Friday, March 26, 2010

Stress and the Frills

So if you haven't noticed, this lovely blog hasn't gotten update in a couple of weeks. Why? Stress beyond compare. When you are a film student, stress is almost like a drug that you love to take, but you know it's gonna be bad for you later on. Sometimes stress helps me get my work done, and I feel like a god afterwards when everything is exported and burned to show, but sometimes it leaves a bittersweet taste of a lack of relaxation. But what happens when stress seeps into your frilly lifestyle? Where you feel like cutting your favorite brand piece, because your pillows just aren't feel satisfactory at the moment? Here is some ideas from yours truly.

Oh God!! This homework has got me in the worst zone possible!
I know a lot of you are some form of a "student". Wether it be college or high school, or maybe even middle school, you all have some work that's on a paper that you would rather say your dog ate, right? Well, regardless you have to get the work done, but sometimes your body just doesn't want to let you actually do it. One thing I enjoy is putting on a candle, my favorites being those created by Henry Slatkin. I'd recommend trying for those looking for a "lolita friendly" scent go with any of these: Pineapple Orchid, Sandalwood Vanilla, Strawberry Patch, and Island Nectar. These and more can all be found here. I also really like putting on a score from a film that's smoothing, but not boring either. Recently anything from Nancy Meyer's films are great.

Oh gosh, my 23 inch waist has turned to 28... the horror.
Sometimes the encouragement of sweets and candy during the easter season can make what once was a tiny waist, a little bit of a larger problem. If your increasing lack of waistband comfort continues, it might be best to cut half of what you eat, and instead replace it with a smoothy relaxing element. What am I talking about? Hot drinks. Though it might be getting warmer outside, Hot drinks always cool me down. I'm personally a chai addict, but rather then making a latte full of calories, go with a normal tea-bag blend. I'd also recommend things with honey and a berry taste for some flavor. In terms of snacks, I'm definitely a fan of these new rice cakes that are miniature and flavored in yummy tastes, the best being Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate. The best part, they're only 70 calories for every 10 pieces. Enjoyment? I think so.

Of course you could always travel to a magical world of Rococo outfits and unicorns.... but isn't that what we do usually? (Happy April Fools by the way)

Though this wasn't much of a post, Least you know I'm a live right? Well look for a new review (sorry no theme this month) next week, which will be the new film Bluebeard (click for trailer).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movie Review #9 SPECIAL OSCAR TRIBUTE: The Women On Film including Betty Davis and Joan Crawford

Now another Oscar ceremony has gone and past. But, what did this Oscar's give in terms of a message? That women are here to dominate, rather then just sparkle and shine in front of the camera. With Kathryn Bigelow winning the biggest awards of the night (Director and Picture), it's clear that women in film aren't just an image to make your production "pretty", they are an important element both in the making and in the final product, a package that is always needed.

Though not all of you can understand how much of a milestone this is to me exactly, I think we all can appreciate seeing strong women taking a stand, and beating the boys that have reigned at something finally. Even in general fashion, men sometimes seem to be the big players of the game in terms of business, but it's really the women that run the show. Lolita is a great example of a culture that's almost completely devoted and expressed through the things that make women so grand. The colors, the curves, the female touch and sparkle that have defined the gender.

But before Kathryn and other heavy hitters, women were still looking for their screen starlet heroines. Though there had been stars of the feminine sort before, there wasn't any girls on screen that matched and out witted the boys. Then, as the 30's bloomed, Hollywood opened it's doors to a crop full of leading ladies, that would soon become legends, and defy the female image in film. Which is what I will be discussing today.

The proper way to begin such a tribute is with the Red and White queen's the Hollywood, who will run it's kingdom even in their deaths, Betty Davis and Joan Crawford. These two are the female definition of Hollywood. Their looks, attitude, and sparks on screen made them the icons they have become.

Betty Davis as more of the royalty of the two. She had the bite, yet the grace that made her roles unforgettable. My favorites would have to be Jezebel and All About Eve. Though the two are completely different, I enjoyed her variety in emotion, and her willingness to go beyond her Hollywood sterotype.

But which for your lolita eyes do I recommend? Jezebel of course! Another period costume drama full of well --- drama, along with Henry Fonda in all his hotness (respectively). But what stands out is Davis's drive within the role. This movie was supposedly created for her when she was turned down to play the equally famous Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind, though I think she created a character/performance just as memorable (but hasn't been introduced to enough of an audience until recently)

But what about Crawford? Which performance of hers should you check out? Personally, I gotta recommend Mildred Pierce or Possessed. Not that really either of these are "lolita", but if you are a film buff like me, and want a strong female lead, Crawford in her early to return career days is the way to go. Crawford, love I adore her odd/terrifying backstory, as an actress is very much a required taste, though in these films she shines. Crawford won the Oscar for Mildred Pierce, a role that apparently was almost gonna go to Betty Davis.

As Hollywood would continue to grow in the further decades, more women would take over the screen and dominate in the men's place. I think a great example of this is Hitchcock's films. They all seemed to feature prominent and smart women, none of them were outed as dumb or unreliable, and could carry the picture. Then as the decades went even further, more women would produce box office gold.

Slowly female directors have begun to be noticed, the most important in my mind being Penny Marshall. Though not all her films are amazing, I think she is important for making good strong films for women with women involved. Others like Nancy Meyers are becoming heavy hitters as well.

So overall, what is happening in Hollywood? Women are taking over. Such as the began with Crawford and Davis, now this strength is seeping into the chair behind the camera. Kathryn's win really is a moment for us all to admire, even if we aren't fighting our way to the film industry. Bows or just 35 mmm film, we all want to be strong.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Review #8 OSCAR SPECIAL: An Education

First off, I want to thank everyone who has signed up to follow La Vida Frills. I'm sorry updates haven't been as much lately, school has been pretty hectic these days, but things will be getting better as time goes forward! Now on to the review ---

I know I had promised a different review a while back, but I wanted to give you my insight on a more recent movie I just saw, called An Education (2009). Why out of any movie would I bring this up? Well this coming Sunday is Oscar night, and out of all the nominated movies I think this might be the most different and stands alone in the greatest way possible. Does it have to do with lolita? On the outside, no. But in it's core, everyone, including lolitas, can appreciate it's message.

The story is that of 60's era darling Jenny (played by Oscar nominated Carey Mulligan), a bright student at her local school in England, dreaming of two opposite goals --- Paris and attending Oxford. While Oxford is the one desired more by her parents, Jenny still fantasizes of wearing black gowns, dancing to jazz and kissing underneath the Eiffel Tower (with a cigarette in hand). But, her once childish day dreams change with she encounters David (played by Peter Sarsgaard), who though older is exactly everything Jenny has dreamed of in a man.

Soon their relationship blossoms from an innocent romance, to one filled with things only grown ups would do, yet Jenny is engrossed in David's complex life. But the question is, will Jenny chose her education or a life of her Parisian dreams coming true?

Though "Coming Of Age" stories usually bore me to death, I really found this one important, why? Well it's great to finally see an encouraging story geared towards women where the major thing that moves the plot isn't the girl getting pregnant or having someone die in her family .. etc. This is all about a choice that everyone must make. Either they can sit back and enjoy the already great life they lead, or take a leap and make something of themselves and their talents.

I think we have all struggled with this choice in life, and I really think this has a strong connection to the choice of becoming apart of Lolita fashion. You can either sit back and continue the normal day to day wear that has become a standard in our 20th century culture, or you can chose to be different and make yourself feel good inside and out because of your new style. Lolita definitely isn't something that's tame, though at times different styles can be more tame then others. It's a bold move, just like the ones Jenny makes in the film.

The standing feature in this movie is both Jenny and the 1960's setting. Mulligan's performance is nothing short of brilliant. She has the attitude, charm and wit to match any other famous female character of the time, but also with a sense of misunderstanding that makes her, in a term, human. The 60's era was unlike anything else that has come into our culture, closely matched to the individual style of the 80's. Yet, the 60's really embodies class, and this movie shows it.

So, will this win an Oscar? Unfortunately, it'll probably go to that obsessive blue movie about smurfs and trees. But in my world, this would definitely be a top contender, and if you get a chance go see it!

La Vida Frills gives Jenny and her Education 5 headbows out of 5, go and get inspired to follow your dreams.

So what's next weeks movie? Here's a clue.