Monday, December 27, 2010

LVF Update: Winner of LVF 1st Anniversary Contest and An LVF Christmas

How was everyone's Holiday? I hope it was fabulous! Mine was all kinds of fun to the core, I got an early birthday present (since my Birthday is on January, the 23rd) and some amazing Lolita and non-Loli related things!

But first, let's get something fantastic out of the way! I know this is posted a bit later then I thought it would be, but here is indeed the winner of LVF's 1st Anniversary Contest....
And the winner is.... focusing the lens with her choice of frilliest movie Gigi! Here is her entry:

"My favorite frilly movie is actually probably Gigi. I love the music and the story, and I really like Gigi's character. She's precocious and cheerful, and her development into a woman is far from graceful and rather uncomfortable, but it has a happy ending, which I think a lot of lolitas can really relate to."

Thanks focusing the lens for a fantastic write up! Gigi is one of my favorite movies, frilly or not too, and I completely agree with your description behind it.
You'll be winning a copy of A Muppet Christmas Carol and The Polar Bear King! Email me at so I can get your address! Thanks to everyone that posted a write up on their favorite frilly movie, it was extremely hard to chose and I loved reading about everyone's taste in movies. Look out for the next contest and see if you'll have a chance to win something pretty and sweet to the core!

So, curious what I got for Christmas? I can't discuss everything but here are a few of my favorites!

Christmas 2010: Brand/Fashion
I got some really fun clothes that will all work in my frilly wardrobe, including a huge selection of mega cute cardigans. My favorite (shown) is this sparkly bow piece from Charlotte Russe. If you like, the black version is on sale now for $10 on the website (I'm tempted to get it myself!) I also got one of my first Innocent World pieces, a very professionally made and great quality tote bag from their Night Teddy collection in Black. I also got a Putumayo (my new favorite brand) skirt I wanted. Check out the detail - it has glitter and yummy goodies!
Next up, I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of movies I wanted!
I got Little Women, Newsies, Cronos, Waking Sleeping Beauty and Back to the Future on DVD/BluRay for my ever growing movie collection!
and last but not least....
Christmas 2010: Tarina
I got a ton of Tarina Tarantino Jewelry! You all know how much I love her stuff and how it perfectly fits lolita fashion. I can tell you I've already come up with coordinates for all of these!

I'm so lucky to have a family who is so amazing and giving on Christmas, I wasn't expecting any of these things so it was pretty incredible.
But I really want to know, what did you all get for Christmas or whatever Holiday you celebrate? Show pictures and let me know!

Also, a little update: Next months theme will actually be very personal ~I'll be turning 21 and will be talking about all my favorite movies and things all month long! I'm excited to share with all of you some of my most favorite things and I hope I can hear about yours too!

Go and check out some of the new pages on LVF above the usual posts while you're looking around! I also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, I can't wait to see what 2011 brings me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Print and a Movie: The Nutcracker (1995)

Angelic Pretty sometimes really surprises me and so does Macaulay Culkin! What do those two surprises combined to give us? Well finally, a new Print and a Movie post! Though I have all ready expressed my love for a version of The Nutcracker in the post prior, I think it's important to note how much I love the original ballet as well. Maybe it's because I have a thing for tutus or because I was almost a ballerina myself, but Ballet is something I really appreciate! But what I appreciate even more is a good representation of ballet on film.

Though there have been many before this or after (Oh Black Swan, how you look so good!), I find this 90's simply filmed ballet version of the classic Nutcracker to be fantastic! Why? Because it's just ballet on film. Nothing too special, it has some very nice sequences of editing and the talent on screen is lovely to see. But again, the surprise? Macaulay Culkin (90's kid style) is dancing ballet! Not many kid actors would have the guts to do such a thing, let alone the kid that known for screaming so adorable in giant close ups on camera. So even if he's not the best dancer in the world, for what it is I give him big props.

What about Angelic Pretty though? Well I mean come on, did you expect them to come out with the print Holy Night Story? I didn't! Usually this is something with a flair similar to Baby or Innocent World, yet has it's own Angelic Pretty style in a more sophisticated way. I especially love the details of The Mouse King and the very pretty Rocking Horse! They even went with doing two styles of the jsk, one that resembles the Nutcracker and one that is more their classic jsk style (which I chose to show, in the red colorway!)

So, go and check out this simple and cute version of The Nutcracker ballet along with this surprise of a print from Angelic Pretty. You'll be able to dance the Sugar Plum Fairy dance with even more Christmas cheer!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Special Movie Review/Dress Up Time: The Nutcracker Prince

Christmas is inching more and more closer, and with that its always good to have some movies to get you in the spirit. But what about the frilly spirit? Here at LVF, we want to give you the best of the best for you to enjoy my favorite holiday, and maybe it's yours too!

One of those movies that I'm sure you'd want to add to your list is The Nutcracker Prince (1990), a small little animated film in the style of then inspirational Disney The Little Mermaid. The style, though not made my Disney, definitely has the feel and look to it that it could have been made by them. The animation isn't exactly perfect, but it's cute and take some of its own creative freedoms that have such made it one of my favorite Christmas movies to watch, even when it isn't Christmas!
In case you don't know anything about the general Nutcracker story, here's the lowdown: Clara is the middle child of a wealthy family, who has only wish for this Christmas - to get a new doll. But what does her favorite (not related) Uncle give her? A Nutcracker. But he isn't just any normal Nutcracker, he once was a normal boy who was proclaimed a prince before being transformed into a doll. Clara is now casted into a magical journey to help the Nutcracker defeat his enemy The Rat King, and release him from his curse!

The music is of course based on that from the iconic ballet of the same name, but has some musical numbers inspired by the music of the ballet itself. The best parts of this movie are any of the moments with Clara and The Nutcracker themselves. They have an adorable and innocent relationship that, though not very deep, is just what is needed for a cute and romantic film that children won't want to widdle and leave the living room for.

This movie in general is simplicity at it's best, which is both it's strong point and weak point. No, it definitely isn't Disney. But it definitely fits in with other holiday classics and non-Disney movies like the later Don Bluth's and some of the Rankin & Bass productions. I highly recommend it as one of the top frilly Christmas movies to check out and enjoy this Holiday season. But what about dressing up as Clara?

For this outfit, blue and white are the main colors (but you could use Mint instead of blue as well). Clara is only but a girl of 13 or 14, so like the film, go simple with the items used. I chose the Dessert OP from Baby as the OP/Jsk in this outfit! Next, I went straight for a pair of Baby tights (inspired by their recent Ballerina print!) in a white x pink color palette. I also chose a pair of simple white shoes, also from Baby, but any flats in white with bows will do.

The extra special things to remember are the hair, necklace and bag! Clara always has her hair in a pony tail with bow attached. Go with a blue or cream for this! I chose a pair of Baby bows as well. The necklace is of a tiny monkey dressed as the Nutcracker, designed by Betsey Johnson. Finally, I picked The Swan Lake print bag from Metamorphose as the choice to go with this coordinate, since Clara and her Nutcracker, fly on Swans with golden necklaces!

So, hopefully this gets you in a fun Christmas mood! LVF recommends this tiny little cute thing of a movie for your holiday viewings. Look out for more posts for inspiration, and don't forget to sign up for the 1st Anniversary Contest!

LVF Score: 4 headbows out of 5

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dress Up Time #8: Princess of Winterland from The Polar Bear King

Though she isn't given much of a name, The Princess in The Polar Bear King is the definition of winter. Her hair is a soft European blonde, covered in small bits of snowflakes, and her face is that of a red blush that only can be produced in the most frigged of temperatures. She has a very familiar face and atmosphere of most princesses, but only the most kind. This is why she is the subject of today's Dress Up Time!

In case you haven't noticed, The Polar Bear King is one of the movies given as a prize in our 1st Anniversary Contest, so you might want to check this one out!

It tells the story of the Princess, who is loved by a Polar Bear who claims he is a king. In her fantasy life, she dreams of going to such a place that The Polar Bear describes, and he takes her to his kingdom called Summerland. There we see that he is indeed a king who was once human, but The Princess has many tasks to go through before they are given a happily ever after.

But what should you do if you want to be given the chance to befriend and love a Polar Bear King and go on a glorious adventure to Summerland? Here is how!

First, I'd go with a very simple cream or white jumperskirt. Nothing too royal or over the top, especially since this Princess cares more about her Kingdom then what her Kingdom thinks of her style! You also need to pick a thick and comfortable blouse, and jacket to go with it! The blouse is from Baby and the jacket is from!

Don't forget the little things, like a pair of brown boots to walk in the snow with. Also don't forget to add items like polar bear and snowflake themed accessories, I chose a necklace and hairpiece this time! You also might want to go for grey faux fur gloves or scarf items too.

Now, go forth and have fun in your own Winterland!

Monday, December 6, 2010

LVF 1st Anniversary Contest!

As some of you already know, LVF is having a contest to celebrate it's first birthday! In celebration we will be having another fabulous contest that will be ending on December 24th!

The contest? Submit a one sentence answer of what you believe to be your favorite frilliest movie and why. For each season I have a new favorite, so right now it's the Polar Bear King - which will be a subject in an up coming Dress Up Time entry!

Some people have already entered the contest, you can either comment on this post or the one linked here. You have till December 24th (Christmas Eve) to enter! But what about prizes? You'll be getting The Polar Bear King and The Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD along with a yummy Christmas themed movie snack. There is also one other prize, but that's actually a surprise! There will only be one winner this time, so please make sure to enter (US residence only, sorry!)

Can't wait to see the entries! Also, you might have noticed a bit of a Christmas/Holiday theme around LVF. We have Christmas music playing, decorations and lots of beautiful things to check out. Watch Misako Aoki go to Putumayo (my new favorite brand) in Frilly Video of the Month. Also, VanillaBlitz is featured in this months coordinate of the month! She wore this to celebrate her birthday, cute right? If you would like to have your coordinate featured in January, send your favorite coordinate to me at!

Are you getting excited about the Holidays? This (next to January, due to my birthday) are my two favorite months of the whole year! Look out for more Holiday themed posts this Decemeber throughout!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Movie Review #14: LoliGirls

It's refreshing to once in a while review something that's exactly about the subculture this blog is speaking to and the reasons why we love it. No, I am not talking about anything from Japan, but instead America. Welcome to the world of Victoria, Aly and Julia, or as the film is titled, the Loligirls. This independent short film is exactly what all Lolita's should see as an introductory piece.

Though the styles have morphed and changed slightly from what these famous members wear now, it's refreshing to a positive look at the subculture as apposed to one filled to the brink with drama and negative reactions.
This tiny little film follows that of famous bloggers Victoria of Lolita Charm, Aly of Miss Lumpy, and Julia, designer of Good Night Miss Princess (A frilly sleepwear brand). As the documentary proclaims, the girls dress for themselves and not anyone else! The documentary follows the girls on their everyday adventures and to the final production of their fashion show for anime convention ConnetiCon.

This film is absolutely adorable! Filled with so many lovely shots and moments of pure joy, as a feel lolita fashion fan, I completely was enveloped in the lives of these girls. Seeing their unique takes on the fashion and how they have absolutely no reservations of doubting themselves is again, as already mentioned: refreshing.

Though I did find that to be unfortunately at times, the films flaw. There unfortunately negative aspects to this fashion and to make a well rounded documentary, I feel the need for both sides of the topic are needed to get a truly follow view of what is being discussed. But at the same time, this is only a very small and minor aspect to a film that really makes you have a great feel for the fashion and even if you aren't a huge fan of frills and poof as I might be or the girls are, you want to be friends or become a Loligirl yourself.

Regardless of my slight difference in viewpoints, this film is really fantastic and frilly to an extent that no other documentary or feature film has really captured (Yes, even Kamikaze Girls!). I'm really proud to say that this is a staple in Lolita's journey into the film genre. This makes me incredibly excited to see the new full-length documentary by the filmmakers of Kato Films!

If you would like to see Loligirls for yourself, you can click the link here. For more information of the Kato Film's fashion film series, check out the official Loligirls site. Write down your reactions to the documentary in the comments below! All lolitas should see this, so please speak up!

5 headbows out of 5