Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LVF Travels to Acen

Yes, it's official - I've been a big old poop with blogging lately and I'm so sorry! With moving to my new home and working at Tribeca Film Festival, I've been a busy little whisp. But I have to mention something that I think all of you frillies will be excited to hear - tomorrow I head to Chicago to attend Anime Central! Yes, I will be attending the Angelic Pretty Tea Party, and yes I'll be modeling the Indie Fashion Show! I couldn't be happier, seriously. With this and some other magical things happening in my life, things are going very grand. I can't wait to share all the memories and magical moments with my readers and bring some life back into LVF.

If you'd like up to the minute updates, check out my tumblr and twitter account! Hope to meet some of my readers there and to bring back some magic with me.