Sunday, October 31, 2010

Results of "My Personal Dream Outfit" Contest

After almost 100 entries and so many fantastic outfits, I have come to a very hard and demanding decision.... the top 3 of La Vida Frill's "My Personal Dream Outfit Contest". Before we get started, I wanted to share with you all my favorite entries (since there was so many I wanted to win!) Here on my flickr account (click link).

And now, drum roll please......

In 3rd Place, we have Madison with her Pride and Prejudice inspired outfit:

Description: "This outfit really shows off the side of me that loves a classic, elegant look. I adore autumnal colors, especially dark reds, and I have always dreamed of owning a dress in such a shade. I included cream-colored socks and a cute cutsew to add a bit of sweetness to this otherwise mature look. There is also a feather hair fascinator present for a bit of vintage flair. However, my favorite piece in this ensemble has to be the ring shaped like a longhorn skull. It adds a slightly macabre element and subtly shows off the darker side of my personality. And of course, I just had to put in Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth (I'm a huge P & P fan)! This would be my ultimate dream outfit (and looking at those prices it will have to remain as such...)"

LVF Thoughts: This coordinate is classy in so many ways! With all the interesting elements of subdue colors, longhorn skull ring and, not to mention the fantastic movie inspiration - this outfit really has a lot going for it. Madison has her own unique take on style that is her own vision and truly shows! She takes risks in ways that turn out fierce and elegant.

In 2nd place, comes in Miss Lumpy's blue dream coordinate:Description:"Unsurprisingly, the main color in my coordinate is, as always, light blue. One of my favorite pairings is light blue with dark colors like black or navy; with autumn setting in, I've really been feeling brown lately because it reminds me of whipped hot chocolate and thick vegetable stew and all the other delicacies of autumn. The main reason this outfit embodies my personal style is because it's vintage-y classic lolita enhanced by quirky, eclectic accessories that still remain elegant. I've paired my favorite bonnet, a custom piece by Ophanim Gothique, with a beautiful JSK by Mary Magdalen and a flowy sheer blouse by Victorian Maiden for that classic, old-fashioned look. Because it's getting chilly here, I'd probably feel like jumping off a bridge if I had to cram my feet into uncomfortable, breezy heels; these boots are almost exactly like my personal cool-weather staple, a pair faux-fur-lined vintage leather boots from a thrift store on the Lower East Side, paired with a lovely pair of cream lace tights. These shoes are so comfortable I wear them as slippers on fall evenings! Though I'm usually a big proponent of bags you can live out of, these days I've been packing up a small pochette to tak to class with my bookbag, so I'm confident that maybe I'll be able to use a teeny-weeny clutch like this adorable piece by YSL. Speaking of practical, some of my classes absolutely forbid the use of electronics, so I've invested in a cute rhinestone watch - if only it were this beauty! I'm channeling my newfound love of mori-girl (a love for which I was in serious denial for a time but just can't escape anymore!) with a fur collar and a crazy stag-head ring, and of course, keeping it classy by piling on the pearls until they're practically dripping down my fingers."

LVF Thoughts: I'm such a sucker for blue, let's just face it - and with that in mind, Missy Lumpy has got me craving some more pastel ocean colors in my wardrobe. To the deer ring and my personal favorite touch, the letter shaped purse, this outfit has a great style and fun that I always crave for. You can tell this outfit has a lot of dreams and whimsy put into it!

And now.... the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner of The Dream Outfit contest is....

1st Place goes to Lolita Wonderland, and her mint and red outfit:
Description: "I simply adore the Milky Berry JSK in mint. I love the combination of mint and red and decided to use those colours in the accessories. I chose to keep the strawberries in, because they’re one of my favorite fruits. I wanted an umbrella and a bag and was lucky enough to find two adorable combinations of red and white.I adore white blouses with short sleeves, especially a couple from Baby, so I added that too. This was the last coord I made. I got a bit lazy, so I used full pictures instead of cutting them."

LVF Thoughts: When looking through all the entries this morning, I couldn't help but dive into the world of Lolita Wonderland. Now granted, looking simply at the coordinate and some of the basics, maybe this isn't what I would have originally chosen. But, something sparked my interest and that was the spirit behind the dreams and fantasy coming from this outfit. Wonderland seems to truly love and respect this fashion and it's magical, which is what I looked for in the entries overall! That sparkle and wonder when it comes to Lolita really showed in this, and I just adore it. She has the magic and twinkle many of you and I myself, had when starting in Lolita and this is something I was amazed by. To see more of Lolita Wonderland, go here.

So there are the winners! I'm so happy with the response to this contest and I hope you'll join in the next one (Coming this December!)If you were a winner of the contest, please email me your address at, so prizes can be mailed to you as soon as possible. Keep on the frills ~ LVF.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Frilly Goals For November

I thought it might be fun to do something a bit more on the frilly side then the film side for a bit each month with some of my Frilly Goals! Maybe reading these will inspire you to do something similar things with yourself when in the poof and splendor!
  • My most important goal for November right now is finishing my Thesis film. It is my most important project I've ever worked on and means more to me then most people will ever know. It's called (working title) "La Fille de l'avenir" (The Daughter of the Future) and is the story of a 18th Century girl, about to be married and worried about the constrictions of marriage, thinking she'll lose her independent female self. She is given a magical key, that transports her to 2010 - But what she sees isn't exactly all she had dreamed of for the future. If that doesn't get you excited, Kelsey of I Do Declare will be the costume designer and the title song will be done by Candy Hearts! It's a collection of all the things that make me happy and I'm so proud to be making my dream film.
  • I'll be holding my first meet up since April, when I did it for Alice in Wonderland's movie fun! This time I'm running another meet up for a Disney movie - Tangled, the fun re-telling of Rapunzel. I'm dying to dress up in a Disney inspired coordinate again - this time I'm deciding between Bambi or Chip'n'Dale. Which do you think I should do? Gimmie ideas!
  • I'm really wanting to get more fall and winter colors into my wardrobe, including more browns and plaids! I've already accomplish more red plaid, but I'd love even more colors to chose from. I'm even debating on getting that Baby lucky pack dress with the ties on the side, just to feed this craving!
  • Another goal is to make the best present for the Lolita Day Christmas Exchange at the Opera meet up! I've already collected a few items, but I still need to find something really special.
  • Speaking of which, I really need to get my coordinate for that day together as well. My main piece, Lovely Sweet Room in Red arrived already. Now I must get a long sleeve white blouse, a cute pair of brown boots and a new red bag - possibly. I also want a new faux fur stole, along with tiny Christmas trinket hair pieces for my hair. Did I mention I really want to crimp my hair for this outfit?
  • I'm also wanting to get everything Deers and Teddy Bears this year. I know they have been and are in season right now and I've fallen for their charm. Bring me the prettiest fawns and little squishy Bears oh fashion world! I shall get everything I see!
So what are your goals for the month? I wanna know as well ~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress Up Time Special: The Question - Who Will You Be For Halloween?

This year when it came to Halloween, I decided to be economical and not spend any money on anything new! By just making an outfit out of my own closest, so with the idea I chose to dress as one of my favorite characters of all time: Dorothy Gale!

Though this outfit isn't perfect, I think I easily got the general elements of the outfit correct and with that made a pretty cute version of the Kansas darling!

First thing I picked was the best of my blue jumperskirts to use. Though it isn't gingham, I chose my Love to be a Princess JSK from Angelic Pretty. It's probably my favorite dress in my closet and since I took off the extreme detachable bows, it works for a more cute and princess looking Dorothy.

I decided this would be more an interpretation of when Dorothy gets made up in the Emerald City, hence why it'll look so glamorous! This is also why I chose to use my red Tarina Dorothy necklace, and my cute and lovely Red Tea Party replicas for her ruby slippers! I'm not using any special Straw basket, but this one works.

My final touch I chose was my collection of Wizard of Oz dolls, that I'll put into the basket instead of Toto. I've had these since I was little and really want to put them to good use. My favorite is the Scarecrow, so he will be featured the most.

Yeah, it isn't exactly Dorothy as intended, but it's my version and I love it. But now I wanna know, what are you wearing on the costumed holiday? Lolita? Nothing related to frills? Tell me!

Monday, October 25, 2010

"My Personal Dream Contest" Ends This Sunday!!!

Just a fun and sparkly reminder - If you haven't already submitted, The Personal Dream Outfit contest ends this Sunday! The winners will be revealed on Nov.1st, along with a 2nd and 3rd place winners (who will get small prizes as well). If you'd still like to post an outfit, you can on this page and this page. When the clock strikes 12 on Oct.31st (Halloween to be exact), both pages will be locked - so no more comments can be posted.

The prizes are: One LVF's Favorite Movie Selections (DVD), One LVF's Favorite Movie Snacks, 1 Small Brand Accessory, A Mixture of off-brand accessories!

And just to get your interest more, the off brand accessories will be from, my favorite girl MintyMix! The brand accessory will be a secret until Nov. 1st, along with the movie selection!

Hope you are getting excited - as I am too! We have some really great submissions, so it's hard to chose. But I bet if you submit something it'll be even harder, as each selection keeps getting better and better!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dress Up Time Special Edition: Alice - THE RE:DUX

For all of those in Lolita Fashion, I think it's easy for us all to say that we have related to one specific character from literature when it comes to our fashion as a whole. Maybe it might be because you loved the original source material, the Disney movie, all the cool stuff that Japan makes because of their obsession, or because she is the somewhat iconic poster child for Lolita fashion. But it's pretty easy to assume that we've all felt something when it comes to this little girl from England.

Myself, I definitely have been an Alice fan
for years. Maybe it's the mixture of elegance and ridiculousness, or the relations of life and it's "Rabbit Hole" qualities, but Alice is definitely something that I've taken interest in and has grown more as I've dug into my Lolita roots.

But at the same time, I can't help but feel that is almost an overrated tone that Alice is getting. It might because I'm slowly becoming an old timer when it comes to this Fashion (been into it since 2004, just for clarification) But Alice truly is something that never changes, which I find it both the downfall and the fortunate quality to her fame.

This mostly comes from my reaction to peoples in take and understanding of how to represent Alice. Yes, of course, there is always the combination of blue and white and a hint of black. Sure blonde hair and maybe some sort of black bow is nice. But does it always have to be the same? Can't we break from this mold?

I think the best example I have of this is Alice and the Pirates, which takes Alice from just the girl we knew of the novels to that of a girl lost on a magical pirate-ship. But this is what I dream of the understanding and appreciation of Alice . She doesn't have the be one dimensional in her fashion recreations.

So if you're going to be Alice for Halloween this year, might I suggested this as a guide to maybe trying a new way of Alice. For go the slutty costume store version, or borrowing a white apron from your mother's closet. Here's my dream Alice outfit, to help inspire you in your Wonderland journey!

As you can see, all the appropriate elements are represented for the character. The knight cards, the blue x white x black, the white rabbit, even the Queen of Heart is included. But was changed?

First, I chose just a regular Jumperskirt and blouse then the added apron. Apron's I find to be one of the most costume like elements of Lolita and doesn't work, or need to be essential, in the world of Alice. Instead I chose for a new take, a super cute high-necked blouse with a bow attachment.

Also, for-go the Mary Janes and pick a cute pair of low heeled boots or heeled shoes with bows in a black tone. Also pick a fun Alice concept appropriate pair or tights or socks. Make sure they aren't too low - so they'll make your outfit tasteful. Then to add a final touch, go with a cute black bow or blue bow. Either works, and like the one shown, chose one with a hint of sparkle or rhinestones.

So at the end of the day, make Alice your own! Don't feel to fall under her usual pressures and cliches. Alice was always a character who wanted to follow her own unusual path and you can do. That way you won't fall prey to the Jabborwocky and you'll be the pretty heroine of the Lolita world.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick News Flash: Meet Twenty Four Lies Per Second

As you may remember a while back, I had gotten the job as a co-writer for another film centered blog called Twenty Four Lies Per Second. Well, it seems the owner is off and heading on a fantastic journey of becoming a hardcore filmmaker, and in return has given me the "keys" (so to speak) for the blog.

Though it might not all be to your frilly liking, I hope you'll check it out and give it some love. I'm a big believer in the ability to learn about movies that might not be the big major releases you know about, but the little guys. This blog is all about that. Showcasing the best in film, whether they be films you know or ones you will soon know. The best is, all the film's that are spoken of are all a bit on the darker side of story telling. A little Del Toro or Tarantino fan? Well you might enjoy this place. Like a little Hitchcock in your film diet? Come on over!

Don't worry, nothing is changing about La Vida Frills, I'm just giving this blog some love too! So come and check out the place (link here), and you should give it some TLC too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

LVF Exclusive: Interview w/ Director of "The Secret of Kells" Tom Moore and Art Director Ross Stewart

So once in a blue moon, La Vida Frills gets really lucky to be granted special things. One of these was an interview with the Director of the Academy Award nominated film "The Secret of Kells". The interview was conducted at this years New York Comic Con and was my first interview ever! I was really pleased on how it turned out and I hope you enjoy reading some of the highlights from the conversation. I'd like to mention that I was also lucky enough to interview the Art Director Ross Stewart at the same time. For my first interview it was extremely relaxing and fun. The guys were the sweetest and most genuine people I've ever had the chance of meeting.

In case you have no knowledge of the film, here's a quick synopsis:

In medieval Ireland, a young boy named Brendan ordinary life is turned into extraordinary when a master Illuminator brings a mysterious book
with him. Brendan is given the task of restoring the book to it's full glory, and such must go on a journey through the misty Celtic forests of Ireland. Helping him on his quest is a fay named Aisiling, who has the ability to transform into a wolf. Together they beat the odds and go on a mission of wonder and delight.

Now you know the story... so, on with the fun!

LVF: So first, can you tell me what it feels like to have made an Oscar nominated film?

Well, we didn't expect it to be nominated, you know. So that was pretty exciting! It really was cool!

It was nothing that we ever imagined when we were making the film. It was the most pl
easant surprise that you could ever get.

What do you think are the ingredients to making
an Oscar nominated film?

I don't know, if I did I'd set it in a bag that'd say "Here's the ingredients to making an Oscar nominated film."

I reckon the reason why we got nominated I'd say, because it was something a
little bit different. Something that [the academy] had never seen before and they thought it had some heart in the film.

Do you feel the pressure on your next project to have it be nominat
ed for an Oscar or even win? Or do you feel you can just make a new film with a relaxed notion regardless?

Well, it's better not to think about awards or beating anyone out when you're working on a new project. So, I'm hoping to make the best film that I can and hope that people that liked the first one will like the second one even more! Because I think you'll be a better filmmaker if you think that
way, I at least say so.

Well the next one I say... has to win the Oscar!

LVF: What ar
e the next projects that you are involved in?

I'm developing a feature film called Song of the Sea. (To check out information on the film, which looks so cute I can't wait, click here)It's based on the legend of Selkies,
the legend of women that can turn into Seals. It's kind of the best of Irish and Scottish legends. So it's about the last one and she's a little girl in the city and she has to find her way back to the sea.

LVF: Do you feel that your film has a different sort of atmosphere then
an American animated film?

TM: Yeah, we purposely decided that we wanted to make a film that was showing a little bit of Irish culture, a little bit of Irish art and design. And it was a kind of response to the fact that there wasn't any real tradition of Irish animation, and we wanted to start something. We wanted to make films that had a sort of look and a sort of style going on. The Japanese have the same thing, and we wanted to do the same thing for Ireland.

LVF: What was
the main inspiration when it came to the art of the film?

We mostly looked at Ce
ltic art as the main inspiration for the film, along with other medieval arts and other Celtic designs. You can definitely see that influence in our film. That's probably why it looks so different from American and Japanese animated films, because we're taking so much from Irish and Celtic culture and art.

LVF: Do you relate to any of the characters in your piece? Especially the character of Brendan, who seems to want to be an independent creative spirit?

TM: I think a lot of the artists who worked on the film, as with myself, saw themselves in Brendan. He's an artist just like we are artists, and he has a father who doesn't really approve and wants him to do something more sensible. So I think a lot of the artists connected with that, had a sort of ki
nship with Brendan.

I had a kinship with Brother Aidan. Mostly because he's sort of a hippie and likes to spend time in the trees.

It seems that one of the center
pieces of your film is a strong female driven character, which also seems to be the same with your next project as well. Do you feel that females don't get represented correctly enough in film or do you feel that you are representing them in a correct way?

TM: Well the problem originally with Kells were the first few drafts, it was like a submarine movie, there were too many men. But what I was interested in was there's definitely a sort of blend between the Pagan system, which is sort of goddess based and modern Christianity.I wanted in my film to show the new kind of Goddess, which is connected into the idea of the Virgin Mary. This to me is a natural response to the culture of the film.

Aisiling represents those kind of older beliefs in Ireland, which were more of a balance between male and female. She's kind of like the Irish idea of "the dreaming of Ireland", and having it appear as a beautiful woman. We definitely wanted a female element and for my next film, which almost was going to be girls dressed in bikini's on a spaceship, but in the end we chose Selkie's which is very female driven idea.

I think American films are more about boys and their fathers, which I think, when talking about Miyazaki's films, there is always a female protagonist. Which is what I really love about his films, they have a more gentler female side to it. This is something we wanted for our film as well.

I think Aisiling is a strong spirited little girl, she is a good female character. She's not weak, she's very strong. She presents the Pagan belief and she has a big weight on her shoulders, especially for a little girl.

Do you have any big goals for the future of your careers?

Yeah, just making cartoons for as long as I can make them.

RS: I plan on continuing to paint, and if Cartoon Saloon wants me I'll continue to work with them.

Finally, what is the message you would like people to learn about when they watch "The Secret of Kells"?

There are a lot of messages. I suppose perseverance is important, so the art is important in kind of difficult times. Which I think is still relevant today.

RS: To continue the support of Irish animated films!

And that's the end! I hope you enjoyed reading this little interview and hopefully there will be more in the future of LVF.

"Secret of Kells" is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD from New Video Group. To learn more about the film, check out the website here. To learn more about the studio, Cartoon Saloon, click here.

Thanks to Tom, Ross and New Video Group for letting me take a moment for a quick chat and some laughs.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dress Up Time #6: Christine from The Phantom of the Opera

Though I have discussed the infamous Phantom of the Opera here on LVF before (click here to read my multi-review), I thought I'd take a minute to focus on Christine for another fun Halloween and Dress Up Time subject!

But why Christine? Well, she's treasured for being one of the most known and played characters in Musical theater and film history. Ph
antom has been remade constantly since 1925, and many have taken on the role of Christine. But does it make this Diva at all interesting? To be honest, not really.

Christine, in my opinion, has no human struggles on the interior to really concur - which leaves little to be desired in viewing just her and also leaves her to be a bit well, dull. But what makes her so interesting and so thought after? Her co-star and her journey to the end of the story. Every girl has had some fantasy of a romantic thrilling adventure involving two handsome suitors being so entangled with your beauty and strengths that they'll fight for you in a multitude of ways. It's also easy to say that many, including myself, had had many a little fantasy of a tall, dark and mysterious man come and take us to a magical underworld of music.

So in that, we all wish to be Christine. To have the voice and beauty of an angel and to attract such attention along with the Phantom himself, allowing us to enter his world. So, interested in stepping into the feet
of this future Opera star? Let's go to the masquerade in this outfit!

To start - rather than doing an outfit that's a literal translation of the usual attire of Christine, I chose to make it more "inspired by". This is due to the man versions of Christine and her many outfits through out the many adaptations. It was hard to pin point on one outfit, so I created a tribute to put best.

First, I couldn't ignore the greatest print by Alice and the Pirates (in my opinion), Masquerade Theater. Do you know what is the theme of the print? Phantom of the Opera, of course! So by default, I made sure this Christine is dressed in the jumperskirt version (in the cream colorway, to represent the innocence of the character.) The best thing to remember when creating this sort of look is to stick with creams and vintage browns, along with golds. Christine is suppose to be always representing a "bride yet to be wed" sort of look.

Next, I chose a nice white long sleeved cutsew to cover the shoulders. Christine must always appeared to be showing "selective skin." She always shows a respectable amount of shoulders and chest, especially for her time. For the feet, I chose a cream set of tights and a pair of brown short boots from Innocent World. Christine needs shows that can easily allow her to run away from The Phantom, but also to be elegant and girlie.

For some nice final touches, don't forget to add red roses anywhere you can for decoration! The Phantom is always giving Christine red roses, as they are his iconic prop. I recommend at least one rose in the hair with some tiny white flowers for a bit of extra beauty! Also remember to chose a cute gold or white bag to add a little bit of shimmer to the very calm outfit.

The last item I included is a charm bracelet, with tiny pictures from the 2004 musical version of Phantom, which can be found here on etsy. Nice little things like this and "mask" related decor make the outfit absolute perfection!

Hopefully you enjoyed this ensemble, and that you can enjoy partying at your own masquerade come Halloween. Just make sure to not let the Phantom capture you in his layer forever!

LVF Update: Please look out for an exclusive first time LVF interview with an Oscar nominated animation director (Done at NYCC). But who is it? You'll just have to wait till tomorrow.

Monday, October 11, 2010

LVF News and New York Comic Con Pre-Post

La Vida Frills is happy to announce that we have two great things to bring to a post of this quality. One, there will be tons of New York Comic Con coverage coming your way in a short while. But the best of these two announcements? Notice anything? La Vida Frills has hit 100 followers! I'd really like to thank all that have joined this wonderful community of people and wanted to share in the love of frills and films as they continue to be fabulous together in every way! Consider this recent contest the fun big one, but hopefully - when another milestone for the blog comes out in a few short months, we can have another contest. Again thank you all for joining and keep being frilly and film loving all the time!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dress Up Time #5: Ophelia from Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Halloween is around the bend! So this month with Dress Up Time, we are going to focus on the more creepy girly characters you could dress as. This week we will start with Ophelia from the Oscar nominated Pan's Labyrinth (2006). Being directed by my hero Guillermo Del Toro, this film truly captures the lose of innocence and the experience of growing up at an age where fairy tales and dreams still run wild. The counter actions of the story with the tasks that Ophelia must do, interact in such a way that makes it very interesting to observe. Ophelia herself is a bit of a strange character. A girl lost in her own wonderland that to the viewer and herself can not be decided if it is real or in her head. Regardless, whether it be real or not, this world is truly fantastic and scary. But what should you wear to experience the Labyrinth with El Fauno? Let's take a look!

Ophelia, along with the entire color palette of the film, are all muted earth tones. This is great for those who are classic, gothic or country lolita's. It also works very well for those who love Mori Girl or Dolly Kei styles. First, chose a peter pan colored one-piece in either a green, grey, navy blue or black color.

Then go with a brown, grey or nude sweater. Make sure it's a very big and comfortable sweater, as Ophelia goes on long and tough journey's in her outfits.

Next, chose a nice brown or black leather messenger bag. Ophelia carries many objects with her on her travels, so you'll want something sturdy.
For your feet, go with a pair of white tick knee high socks. Bonus points if you find ones with a leave or tree pattern, but don't go with anything too over the top. Make sure not to forget a pair of black oxford shoes. Make sure they are comfortable, otherwise it'll be hard to get through The Pale Man's chambers.

To give a nice finishing touch, find a gothic styled fairy or dragon fly necklace. This represents the "Fairy" creatures in the story that help Ophelia on her quest. If you want to have a head piece (Though it's not required.), either go with a nice green headbow or a simple black hat. After all of this, you are ready to journey into the labyrinth!

If you've never seen Pan's Labyrinth, I highly recommend it as a Halloween or Fall movie choice! It has a great creepy yet beautiful atmosphere and some of the most shocking imagery yet. It'll haunt and move you at the same time. If you want to check out another similar piece by Del Toro, go with Cronos (His first and my favorite of his works) Which tells the story of a grandfather who, by the bite of a haunted piece of clock work robotics, is turned into a vampire. Either way, you'll be sure to have fun!