Monday, May 9, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: Paul Williams

Last couple of posts have either been about a songwriter or something nostalgic, and this post is going to have the amazing combination of being about both! Today I'll be discussing probably the most underrated songwriter ever, one that you probably know more then you think and will probably want to dig into right away after reading this (or that is my hope). I give you an Iconic Love Letter to my favorite songwriter, Paul Williams!

Now, just like your reaction might have been to Rufus Wainwright: What the hell does this guy have to do with Lolita Fashion? Simple, just like Rufus he provides a great soundtrack. But unlike Rufus's sad and more moody music, Paul provides a variety of emotions and types of lyrical stories within his songwriting abilities. Now you're probably scratching your head going "I don't know anything this guy has worked on." You'll be surprised to know that you probably do more then you think. For instances, ever wondered who wrote the song "The Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet Movie? Paul did. Paul is actually responsible for many of the songs from the Muppets catalog, my favorite being his work on A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Paul is no stranger to many genres, related to movies or just music as a whole. My favorite work of his overall would be "Phantom of the Paradise" (if interested, check out a review I did of the movie on the blog Twenty Four Lies Per Second) for which he wrote the entire soundtrack and played the villain Swan. He also wrote a ton of songs for the Carpenters and was almost cast as a member of the nostalgia group The Monkees (for whom he also wrote songs for!) Paul's also a bit of an actor, starring in the film mentioned above along with "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" and in all of the "Smokey and the Bandit" films! He also wrote the scores for many children's movie, including one of my favorites "The Secret of Nimh"!

But the best part of Paul Williams is just when he is indeed himself and brings about a sort of silly charm that is so attractive in so many ways. It's the kind of charm that I find myself loving about Lolita, it's oddness is it's overall appeal. For example, Paul is one of the shortest men in music, which he mentions a lot when he made his appearance on the Muppet Show in Season 1. He seems like someone that wouldn't be that interesting, but in fact is so complex that you can't stop being interested in him. I think this is the sort of reaction people get when they find out normal looking people like ourselves have this life where we wear Lolita Fashion, which is so interesting beyond even our own understanding.

Paul carries that very similar idea that like Lolita Fashion, he's very surprising and not one to judge right off the bat. No one could believe the guy that wrote songs for The Muppets also wrote songs for The Scissor Sisters and Dexter's Laboratory! So for that alone Paul Williams is by far someone you should check out and feel that he is in fact one full of interesting surprises. This month on LVF, you'll hear some of his songs pop on here and again along with some other Muppet's related classics (Is that a hint I hear of a future post?...maybe!)

But how does one go about and bring a bit of Paul Williams into your Lolita life? Here's some tips!

Paul seems to have a thing for big glasses! Pick up a cool pair of your own. I'm personally in love with any vintage looking shades with big frames like the ones on

That ipod feeling a bit boring these days? Why not invest in a record player and buy yourself one of Paul's albums in vinyl. I can't express how much better music sounds in this form, really it's an experience. Check out these old school styled babies.

Buy yourself a vest in a dust color palette to go with your usual outfit that needs a bit of love and spicing up! I can't get enough of the ones on! Granted they might seem a bit more on the Mori Girl side, but why not add something a bit different to the mix?

Why not have a musical themed picnic meet up! Go to your favorite park (that is music playing friendly of course!) and have everyone bring their favorite CD to play and make a special meal themed to their favorite music. Maybe you can surprise your friends and bring a Paul Williams album and make "Rainbow Connection" cookies with M&Ms and sprinkles?

So I'm pretty sure by now you have to be digging some aspect of Mr.Williams and his amazing career. Paul's lyrical power of whimsy and fantasy really makes his music amazing and really is catchy in a way that is good, unlike most of the music that comes out these days. It's playful, sometimes dark, but always intelligent and fun to listen to. Go check out Paul's stuff, and trust me you'll love it.


  1. You can't imagine how surprised I was to see Paul Williams face appear on my blog roll. I was like "Who do I know who'll blog about Paul Williams?" I should have guessed^^!

    Also I freaking love Muppets like nobody's business!

  2. Arika, everytime you comment I go and question myself, why aren't we friends in real life? Thank you! Paul is fabulous and so are the Muppets!

  3. LOL, we're star crossed is what it is! Or maybe separated at birth. Tell me, how do you feel about Animaniacs?

  4. UGH, it's the greatest ever. Though I'll be honest that Freakazoid was my favorite but Animaniacs is a very close close close second, they almost have to be together in an exclusive package of memories for my childhood. These kids these days don't know what comedy is!

  5. Yup defiantly separated at birth then. I did like Anamaniacs better, but I used to watch Freakazoid every morning before going to school...while in High School. And then I would sing the opening songs and everyone thought I was weird.