Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dreaded X: What are you wearing to your first day of school?

I unfortunately am in a part of my school term where my classes don't happen on the usual basis. My first day (eeer... night.) of class probably won't be anything amazingly fashion forward. But regardless I'm extremely excited to prepare for it in anyway possible! Luckily, this also happens to be the weekend of New York Comic Con, where during the afternoon of Day 1 I'll be in one of my classes! But dressed all in my frilly best. But wait...wearing frills to school!? Can it be done? Of course it can!

The actuality of it all is that I've been wearing variations of lolita to school for years. Sadly, the earlier attempts were of course down right awful and embarrassing. I got laughed at a lot, but honestly it was rightly so (I did look ridiculous). But as a I got more into the fashion, I learned how to edit the clothes in a way to work for a typical school environment. I don't recommend in the slightest breaking out any sort of headdress, maxi pad style garment to adore on your little head or a peter pan blouse, but trust me there are ways to do this in a fun and easy way!

For me, I first look for simple inspirations. This year, I'm really into Miskao Aoki's more casual non-photoshoot looks, for example the one shown in the photograph. I'm personally in love with Misako's simple straight full hair with a big hair clip on the side. Not a lot of people can pull off this look but she does very very well. Though Misako doesn't wear anything strictly considered lolita to which most are used to seeing her in, this is a look that's very easy to pull off.
I'd recommend checking out your run of the mill H&M or Forever 21 for a "Babydoll" styled dress or even a very simple bold color or tiny patterned jumperskirt from your wardrobe. You also should go with a cute hoodie or sweater to go with it. As usual, their are millions of items such as this to select this season from brands or from your mall as well! My favorite's I've seen include a black with pink stripped sweater from H&M and this sweater (funny enough look at what it's called) from Urban Outfitters. Also pick a pair of cute ballet flats. I'm loving these from Forever 21.

The best part about wanting to dress Lolita during this school year is that the look itself is very "In" with fashion right now. Baby doll socks and blouses with polka dots and mary janes are easy to find. So don't feel afraid to go forth within your mall and search for the goodies! This trend will sadly go away quickly, so go forth and embrace it.

But I bet your all wondering what I plan to wear? Well here is a proposed outfit with a Metamorphose jumperskirt I hope to purchase
relatively soon! Though you can see that the dress is pink, I wanted to create a sort of theme of a Forest Doll. One who is still dreaming of spring but because of the oncoming chilly weather can only find garments from an old solider who left his items in the forest. I got inspired by the fashion movement of Dolly Kei and from my friend Martha, creator of the blog moss garden. I think this look is perfect for back to school and for the coming fall season! I hope to bring about a long straight but with strands of curls type of hair.

I'm still not sure on what bag I'd want with the outfit, since I'd like one that can carry all my books. But for the moment, I thought that purse looked great.

But what else is there to remember? As mentioned, get a good and cute bag! I'd recommend that this is the one thing to really spend money on. Don't pick a cheap but cute bag, you want to go with one thats functional in strength and in wearability. The best place to look for these kinds of bags would actually be Sanrio. I find a lot of there products are very adorable and durable, since many of them are meant for small children who can do a lot of damage to a bag. I'd even recommend getting a run of the mill back pack or laptop bag and decorating it! Chocomint bows and candy brooches would look adorable.

If your in the New York Area, go to fantastic toy store Toy Tokyo for great keychains and decorating accessories to make your bag sparkle and shine! (Check out their information here)

But what do you all plan to wear to back to school? I'm so excited to know!


  1. I love your Forest Doll outfit idea!

  2. Awh! Cutee outfit idea!
    My first day of school already happened and I didn't pay too much attention to my outfit since I had aerobics that day XD

    I've been putting a lot of effort into my outfits everyday though. I wore lolita yesterday and today I wore a floral dress, tights, mary janes, and accessories. Not lolita, but made me feel right at home.

  3. I'm digging that coord!! Especially the jacket and tights; too cute!

  4. Ahh man, frills in fashion school are a real hassle for me, but adding some lolita elements to everyday outfits is always fun! I think for me, if I were to wear lolita to school, I'd opt for more classy looks, ad mori-dolly-lolita hybrid looks~ They are more comfortable to wear when you have a lot of running around to do!