Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dress Up Time #15: Little Twin Stars

I definitely have a thing for Little Twin Stars! Being my favorite from the Sanrio catalog (I also have a thing for Tuxedo Sam and our favorite kitty of course!), these two little kids come in the cutest color palette ever and share a wealth of products under their belt that are charmed and whimsical for any age group!

Being twins in my favorite color palette automatically makes me love them and the interpretations are endless. From bags, to wallets, to charms, to cupcakes - you can't get enough of these two. I also am in love with all the variations of them, especially when they are dressed up in fancy fairy tale outfits or snow gear.

So how can you capture the pure bliss of the Little Twin Stars? Simple! All you need is an imagination, some collection of blue and pink pastels, and a lot of charm and dreams. Check out the outfit below for inspiration ~!
Here is my coordinate - can't you tell I love Dream Sky by Angelic Pretty? I can't help but notice how it seems to be related to Little Twin Stars and the color palette is my dream (ironic!) of mine for any dress to be in. I combined it with a pair of adorable star tights (sadly they are children's size) and a pair of Little Twin Stars inspired bows from dellamore on etsy.
Casual but it would be the perfect outfit to go on cotton candy adventure of fluff and fantasy like the Twins themselves!

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