Friday, March 26, 2010

Stress and the Frills

So if you haven't noticed, this lovely blog hasn't gotten update in a couple of weeks. Why? Stress beyond compare. When you are a film student, stress is almost like a drug that you love to take, but you know it's gonna be bad for you later on. Sometimes stress helps me get my work done, and I feel like a god afterwards when everything is exported and burned to show, but sometimes it leaves a bittersweet taste of a lack of relaxation. But what happens when stress seeps into your frilly lifestyle? Where you feel like cutting your favorite brand piece, because your pillows just aren't feel satisfactory at the moment? Here is some ideas from yours truly.

Oh God!! This homework has got me in the worst zone possible!
I know a lot of you are some form of a "student". Wether it be college or high school, or maybe even middle school, you all have some work that's on a paper that you would rather say your dog ate, right? Well, regardless you have to get the work done, but sometimes your body just doesn't want to let you actually do it. One thing I enjoy is putting on a candle, my favorites being those created by Henry Slatkin. I'd recommend trying for those looking for a "lolita friendly" scent go with any of these: Pineapple Orchid, Sandalwood Vanilla, Strawberry Patch, and Island Nectar. These and more can all be found here. I also really like putting on a score from a film that's smoothing, but not boring either. Recently anything from Nancy Meyer's films are great.

Oh gosh, my 23 inch waist has turned to 28... the horror.
Sometimes the encouragement of sweets and candy during the easter season can make what once was a tiny waist, a little bit of a larger problem. If your increasing lack of waistband comfort continues, it might be best to cut half of what you eat, and instead replace it with a smoothy relaxing element. What am I talking about? Hot drinks. Though it might be getting warmer outside, Hot drinks always cool me down. I'm personally a chai addict, but rather then making a latte full of calories, go with a normal tea-bag blend. I'd also recommend things with honey and a berry taste for some flavor. In terms of snacks, I'm definitely a fan of these new rice cakes that are miniature and flavored in yummy tastes, the best being Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate. The best part, they're only 70 calories for every 10 pieces. Enjoyment? I think so.

Of course you could always travel to a magical world of Rococo outfits and unicorns.... but isn't that what we do usually? (Happy April Fools by the way)

Though this wasn't much of a post, Least you know I'm a live right? Well look for a new review (sorry no theme this month) next week, which will be the new film Bluebeard (click for trailer).

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