Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lolita + Tourist ~a small word on the matter~

Oh goodness, tourist. In New York during the holidays, they flock like a group of new itas that'd you'd rather ignore. But what happened to me walking around New York was a journey that was slightly painful and terrifying. Sure, I had been in Lolita around Midtown before, but nothing could have prepared me for Easter weekends terrifying array of characters. It's a sweet lolita's dream holiday, but instead it was a nightmare. I think the worst, more then the sweating and pushing the I went through, was the worst you could imagine, the lace of my jumperskirt was ripped. Yes, not smashed, not stained, ripped... AND on my favorite jumperskirt no less, Angelic Pretty's Cinderella Print. The good thing is, it's nothing too horrible to fix, or cut to look a bit more normal. Overall, Don't go near tourist in lolita or at least near sharp objects by them.

Quick fun movie related thing you might wanna know:
Last night was also the occasion for a neat MoMa sponsored event. Which may that be? Tim Burton related of course (The director of the most recent Alice adaptation) and who was in attendance? Danny Elfman and Collen Atwood of course! The first being Mr.Music for Burton and the second being ---- Your favorite most likely --- the costumes for Tim's films. It was cool to see them (along with two of Tim's other friends) give insight into the creative processes of filmmaking with none other then Mr. Scissorhands himself. I really had a great time, and if you are ever given the opportunity to hear these two (Or Burton himself) speak, go for it!! Your inner Gothic Lolita will be pleased.


  1. Sorry to hear about your jumperskirt. Maybe it will be one of those blessings in disguise? i lost a few too many buttons off a favourite jacket once and had to replace them all, but the new buttons totally changed it for the better. And a little scratch in the silk of my formal dress - i just folded that in and covered that with a little brooch, and it looked amazing. It was pretty devastating when it happened, but chin up and maybe your jumperskirt will pull through better than ever.

  2. Oh my D: That sucks about the JSK! I'm glad it may be an easy fix, but that's so upsetting that it happened.

    Ooooh that's awesome you got to see them! Lucky lady! I didn't even hear about it xD