Monday, September 27, 2010

A LVF Update Post: Contest Info and New York Comic Con

So La Vida Frills has been extremely busy this month! Sadly, I didn't get a chance to write all the post I had hoped to. But we will try again next year. So what have I been up to then? Work has been extremely busy, getting lots of projects in like crazy. School only finished a short week ago and will be starting up again in yet another week. I'll be taking such classes as Advanced Film Theory at night and Directing A Short Film in the afternoon. Of course, both of these classes land on days that involve Lolita Fashion events in New York - which should be all kinds of interesting to get out of. So depending on the teachers and situations, my first class I might miss completely since it'll be one of the first big landmark events for NYC's Lolita community. The FIT Museum Tea Party. It'll feature guests from h.naoto along with Tokyo Rebel! Then later, on Friday comes New York Comic Con! Though I adore Otakon for it's nostalgia, NYCC is perhaps my favorite convention in the world. It has something that tingles all my senses of interest. Movies, Comics, Games and now... Lolita Fashion! For years the convention has had it's tibbles of featuring the sub-culture but now it's going full speed. The same h.naoto guests will be attending the convention and holding their own Fashion Shows and Panels. I'll be attending all of the events and giving my coverage of the event. I'm hoping for it to be video coverage this time, since I haven't gotten a chance to make an Otakon video yet (But it shall come eventually.) I'll also be doing coverage for the other blogs I write for, so I'll be posting about that as well.

Next on the plate is the My Personal Dream Contest. So far we've had three lovely submissions. But we need more to chose from, so come on! Just to review: Submit your dream coordinate (Using Polyvore or whatever image program you chose. You can even make a video on Youtube and post it!) that incorporates something about your interests or something personal! Reply to this or the previous post with a comment that includes the image (or video) and a description of why it represents you! The prize: a La Vida Frill's Gift Set. It includes: a La Vida Frills movie (DVD), a La Vida Frills approved Movie Snack, a small Brand Acessory Item and an assortment of off-brand accessories! Interested? The submission deadline is October 31st!

So keep spreading the word about La Vida Frills and the contest! Let's have some frilly fun ~

Posts to look out for: Halloween Themed Movie Reviews and Dress Up Time posts. Coverage on New York Comic Con (blog and video) and more awesome articles! If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see on the blog, please comment and let me know!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Bit Of Time About Me ~ My Personal Dream Contest ~

I took into realizing, as I'm just waiting here for work to arrive, that I never really talk about myself much. This blog was never aimed at something really personal, since I don't think my life is truly that interesting (except for a view of my little sparkly moments) But I think it's about time I go and give you a little bit of info about myself. Heck, why not have a time to flaunt myself! I think everyone should once in a while. So here it goes...

To start off, let's go with the basics. Who am I? I'm a little Upstate New York girl who happens to be in the city most of time and spends most of it making movies or working on them. Yep, if you can't already tell my life is film and fashion. Some people might say not to say the F word, but I say my two favorite F words with pride everyday. I personally think Fashion and Film both go hand in hand. Almost like a tango, they can't truly be one without the other. Though now a days, Fashion's role in Film isn't as big, it's slowly climbing again. Even Lolita Fashion is making it's slow creeping into Cinema's eye. Hence my eternal obsession that never seems to end. Also hence the creation of this blog and why it continues to thrive in the first place.

But look? Again I'm not even speaking one word of myself. I'll get all the frills out of the way. I'm a proud and out there sweet lolita. Though I don't wear it everday, I pretty much wear it 90% of the time. Angelic Pretty is my absolute favorite, favorite, and I mean favorite brand. I plan on being buried in it (Along with Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarantino drapped all over me)and wearing it till I die as well. Once I have a steady enough income, I also plan on buying all the prints and pieces that I can. My favorite print? It's a tie between Dreaming Macaron (already mine!) and Magical Etoile. My recent favorite though is Fantasic Dolly, which has the best color-way I've seen yet from the brand (including the shoes they made to go with it, I'm dying to get them in mint!)

If I had my way, I'd dress in Angelic Pretty everyday. Sadly, I don't have the funds to continue new outfits for it on a daily basis but I try my best. My usual clothes though is either a kick butt nostalgic movie shirt, jeans and a nice pair of converse (Something I collect outside of the frills) OR a great dress from Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters with a pair of boots. Nothing fancy but nothing boring either.

You probably are also wondering what my favorite movie is? Hands down, Back to the Future. Probably one of the most un-girly, nerd filled movies. The rest of my list though is pretty diverse including Sunset Boulevard, The Hunchback of Norte Dame (Disney), Jeykll and Hyde (1931) and The Fifth Element. I have a really crazy taste in film but I think it sets itself apart from most. My favorite director? Guillermo Del Toro for sure with Billy Wilder right behind him. Both are completely different but have a fantastic eye on knowing what they are good at and have made all of my favorite movies (others I've mentioned and not). Del Toro though is above else my weird male counterpart and hero but thats for another post for another time.

Ok, enough of the nerdy stuff. Let me return to the frills. Everyone
seems to like coordinate posts so let me show you a dream outfit of mine. I'm really a fan of things parisian and sweets this season! So with that in mind I wanted to come up with a French Party outfit. Something I would wear thats both a bit elegant, sweet and fun to wear walking around a tiny French village and grabbing tons of macarons and singing ala Gigi! Yes, I think about these things. It's almost entirely made of Angelic Pretty along with some off brand hair combs.

WAIT!? What was even the point of this post?! Well I actually have a challenge for all of my readers and fellow bloggers. Create yourself your dream coordinate and let it incorporate something about yourself. Whether it be frilly or just plain adorable, I want to see your dream personal outfit! Why? Well let's just say there might be a prize involved for the best one. I can't away the exact details yet but I promise when there is more you'll get some details.

Excited? I hope so!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dreaded X: What are you wearing to your first day of school?

I unfortunately am in a part of my school term where my classes don't happen on the usual basis. My first day (eeer... night.) of class probably won't be anything amazingly fashion forward. But regardless I'm extremely excited to prepare for it in anyway possible! Luckily, this also happens to be the weekend of New York Comic Con, where during the afternoon of Day 1 I'll be in one of my classes! But dressed all in my frilly best. But wait...wearing frills to school!? Can it be done? Of course it can!

The actuality of it all is that I've been wearing variations of lolita to school for years. Sadly, the earlier attempts were of course down right awful and embarrassing. I got laughed at a lot, but honestly it was rightly so (I did look ridiculous). But as a I got more into the fashion, I learned how to edit the clothes in a way to work for a typical school environment. I don't recommend in the slightest breaking out any sort of headdress, maxi pad style garment to adore on your little head or a peter pan blouse, but trust me there are ways to do this in a fun and easy way!

For me, I first look for simple inspirations. This year, I'm really into Miskao Aoki's more casual non-photoshoot looks, for example the one shown in the photograph. I'm personally in love with Misako's simple straight full hair with a big hair clip on the side. Not a lot of people can pull off this look but she does very very well. Though Misako doesn't wear anything strictly considered lolita to which most are used to seeing her in, this is a look that's very easy to pull off.
I'd recommend checking out your run of the mill H&M or Forever 21 for a "Babydoll" styled dress or even a very simple bold color or tiny patterned jumperskirt from your wardrobe. You also should go with a cute hoodie or sweater to go with it. As usual, their are millions of items such as this to select this season from brands or from your mall as well! My favorite's I've seen include a black with pink stripped sweater from H&M and this sweater (funny enough look at what it's called) from Urban Outfitters. Also pick a pair of cute ballet flats. I'm loving these from Forever 21.

The best part about wanting to dress Lolita during this school year is that the look itself is very "In" with fashion right now. Baby doll socks and blouses with polka dots and mary janes are easy to find. So don't feel afraid to go forth within your mall and search for the goodies! This trend will sadly go away quickly, so go forth and embrace it.

But I bet your all wondering what I plan to wear? Well here is a proposed outfit with a Metamorphose jumperskirt I hope to purchase
relatively soon! Though you can see that the dress is pink, I wanted to create a sort of theme of a Forest Doll. One who is still dreaming of spring but because of the oncoming chilly weather can only find garments from an old solider who left his items in the forest. I got inspired by the fashion movement of Dolly Kei and from my friend Martha, creator of the blog moss garden. I think this look is perfect for back to school and for the coming fall season! I hope to bring about a long straight but with strands of curls type of hair.

I'm still not sure on what bag I'd want with the outfit, since I'd like one that can carry all my books. But for the moment, I thought that purse looked great.

But what else is there to remember? As mentioned, get a good and cute bag! I'd recommend that this is the one thing to really spend money on. Don't pick a cheap but cute bag, you want to go with one thats functional in strength and in wearability. The best place to look for these kinds of bags would actually be Sanrio. I find a lot of there products are very adorable and durable, since many of them are meant for small children who can do a lot of damage to a bag. I'd even recommend getting a run of the mill back pack or laptop bag and decorating it! Chocomint bows and candy brooches would look adorable.

If your in the New York Area, go to fantastic toy store Toy Tokyo for great keychains and decorating accessories to make your bag sparkle and shine! (Check out their information here)

But what do you all plan to wear to back to school? I'm so excited to know!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dress Up Time #4: Andy from Pretty in Pink (1987)

"This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous!" this is what everybody's favorite duck-man Duckie tells our subject today about all her coordinates! If you don't seem to already tell, this months theme is Back to School related movies and posts!

This post is all about dressing like the queen of John Hugh's Pretty in Pink, Andy played by the immortal red head Molly Ringwald. This (along with a later discussed film) is my favorite of John Hugh's work. So I wanted to pay honor to his writing and this film which has been a big part of my life since I was in high school. But how does one look the part of Andy? Let's take a look!

First pick a jumperskirt or OP that is a bit more understated and not exactly the typical lolita style. I chose this piece from Angelic Pretty, which very much reminded me of Andy's infamous prom dress. Next pick a selection of chunk jewelry, such as pearl bangles and chokers. The necklace is from Tarina Tarintino and the bracelets and earrings are from Forever 21.

You next need to go in search of some good vintage looking cardigans and hats. Both are from Forever 21, but I'd recommend going to your local vintage or tag sale spot. Look for tame floral prints and hats with a stylish old time flare. Andy loves pairing modern pieces with classic styles, so go have fun with the options!

The last thing to remember is the shoes. Andy and her pal Duckie love wearing Oxfords and Kitten Heels. These come from Forever 21, but can be found now at most stores since they are in season (the best place to go is Urban Outfitters for a unique and fun pair!)

To add some finishing touches, wear a cute pale pink or peach lip color with some similar eye shadow. Andy loves make up along with slightly teased hair! Go be adventurous and try to do teased pigtails for you long haired ladies or copy Andy's prom-do for the short haired girls!

I hope you enjoyed check out this post and look out for more Back to School themed posts throughout the month!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SPECIAL Movie Review #13: Easy A

I know you were expecting the usual frilly review, but I couldn't pass up writing about this for you lovely poofs out there! Enjoy! (Also, Emma Stone doesn't wear Fantasic Dolly is the movie, I'm sorry to say!)

Last night, My boyfriend invited me along with Miss Lumpy and crew to go see an advanced screening of Easy A (2010). Though at first I thought this was going to be your usual sex romp of a teen comedy, nothing inspiring or interesting to say the least. I almost would say it could look like a poor man's attempt at reinventing an entire genre. Well, I wish I could go back and slap myself in the face because dare I say I was truly wrong.

To start off here is the plot. Olive, a very normal girl who is unnoticed by her classmates, lies to her friend about losing her virginity. Suddenly everyone in the school hears the lie and rumors spread. As they begin to curl and take on a life of their own, Olive is recruited by the school's rumored gay kid to pretend to have sex with her for money. Deemed successful, she is asked by other boys to do so in hoping their social status will rise. Olive then becomes the school's new bad girl and takes on an identity similar to the heroine of the Scarlet Letter and sews a red A to all her clothes. It continues to get more juicy from there but no spoilers here!

This little movie is beyond words in terms of it's sheer intelligence. Though I've seen most of the recent teen films, I really never thought anything since Clueless had come to measure and appropriately capture the teenage hierarchy that is high school. Sure, Mean Girls did it's thing. American Pie unfortunately filled it's voids but with only the slight sense of true behavior. But this is the start of a revolution in film. Teen's are written with brains and fantastic dialog.

If you've ever been a fan of John Hugh's timeless teen films then you are in for a huge treat. It's almost as if you could see his ghost taking over the script itself and sprinkling all the pop cultural references and cool music that one loved in his own films.
Also there are other honors to 80's teen flicks, including my favorite Say Anything (Yes ladies, the boom-box is back!)

The script was so good, it even had some jaw dropping twists. I really haven't gotten into a film of this style and gotten so enveloped with the characters probably since I saw Breakfast Club (I was 5, so yeah begin to be shocked.)

It even was written to be real in that it had some decently realistic complications. Some were a bit of a fantasy (But so were many Hugh's films too, especially when it came to Olive's wardrobe) but letting that go aside, it's very realistic in many of the character's reactions and decisions.

I suppose my only problem with the film would be the ending, but I don't want it to be spoiled. Let's just say I would have thought certain characters would have their conclusion better explained and resolved. Otherwise it was as close to perfection as it could get for me.

But I don't think this film would be as great if it wasn't for what is the best ensemble I've seen in a teen movie ever.Emma Stone is by far the best actress of her age I've ever seen. Filling the "Ginger Void" as my boyfriend said, that Lindsay Lohan left behind, comes the closest I've ever seen to someone being a modern Lucille Ball (That lady on I Love Lucy for all you youngin's)She has amazing timing, wit and sex appeal that makes her enjoyed and rooted for by an entire audience. It be because of the none Juno "Forced Down Your Throat" teenage banter or her overall charm, but she was so believable and fun, you could tell how perfect she was to be chosen for the lead.

Other important cast members include Stanely Tucci (Fun Fact: He went to school with my mom and aunts) as her father. Thomas Haden Church as Olive's favorite teacher and Penn Badgely as Olive's romantic interest. The parents especially were my favorite characters in the film, reminding me much of my own parents in their praise of witty speech and movie watching. This includes a memorable quote of when about to watch the Bucket List "Yes! Now everyone we can cross off watching The Bucket List off our own Bucket Lists". I also love the chemistry between Stone and Badgely, it's classic.

Unfortunately it's painfully obvious that this film is not deemed to be successful by the studio's judgements, hence why it was screened for free and why I am writing this now. This film could change women's role in film. Make them more intelligent and likable, and hopefully more movies can be made for young girl's to see like this and have a better role model to look up to. I really encourage you to see this when it comes out on September 17th.

I know it isn't lolita, it doesn't have beautiful visuals, but you really will be glad to see this. It needs all the support and love that it can get. So take you petticoats and run off to the movie theater in September to check this out! You really won't regret it.

LVF UPDATE: I will be at New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest doing coverage for LVF and for the other blog I work on Twenty Four Lies Per Second. If you are in the New York area please come by to say hello! I possibly might be giving out special prizes at an event going on there as well. There will be lolita related guests there in attendance including h.Naoto designer Gashicon and model Rika of Hangry and Angry. Let me know if you are attending and let's meet up!