About The Author

Hi there!
 My name is Dalin, and I am the author of La Vida Frills.
First, a bit about La Vida Frills:
LVF was created out of the devotion for my love of film and Lolita fashion! I wanted to have a place where I could share my views and loves for both mediums, and show how they can relate very easily to one another, as they are both amazing visuals in all.
So now you probably want to know about me!

Name: Dalin Elizabeth Rowell. My name is one of the combination of both my mother and fathers names (As I always say, the product of hippie/rock n roll parenting), My middle name comes from both my Grandmother and Aunt's first names and the last name is an old European name that's part of my fathers side. 
  Age: 20
Birthday... January 23rd, I share it with Chita Rivera (a hero of mine)
Location: New York City, USA
When I'm not being a frilly thing... I'm a (soon graduating) Film Student at the Art Institute of New York City, studying to become an Editor/Film Historian.
Signature color: Pink and Mint!
A Lolita since… 2004!
Genre: Sweet, Fairy, Classic and Punk!
Lolita brands: Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Putumayo!
Disney Character: Marie, Chip and Bambi 
Kawaii Character: Rilakkuma 
Favorite sweet:Pistachio Macarons 
Favorite word: Fabulous, because it sums up my life right now
Height: 5'6"
For exercise I like...Run, Dance, and play hours of Wii Fit/Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games!
For quiet time I like... Edit, Write Screenplays, Read Comics, Watch Disney Movies and Listen to Euro-Pop.
Favorite Movies: Back to the Future Trilogy, Sunset Boulevard, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney), Beauty and the Beast (1945), and Hook.
Favorite Music: The Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Jackson, The Scissor Sisters, Rufus Wainwright, Utada Hikaru and Jamie Cullum
Lifestyle lolita is... Bringing the part of you that you've always kept inside, out free and happy. The part of you that smiles at the site of something from your childhood, the little girl who enjoys a good fairy tale, and the one that will never go away.
(Photos by Jennifer and myself)