Monday, December 27, 2010

LVF Update: Winner of LVF 1st Anniversary Contest and An LVF Christmas

How was everyone's Holiday? I hope it was fabulous! Mine was all kinds of fun to the core, I got an early birthday present (since my Birthday is on January, the 23rd) and some amazing Lolita and non-Loli related things!

But first, let's get something fantastic out of the way! I know this is posted a bit later then I thought it would be, but here is indeed the winner of LVF's 1st Anniversary Contest....
And the winner is.... focusing the lens with her choice of frilliest movie Gigi! Here is her entry:

"My favorite frilly movie is actually probably Gigi. I love the music and the story, and I really like Gigi's character. She's precocious and cheerful, and her development into a woman is far from graceful and rather uncomfortable, but it has a happy ending, which I think a lot of lolitas can really relate to."

Thanks focusing the lens for a fantastic write up! Gigi is one of my favorite movies, frilly or not too, and I completely agree with your description behind it.
You'll be winning a copy of A Muppet Christmas Carol and The Polar Bear King! Email me at so I can get your address! Thanks to everyone that posted a write up on their favorite frilly movie, it was extremely hard to chose and I loved reading about everyone's taste in movies. Look out for the next contest and see if you'll have a chance to win something pretty and sweet to the core!

So, curious what I got for Christmas? I can't discuss everything but here are a few of my favorites!

Christmas 2010: Brand/Fashion
I got some really fun clothes that will all work in my frilly wardrobe, including a huge selection of mega cute cardigans. My favorite (shown) is this sparkly bow piece from Charlotte Russe. If you like, the black version is on sale now for $10 on the website (I'm tempted to get it myself!) I also got one of my first Innocent World pieces, a very professionally made and great quality tote bag from their Night Teddy collection in Black. I also got a Putumayo (my new favorite brand) skirt I wanted. Check out the detail - it has glitter and yummy goodies!
Next up, I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of movies I wanted!
I got Little Women, Newsies, Cronos, Waking Sleeping Beauty and Back to the Future on DVD/BluRay for my ever growing movie collection!
and last but not least....
Christmas 2010: Tarina
I got a ton of Tarina Tarantino Jewelry! You all know how much I love her stuff and how it perfectly fits lolita fashion. I can tell you I've already come up with coordinates for all of these!

I'm so lucky to have a family who is so amazing and giving on Christmas, I wasn't expecting any of these things so it was pretty incredible.
But I really want to know, what did you all get for Christmas or whatever Holiday you celebrate? Show pictures and let me know!

Also, a little update: Next months theme will actually be very personal ~I'll be turning 21 and will be talking about all my favorite movies and things all month long! I'm excited to share with all of you some of my most favorite things and I hope I can hear about yours too!

Go and check out some of the new pages on LVF above the usual posts while you're looking around! I also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, I can't wait to see what 2011 brings me.


  1. Congratulations to the winner! ^^

    And may I say you received great presents? =D

  2. I'm a bit surprised, I won? Awesome! haha

    Gotta love getting movies for Christmas! We got my nephew a bunch of DVDs, and all of us had our own list of films for the holidays. :)

    The Newsies is one of my all-time favorite movies, by the way. It's always fun to find other fans!