Monday, February 28, 2011

LVF Update: Style All Over!

So sadly I've been away from the world of LVF for a bit. Don't worry though, your pink leopard print girl is on the case and back with a push of frill power! Now, let's get ourselves a full serving of the latest and newest styles and releases that I'm freaking out over.
First off, can we talk about how cute all the new things on Meta's website are right now? Granted, maybe they aren't suited to everyone's style, but I am totally digging on these vintage inspired prints and color combos. The best - there is a pretty epic sale going on right now! Most of the newest prints are 20% off, so go check them out and see if there is anything that fits your fancy.
I can't explain how much I am in love with Tarina Tarantino's new collection, Tilt-A-Whirl. Inspired by a Coney Island obsessed circus of Pink Elephants, Blue Horses and Yummy Candy Treats - this collection has spring sweet lolita coordinates written all over it! Though on the expensive side of Tarantino, this is definitely worth saving over. The items have an almost hand sewn quality of decadence and a unique combination of beads and colors. Go and see what circus of an outfit you could do with these pretties!
In my secret non-LVF life, I work at my local Bath and Body Works. I love this store, filled with tons of delicious fragrances that have now, because of my job, become a big part of my life. These are actually good smells that can changed and mixed easily, with tons of fun combination's and tons of items to layer on-top to get the best smell period. These two are my current favorites for the spring and get add to your outfit: Secret Wonderland and the newly revised Cherry Blossom. Take it from an expert, these two are a lolita's best friend this spring.

Not on the style of now, but on the future, I got a fun gift to pull out of my bag for all of you to get excited about. I have joined the likes of all your favorite blogging lolita's to create a new zine called Glacee , giving all of those frillies - the new and old, a voice. Want to submit some art, article or anything interesting to say? You can submit to the zine as well! Click the link and see what you can do to help add to this special project.

As for myself, I'll be doing more expanded and detailed movie reviews of classic and new flicks along with media reports and tons of fun tidbits about the hidden Rori-places in your neighborhood. You excited? You should be! Check out the Glacee blog and spread the word on your blog and all over to let your friends know.

What do you think? Do you agree with all these ideas? Do you have a favorite spring scent? Whats your favorite new up and coming spring style? Comment down below!

So look out for new posts this week and let's celebrate the on-coming spring this March. Let your style begin to bloom!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LVF Update: Tokyo Fashion Festa 2 featuring Putumayo

First off, Thank you for helping me reach 160 subscribers! This is pretty awesome, gotta say. Now onto the even cooler news....

La Vida Frill's will be attending something special this week!
Tokyo Fashion Festa has come back around after it's successful brand filled showcase last year. This time, the group will be showcasing Japanese subculture and Cosplay style. Though I'm not much for cosplay myself, I'm going there for one specific reason: Putumayo will be the showcased brand, and I can't help but say they're slowly becoming one of my favorite brands. Sometimes their clothes can be beautiful and other times dangerous, but it's always fun and full of spice! They have some really cute items for both the ladies and the gentlemen, what more could you love?

The best part is in addition to the show, Putumayo will have it's own booth where they'll be selling some of their latest items. I just got a hold on the newest plaid/cat print series and I'm hoping I can get a hold on a couple of other new items!

At the show, there will also be a tea/treats reception along with live tutorials on make up and more fun stylish things! I'm very interested to see how the event will turn out and even more excited to see new things from Putumayo and maybe get my hands on taking some adorable pictures for a new project in the works!

So, if you've got nothing to do this upcoming Thursday and are in the New York Area, come on down to FIT and let's have a good time! For more information, check out the Tokyo Fashion Fest website here. Hope to see some of you there!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from LVF

Happy Valentine's Day Readers!
I adore each and everyone of you for continuing to read this little blog and supporting it's ideals!
Have an amazing day of joy, chocolate and fun ~


Friday, February 11, 2011

The Princes Of Cinema To The Rescue

Oh Valentines Day. Though a portion of us can celebrate this holiday in the fashion it is marketed to, the other section can only sit in their rooms and feel a bit on the outside of things. Maybe it's because you're busy with school, a job, or there just isn't the right fellow or miss that has crossed your magical path, either way Valentine's day just isn't for you. So, what does one do in such a situation? Though currently I'm not in that place myself, I have spent most of my V-Day's either alone or most definitely single. When the big ol' day comes around, I do something fun and grand: pop on a selection of movies starring my favorite men or princes as we will call them, the ones that make my heart a flutter and have a small day dream for fun!
So who are these dashing gentlemen who I speak of that cure my love blues? Well lets take a dive to find out!
Warning: These are my specific selections, so some of them might not be your fancy.
Edward Norton
Movies to Watch: The Illusionist and The Painted Veil
I've been a fan of Mr.Norton for a very long time. He has this ver
y classic film look to him, yet a complex edge that lets him dive into many specific roles that are never the same as the other. From a Neo-Nazi, A Priest, and The Hulk - Mr.Norton is nothing to give the short hand to. If you're going to get yourself lost in a romantic adventure with Norton, there are many films to chose from. I chose The Illusionist because of it's simple style of film yet very interesting story (it's one of my favorite short stories ever). The Painted Veil on the other hand is very complex and drawn out, with an ending that leaves you to think deeply about the way relationships work, set in the beautiful landscape of China, which he also produced. You should also check out Keeping The Faith, which though not frilly is ridiculously sweet and tugs my New York heart deeply.

Ralph Fiennes
Movies to Watch: The English Patient and The End of the Affair
Oh boy, I definitely have a thing for Ralph Fiennes. He has the edge and craft of being a unique actor, who also is ridiculously good looking. He turns characters that are creepy and demented on just the script and elevates them to a level of complex nature. But Ralph is also known for his numerous romantic leading roles. Yes, before he was Voldemort, Fiennes was the man to go to for romance in period films. Though I only chose two films, there are numerous to chose from. The English Patient gave Ralph his second Oscar nomination, which I think doesn't need anymore explaining on why you should see it (bring the tissues ladies!) and The End of the Affair is ridiculously intense, but so sweeping and dramatic, prepare for an emotional roller coaster. Fiennes has a lot to offer, so be ready!

Richard Chamberlain
Movies to Watch: The Slipper and The Rose and The Thorn Birds
Literally, Richard Chamberlain has played a handsome prince and to many in the 70's and 80's, he was that charming young man on both television and film. He's got the acting part down and has some great chemistry with his fellow actors. If you need your prince fix, see The Slipper and The Rose, a cute Rococo telling of Cinderella. Then check out the epic 80's mini-series, The Thorn Birds. Here Richard plays a priest in Australia, who guides an orphan girl into the right side of life. As she grows up though, Chamberlain's character begins to have feelings about her that change their lives forever. So go forth and get your Chamberlain on!

Gene Kelly
Movies to Watch: An American in Paris and Singing in the Rain
More in the mood for a dance in your heart? Then look no further then Gene Kelly, the American Dance god, in my opinion. This once working hard hero became the bad boy dancer to Fred Astaire's refined style in the 40's and 50's, making him a true icon. But it doesn't hurt that he is one of the most gorgeous men of his day and still stays in the minds of men and women everywhere as an all around classy fellow. Check out the classics mentioned above, but really you should see all his movies, especially all of the MGM musicals. No matter what, you can't go wrong with Kelly.

Fredric March
Movies to Watch: Death Takes a Holiday and I Married A Witch
My favorite actor in the world is this guy, Fredric March. He was a class act in his day. Playing odd roles along with tons of adorable romantic leads, March was way ahead of his time. But rather then recommending all of his serious work, check out all of these cute and fun little movies He made on the side. My first pick is Death Takes A Holiday, where March plays well, Death who falls in love with a beautiful rich girl and turns human (taking the part of a prince, no doubt!) for 3 days to win her heart. You should also check out the hilarious and silly I Married A Witch, where March plays a young politician whose part of a cursed family line that must now encounter the Witch that did the horrific act back in the 1600's. It's silly, fun, and romantic and stars hottie Veronica Lake. There's tons to look into when it comes to March.

So those are just a few of the Princes that I recommend spending some time with on this upcoming Valentines Day! Who are your favorite Cinematic Royalty? Comment down below!
(Like the original top art? You can find more here
by Wisdoms-Pearl07)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: RuPaul

February has just begun and if you are anywhere in the east coast you're probably already feeling the harsh effects of those winter blues. Though I'm a winter baby and snow usually perks me up - it's now becoming more ridiculous as time goes on and hopefully will stop having it's "storm a week" effect on us eventually. But are you really getting the blues from the chill? Well today on LVF, we're gonna celebrate someone absolutely fabulous! Need someone to look at that can turn your frown upside down? Look no further then our subject today, the #1 Drag Superstar in the world, RuPaul!
RuPaul is just one of those people that comes around once in a while and turns the established culture upside down and around in a 180 degree style and it's never the same again. She (or He, whichever you desire to call) is revolutionary and has brought the greatest things about gay and drag culture to the faces of America, with as much glitz and glamor then we could have ever imagined. Ru Paul is in one word, confidence. This why she needs to be celebrated. 
Don't even get me started on Drag Race, which has slowly become my favorite TV currently on the air as we speak. This show keeps getting better with each season and never lets itself become a cliche. I think the best part of this show is how it treasures the ideals of self expression and individual empowerment. All of these Drag Queens are heroes to me, even if not all of them are my personal favorites. But why? Because they don't care what the outside world thinks of them and they themselves think that they are truly fabulous in their own way. This is something I think all of us, Lolitas and humans alone, can and should rinse and repeat in our own minds. 
But what should you do to take the iconic inspiration of RuPaul from this post to your closet? Well actually, rather then the usual stick of some outfit ideas and places to shop, why not try a new frame of mind: Be Comfortable As Yourself. As Rori girls new and old, we are told time and time again that if you don't have confidence or believe in your own brand of fabulous, you might as well not be part of Lolita at all. I can say that without a doubt RuPaul is one of the most inspirational people to me in general for that reason. Haters will be hating on people like Ru forever and ever, which goes the same for us in the frills. But, does that change Ru or the girls of Drag Race? No and neither should it change you!
So with that in mind, go forth and sparkle on down the street with your own strut of love and devotion. I wish I could have RuPaul as president (wish I could say I made this picture.), so that America could be even better and more accepting then it is and maybe the world could be a little bit more too. But the only way to start that is by loving and accepting someone you probably know the best, yourself. As Ru says at the end of every Drag Race, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?" Now, I say Amen to that and hopefully you do too.