Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dress Up Time #15: Little Twin Stars

I definitely have a thing for Little Twin Stars! Being my favorite from the Sanrio catalog (I also have a thing for Tuxedo Sam and our favorite kitty of course!), these two little kids come in the cutest color palette ever and share a wealth of products under their belt that are charmed and whimsical for any age group!

Being twins in my favorite color palette automatically makes me love them and the interpretations are endless. From bags, to wallets, to charms, to cupcakes - you can't get enough of these two. I also am in love with all the variations of them, especially when they are dressed up in fancy fairy tale outfits or snow gear.

So how can you capture the pure bliss of the Little Twin Stars? Simple! All you need is an imagination, some collection of blue and pink pastels, and a lot of charm and dreams. Check out the outfit below for inspiration ~!
Here is my coordinate - can't you tell I love Dream Sky by Angelic Pretty? I can't help but notice how it seems to be related to Little Twin Stars and the color palette is my dream (ironic!) of mine for any dress to be in. I combined it with a pair of adorable star tights (sadly they are children's size) and a pair of Little Twin Stars inspired bows from dellamore on etsy.
Casual but it would be the perfect outfit to go on cotton candy adventure of fluff and fantasy like the Twins themselves!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NHK x Tokyo Rebel Taping: This Friday at 3PM

Hey there readers! Sorry for the lack of posting again, been busy recovering from Fashion Night Out and getting pumped for NYCC/My panel! But by golly is there something cool happening tomorrow for all those in NY and I am extremely excited!

Tomorrow Tokyo Rebel will be hosting an event exclusive within their store where the TV Station NHK "Tokyo Kawaii TV" will be filming the customers for a special episode to air sometime in the future. Part of the episode will be at the store while the rest will take place at CHA-AN, and NHK will exclusively invite some of the Lolitas to have tea there!

So now I'm on a massive hunt to coordinate the most epic outfit possible that showcases my personal Lolita style and that will make me stand out in NHK's eyes, hoping that I'll get chosen as one of the lucky 20 girls!

First off, I was originally going to wear just punk style - but as much as I love it when I saw letsgocolourful's tumblr I became inspired to do a more sweet style coordinate!

So with that I decided to do something more on a Fairy Kei inspired side! There will be tons more accessories added to this outfit but hey, why the heck not go all out for this right?
I don't always wear blouses with my outfits, so I'm hoping to start up again this winter with this one. I also plan on taking the insane detachable bow from the JSK and attached it to the collar of the blouse - hence why I got inspired by the outfit above! Finally I plan on making my very teased and adding tons of bows and charms in my hair. I'm tempted to do possibly buns instead but I'm not sure still.

So if you're in the NYC area and are interested in getting in on the action yourself, check out the TR blog post here! Remember to RSVP as it is helpful to them with getting everything organized for the event. I hope to see some familiar faces there!

On another important note: My panel is approaching super soon! If you are a Lolita business owner interested in sending prizes for the game at the end of the panel, let me know as it is epic advertising! Email me at drowell90@yahoo.com if interested!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LVF Check Out: "Big Sexy" - For Women Everywhere.

Lemme just put this out there - I'm not thin. I've never been thin ever in my life and have had curves attached to me without signing any contracts. It's taken me a while to embrace myself as beautiful due to this fact and it's been a struggle back and forth between "Should I be ok with this?" or "I need to change this!". Well I can finally say that a recent new TV show changed my mind towards the positive. Don't get me wrong, I could change a bit of my chocolate intake (for my teeth's sake) but nothing else is changing cause I finally realized I am beautiful, thanks to the ladies of "Big Sexy" on TLC.

If you haven't heard about this series the scoop is pretty simple: It follows the lives of plus size girls trying to bringing themselves into New York's fashion world along with living their lives of romances, struggle and friendship. If there ever was a show our culture needed to get a slap in the face with, I think it be this one. Even if you aren't considered to be the size of the show's cast, I think everyone can find something relatable about these women. But something I can't help but notice is their confidence and their fierce-ness.

The one that stands to be the fiercest of them all is Audrey. This girl gives every other girl, thin or big a run for their money. Her ability to have so much confidence inspires me in every way possible, allowing her to become one of my new fashion heroes. As someone that is both a bit on the tall side and big, this gives me a load full of inspiration. I recommend checking the show out just to see what amazing things this girl wears (Check out her Time Out article here)

But the best overall part of this new series? It's lesson. Be proud of yourself. It's a struggle many of us have to face, things about us that sometimes we can't change or facts that we have to accept and these girls embrace all the hopes I have for females around the word: acceptance of yourself. These girls are all beautiful and take pride in the fact that they find themselves to be such and knowing that makes me think they're beautiful too, inside and out. This definitely is a lesson all girls can have, in Lolita Fashion especially.

My new goal in life: To be as confident and stylish as the girls on this show. I think it's a lesson we all can aspire to have. Check out "Big Sexy" Tuesday at 10PM on TLC!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

LVF Presentation at New York Comic Con!

My apologies for my readers for being MIA for the past couple of weeks! First off California was amazing but Hurricane Irene wasn't as fabulous, trust me. I promise I have a lot of things to post including pictures and stories from my epic vacation along with some reviews and more!

But let me post the thing I'm the most excited about: I'll be doing my first ever panel at New York Comic Con! It'll all be about Lolita Fashion within our media/pop culture, along with tons of fun clips, prizes and more! So if you're planning to attend New York Comic Con, please come and check it out. I'm extremely nervous and excited so the more support the more fun it'll be! I hope to see you there.