Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dress Up Time #4: Andy from Pretty in Pink (1987)

"This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous!" this is what everybody's favorite duck-man Duckie tells our subject today about all her coordinates! If you don't seem to already tell, this months theme is Back to School related movies and posts!

This post is all about dressing like the queen of John Hugh's Pretty in Pink, Andy played by the immortal red head Molly Ringwald. This (along with a later discussed film) is my favorite of John Hugh's work. So I wanted to pay honor to his writing and this film which has been a big part of my life since I was in high school. But how does one look the part of Andy? Let's take a look!

First pick a jumperskirt or OP that is a bit more understated and not exactly the typical lolita style. I chose this piece from Angelic Pretty, which very much reminded me of Andy's infamous prom dress. Next pick a selection of chunk jewelry, such as pearl bangles and chokers. The necklace is from Tarina Tarintino and the bracelets and earrings are from Forever 21.

You next need to go in search of some good vintage looking cardigans and hats. Both are from Forever 21, but I'd recommend going to your local vintage or tag sale spot. Look for tame floral prints and hats with a stylish old time flare. Andy loves pairing modern pieces with classic styles, so go have fun with the options!

The last thing to remember is the shoes. Andy and her pal Duckie love wearing Oxfords and Kitten Heels. These come from Forever 21, but can be found now at most stores since they are in season (the best place to go is Urban Outfitters for a unique and fun pair!)

To add some finishing touches, wear a cute pale pink or peach lip color with some similar eye shadow. Andy loves make up along with slightly teased hair! Go be adventurous and try to do teased pigtails for you long haired ladies or copy Andy's prom-do for the short haired girls!

I hope you enjoyed check out this post and look out for more Back to School themed posts throughout the month!


  1. I love this movie, it was my absolute favourite when I was in middle school <3 I always felt she took two ok dresses and made one awful one.

    I like the co-ord you made for this movie, it's cute!! :D

  2. This is my favorite Dress Up Time yet!! That jsk is perfect for Andy!

  3. You know I haven't seen Pretty in Pink yet? I'm starting to think it's a tragedy.