Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting To Know You: LVF's Favorite Movies

Once in a while on LVF, we like to take a moment to appreciate some of the finer yet not frilly things that could otherwise be appreciated. Sometimes I get asked "Hey, what are your favorite movies then, ha Miss Frills?" Well guess what, that question shall now be answered! Remember, none of these movies are really frilly related (yet all pictures have a bow on them, for fun!), but they are excellent regardless. Now, on with the movies!

The Fifth Element (1997)
First we shall start off with a recent favorite of mine. I learned about this little charm of a sci-fi film from one of my best friends, who would always try to get me into it. I never really got how cool this movie was for the longest time, as only have been shown some action sequences and Chris Tucker (who to me is a turn off in most movies), I just never got it. But one day, I just happened to catch the entire film on TV - and I was hooked for life. Featuring my favorite action man Bruce Willis, one of the hottest women to ever grace the screen Mila Jovovich and costumes by fashion design Jean Paul Gaultier, it's the closest one will get to an art house Sci-Fi film. My favorite scene in the film is when Willis is watching the infamous Opera Diva perform, while Mila's character faces off the enemy in a fantastic edited action sequence. Highly recommend this one.

(I didn't even put a bow on this one. Look at how epic that hat is!?)
Hook (1991)
Said to be one the few films that Spielberg hates being associated with, it's actually my favorite film of his that he ever made. As a huge Peter Pan fan, I think this is one of the few to have gotten the look of Neverland perfectly. This is also the film in which I became highly interested in both Robin Williams and Peter Pan for the first time. Granted, many happen to think this movie is cheesy or a bit dated, but I still think it holds up perfectly. It has one of the best scores to ever be recorded, and transforms actors who I never expected to do action films at all (Props to both Williams and Hoffman as Hook for this!) I think the best part of this movie is the neat little details and odd cameos that you have to pay attention to to understand, like Glen Close as the pirate who is dropped off the ship when Peter arrives in Neverland or all the objects inside Wendy's house and how they relate to the story. When a filmmaker can add details such as this, it's a true sight to see.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)
I'm always truly impressed by the work of Billy Wilder. His films never have a specific story style really, and you can never really spot a Wilder film - they're all unique. But the most different and special of all his films is always one of my favorites. This film tells the story of Norma, a fading silent movie actress and Joe, a down and out screenwriter. The two meet in a string of odd events, eventually leading to Joe becoming the obsession of Norma's affections. From what starts as the usual 40's/50's style film becomes a bizarre portrait of Hollywood's bad side that was obviously way ahead of its time and can be in competition with films of Darren Aronofsky. Similar to Hook, this film pays a fitting yet creepy tribute to the silent film era, with many of the actors in the film having been from that actual time and being involved in similar events to the characters themselves. Sometimes campy, but extremely moving, Sunset Boulevard is a masterpiece.

The Hunchback of Norte Dame (1996)
I'm a huge fan of Disney, it's probably my favorite thing in the whole world - next to a few other fandoms. It's hard for me to pin-point all my absolute favorite things when it comes to Disney as a whole, but the one thing I'm sure is my favorite is this movie. It's even hard to call it a "Disney movie" because it almost has no connection to the usual cores of such a style. Sure, it's a softer approach to Hugo's story, yet for a film from the House of Mouse, it's very complex. Showcasing my favorite villain and villain song of all time, Frollo is one of those odd instances where a man as simple as a minister can easily become the creepiest thing I've seen on film. Maybe it's because he doesn't have magical powers or anything fantasy about him, that his realistic nature makes him actually possible in real life, which is what makes me terrifying. This also showcases my favorite piece of instrumental music ever (click here to see/listen). Go and be amazed.

And finally.....
Back to the Future Trilogy (1985)
Yes indeed, this is my favorite movie in the entire world. I'll be honest that I wasn't into this film much as a kid, but I really got into it during Middle school. Maybe it's because of my outcast or individual feeling that I had because of where I live, or because I wish I could indeed be as cool as Marty, but Back to the Future clicked for me in a way no other film could try. Now to address the sequels, these films are so good that I don't think you should ever address them as separate movies as all these films need to be watched together in their complete trilogy order and enjoyed as one film. Hence why I didn't just pick the first movie or any of the others on the list - the whole trilogy needs to be watched without pause. But, if you don't have about 6 hours to kill, go see the first film at least! You'll be wishing you had more time for the others (puns).

So there you have it - a list of my favorite movies of all time. So, do you like an of these films? What are some of your favorites? Comment down belong and lets discuss!


  1. Oh my goodness! The Fifth Element is my #1 favorite movie. I have never seen a movie that is more people's favorite movie than the Fifth Element, and it' deserves to be that way XD Just an awesome movie all around.

    Hook and Back to the Future on high up on my list too!

  2. I knew there was a reason I liked you! I've seen the 5th Element more times than I can count :O

  3. I think the next time I wear my Heart Leopard skirt, I'm gonna talk like Ruby. <3

    And Hoooook! I love it as part of my childhood and for introducing me to my love of Dante Basco. My only issue with the movie is something I developed as an adult, after reading the actual book Peter Pan: Peter saying he ran away to the Neverland to avoid growing up due to a fear of death. It never sits with me well, since my favorite line in the actual book is "To die would be an awfully big adventure." Other than that, though, it's a favorite from when I was a kid.

  4. 5th element, hell yes! I love Luc Besson's work<3
    And Hook is so much fun.