Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dress Up Time #11: Some Kind of Wonderful

Recently today I decided to pop in one of my favorite movies ever that I haven't watched in a couple of months: Some Kind of Wonderful starring Eric Stolz and Mary Stuart Masterson. Though not exactly anyway or shape frilly related, it some how puts me in a great mood and thought it would be fun to make a Dress Up Time post on it (I've missed making these!)

The plot of Some Kind of Wonderful is your basic high school behavior: The outsider loves the popular girl but can't seem to get her. Keith (Eric Stolz) is a less then cool student at his high school - He's poor, a painter and works at his Dad's Car Repair shop (But he's so my kind of guy, le sigh!) On the other hand we have Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), the most popular and prettiest girl in school. She has everything - the hot popular boyfriend, tons of beautiful friends and a sweet bitchin' wardrobe to match.

Yet there is one character who is in the middle of these two, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson). Watts is by far my favorite female character in film history, truly my hero and basically who I was in high school with a slightly more girly edge but only slightly. Watts is an independent and free speaking girl, who never questions her actions or her opinions. She's Keith's best friend and Amanda's worst enemy - yet there's one thing she can't seem to be honest about: She's in love with Keith. I can't spoil the entire movie, but this slightly conventional story is actually super unconventional and I love it for that.

Now, how do you exactly embody the whole style of this little movie into your own frilly side? Let's take a few cues from Watts and see what happens!

First I chose a JSK that was with a darker tone with a tiny print. I also had to Musical style especially since Watts loves playing the drums. Watts also has a thing for Men's clothing, including jackets and hats. The Jacket and hat are from Forever 21 and happen to go very well with the dress in my opinion. The leggings bring in a super punky and 80's feel, and I can't explain how much I love these Sex Pot Revenge ones. The boots are Steve Madden, which are a Watts trademark along with the fingerless gloves. The finale touch is a pair of Rhinestone studs, which are a symbol of the movie and something Watts dreams of getting as her own. There's a lot of ways of taking this sort of outfit in different directions, but anyway it can be tons of fun!

So definitely look into Some Kind of Wonderful, the most underrated John Hughes movie and you'll see just why it's so incredible - you'll share in the inspiration if you try and outfit out like this!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lolita Day - Summer 2011 Edition

Loli-Day is fast approaching and I am beyond excited! I'm always curious was to what my readers plans are, so give them to me! Are you going out with friends or spending a lovely day pampering yourself? Maybe you're going to a meet up or just a date with a special companion? Are you doing any fun activities or trips? Let me know!

For me personally I have two big goals: Baking delicious Homemade Oreo Cookies and listening to a ton of my favorite Lolita wearing inspiration tunes! Here is a list of my current favorites that maybe you could find inspirational too:

1. Glamazon - RuPaul
I can't explain exactly what it is, but RuPaul has this ability to make me instantly like anything he creates musically and everything new tune is beyond addicting. Glamazon is currently my favorite, mostly because even though it has nothing to do with Lolita lyrically it has this confidence boosting sound and has great motivational messages "She's taking names and kicking ass", thats how I want to and eventually feel everyday in Lolita! I also recommend "Main Event" which is so disco fabulous I can't even.

2. One in a Million - Private
Private is one my favorite music finds ever. Every single song of theirs is a great deal of "catchy" that is hard to exactly put a point on why it works. Think about all those great 90's dance hits with a modern twist and you have Private. One in a Million is probably my favorite next to "Crucify My Heart" - but the reason why? Simple, cause it makes me feel special. Isn't that enough to understand?

3. Alice in Wonderland - Lisa Mitchell
This somewhat sad tune is not exactly like the others but has this beautiful atmosphere it creates. Of course it's speaking of Alice in Wonderland, everything Lolitas favorite - but more importantly the music itself is delicate and very Lolita appropriate. It tells a great story through lyrics and melody. You'll truly never want this song to end, at least I never do.

4. The Spell - Alphabeat
I've spoken of Alphabeat before, but I can't get enough of their Euro-Pop energy. The Spell is one of their singles and is perhaps my favorite. It grooves and moves like no other and will definitely get you in that magic like mood for Lolita.

5. Gumdrops - The Smittens
Though short, "Gumdrops" is one of the cutest songs in history and probably my favorite song to whistle in the elevator these days. It has an equally cute video to match and overall The Smittens can light a room with their happy go lucky sense of music. This is the sort of happiness I love getting when wearing Lolita and "Gumdrops" just puts me in that frame of mind.

What songs make you ready to frill? I need more tunes to get my going so tell me.

This Lolita Day I also plan on wearing something extra summery and probably wearing my favorite dress, Meta's Cherry Gingham. But maybe I'll change my mind? Probably but for now thats the choice! Oh Lolita Day, what fun you'll be ~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Otakon 2011: Are You Going?

Now that the suppose threat of "The Rapture" is over, I can talk about this with pride! My favorite time of year is coming ever so fast, Otakon: The East Coast's Premiere Anime Convention (July 29th - August 1st!). What does one do at Otakon? The answer is simple, have a blast beyond compare. This convention seems to celebrate both the newer anime fans and the older anime fans (like myself) and also, for those who read this blog, it's very Lolita friendly. For awhile, it would have the occasional Lolita related event, last year was a turn for the epic where everyday had something Lolita related. Now this year definitely has some shoes to fill, but we can dream that it could be better or just as good.

For me, I will hopefully be presenting a panel about "Lolitas in the Media", so please keep your fingers crossed that this happens. It will be a hilarious look at the idea and I hope that if it does happen you'll come, and get prizes if you do come!

Also, it seems an old favorite will be back as well, a fashion show perhaps? I believe so!

So curious, any of you East Coast Lolitas coming to Otakon? I want to meet any of you readers if you are!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: Paul Williams

Last couple of posts have either been about a songwriter or something nostalgic, and this post is going to have the amazing combination of being about both! Today I'll be discussing probably the most underrated songwriter ever, one that you probably know more then you think and will probably want to dig into right away after reading this (or that is my hope). I give you an Iconic Love Letter to my favorite songwriter, Paul Williams!

Now, just like your reaction might have been to Rufus Wainwright: What the hell does this guy have to do with Lolita Fashion? Simple, just like Rufus he provides a great soundtrack. But unlike Rufus's sad and more moody music, Paul provides a variety of emotions and types of lyrical stories within his songwriting abilities. Now you're probably scratching your head going "I don't know anything this guy has worked on." You'll be surprised to know that you probably do more then you think. For instances, ever wondered who wrote the song "The Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet Movie? Paul did. Paul is actually responsible for many of the songs from the Muppets catalog, my favorite being his work on A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Paul is no stranger to many genres, related to movies or just music as a whole. My favorite work of his overall would be "Phantom of the Paradise" (if interested, check out a review I did of the movie on the blog Twenty Four Lies Per Second) for which he wrote the entire soundtrack and played the villain Swan. He also wrote a ton of songs for the Carpenters and was almost cast as a member of the nostalgia group The Monkees (for whom he also wrote songs for!) Paul's also a bit of an actor, starring in the film mentioned above along with "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" and in all of the "Smokey and the Bandit" films! He also wrote the scores for many children's movie, including one of my favorites "The Secret of Nimh"!

But the best part of Paul Williams is just when he is indeed himself and brings about a sort of silly charm that is so attractive in so many ways. It's the kind of charm that I find myself loving about Lolita, it's oddness is it's overall appeal. For example, Paul is one of the shortest men in music, which he mentions a lot when he made his appearance on the Muppet Show in Season 1. He seems like someone that wouldn't be that interesting, but in fact is so complex that you can't stop being interested in him. I think this is the sort of reaction people get when they find out normal looking people like ourselves have this life where we wear Lolita Fashion, which is so interesting beyond even our own understanding.

Paul carries that very similar idea that like Lolita Fashion, he's very surprising and not one to judge right off the bat. No one could believe the guy that wrote songs for The Muppets also wrote songs for The Scissor Sisters and Dexter's Laboratory! So for that alone Paul Williams is by far someone you should check out and feel that he is in fact one full of interesting surprises. This month on LVF, you'll hear some of his songs pop on here and again along with some other Muppet's related classics (Is that a hint I hear of a future post?...maybe!)

But how does one go about and bring a bit of Paul Williams into your Lolita life? Here's some tips!

Paul seems to have a thing for big glasses! Pick up a cool pair of your own. I'm personally in love with any vintage looking shades with big frames like the ones on

That ipod feeling a bit boring these days? Why not invest in a record player and buy yourself one of Paul's albums in vinyl. I can't express how much better music sounds in this form, really it's an experience. Check out these old school styled babies.

Buy yourself a vest in a dust color palette to go with your usual outfit that needs a bit of love and spicing up! I can't get enough of the ones on! Granted they might seem a bit more on the Mori Girl side, but why not add something a bit different to the mix?

Why not have a musical themed picnic meet up! Go to your favorite park (that is music playing friendly of course!) and have everyone bring their favorite CD to play and make a special meal themed to their favorite music. Maybe you can surprise your friends and bring a Paul Williams album and make "Rainbow Connection" cookies with M&Ms and sprinkles?

So I'm pretty sure by now you have to be digging some aspect of Mr.Williams and his amazing career. Paul's lyrical power of whimsy and fantasy really makes his music amazing and really is catchy in a way that is good, unlike most of the music that comes out these days. It's playful, sometimes dark, but always intelligent and fun to listen to. Go check out Paul's stuff, and trust me you'll love it.