

  2. -snork- Well, welcome to winter for me! XD
    I've already completed just about everything on that list, lol.

    I wholly welcome the return of Starbucks' peppermint mocha, salted caramel hot chocolate, and caramel brulee latte. :D

    I cleaned out Daiso's stash of cute gloves, and apparently need to go back for earmuffs, according to a Lolita friend of mine. X3

    And I kinda just splurged on my christmas present to me earlier this month. Bodyline is having their free shipping campaign for the rest of November, so I pretty much spent all of my spending money in one go, trying to buy up everything I'd wanted that was still in stock. I think I might do it again come my next paycheck. XD Must clean out Bodyline wishlist before I have to pay for shipping!

    Now, to begin the hunt for campy/awesome Christmas movies that I can talk the boyfriend into watching with me. :3