Saturday, October 30, 2010

Frilly Goals For November

I thought it might be fun to do something a bit more on the frilly side then the film side for a bit each month with some of my Frilly Goals! Maybe reading these will inspire you to do something similar things with yourself when in the poof and splendor!
  • My most important goal for November right now is finishing my Thesis film. It is my most important project I've ever worked on and means more to me then most people will ever know. It's called (working title) "La Fille de l'avenir" (The Daughter of the Future) and is the story of a 18th Century girl, about to be married and worried about the constrictions of marriage, thinking she'll lose her independent female self. She is given a magical key, that transports her to 2010 - But what she sees isn't exactly all she had dreamed of for the future. If that doesn't get you excited, Kelsey of I Do Declare will be the costume designer and the title song will be done by Candy Hearts! It's a collection of all the things that make me happy and I'm so proud to be making my dream film.
  • I'll be holding my first meet up since April, when I did it for Alice in Wonderland's movie fun! This time I'm running another meet up for a Disney movie - Tangled, the fun re-telling of Rapunzel. I'm dying to dress up in a Disney inspired coordinate again - this time I'm deciding between Bambi or Chip'n'Dale. Which do you think I should do? Gimmie ideas!
  • I'm really wanting to get more fall and winter colors into my wardrobe, including more browns and plaids! I've already accomplish more red plaid, but I'd love even more colors to chose from. I'm even debating on getting that Baby lucky pack dress with the ties on the side, just to feed this craving!
  • Another goal is to make the best present for the Lolita Day Christmas Exchange at the Opera meet up! I've already collected a few items, but I still need to find something really special.
  • Speaking of which, I really need to get my coordinate for that day together as well. My main piece, Lovely Sweet Room in Red arrived already. Now I must get a long sleeve white blouse, a cute pair of brown boots and a new red bag - possibly. I also want a new faux fur stole, along with tiny Christmas trinket hair pieces for my hair. Did I mention I really want to crimp my hair for this outfit?
  • I'm also wanting to get everything Deers and Teddy Bears this year. I know they have been and are in season right now and I've fallen for their charm. Bring me the prettiest fawns and little squishy Bears oh fashion world! I shall get everything I see!
So what are your goals for the month? I wanna know as well ~


    Plus, acorns and fall/mori stuff are really in right now :D

    Is the Opera meet up the same day as the Lolita Day one at the King's Carriagehouse? I'm going to the tea at King's Carriagehouse - I just hope my taobao order will be here by then or I have nothing to wear o_o

  2. Oh, I really want to do Chip n Dale! It's so true they are in style ~

    They are the same day unfortunately, but the King's Carriagehouse one should be fun too. What did you order from taobao?

  3. I can't wait to see your Lovely Sweet Room coordinate! It's going to be so holiday-like *n*

  4. Oh I love, love, love Lovely Sweet Room! The red and cream colourways are my favourites (I own the cream!)

    Chip and Dale would be so cute! I'm really excited a bout Tangled, I love disney princess movies haha.