Sunday, June 20, 2010

Print and a Movie #2

It's been slow the past couple of weeks, but with summer break going on, everything should go much faster! Here's a new tiny post to keep you happy!!

Print: Angelic Pretty's Toy Parade
Movie: Toy Story Movies

With the celebration of the third and final entry into Pixar's flagship series, I thought it was fitting to make this post. Even though this print is sort of an obvious fit with the film, still it's a great idea to speak of. If you haven't heard of Toy Story, then I'm definitely sniffing a tear for you. This is perhaps one of the greatest series of films ever to be made. Yes, not everyone will understand these movies. But if you were a child who was raised in the 1990's and was around for the first film, you know how big an impact these films made on American culture.
I clearly remember seeing these films on a huge screen that I had to stretch my neck up until it hurt to see everything going on. Buzz's jump from the car tracks, Pizza Planet, Sid. Everything was magical. I only just came back from #3 and it is a masterpiece, possibly more then it's cannon film. But they all share special places in our memories and with that I recommend you check them out.
Angelic Pretty's Toy Parade is also a classic in the Sweet Lolita world. It's very rare to find many of the items and goes for a lot these days. With it's joyful color patterns and lovely details, it's timeless just like Toys themselves. Check them both out together ~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

LVF Update 6/10/10

Hey everyone ! LVF has had a lot of activity recently and wow has it been great! First off, Lolita Day was absolutely fantastic. Full of lovely people all over and a panel that went perfectly without any hitches. We (Myself, Victoria and Crystal) spoke to a full house of beautiful lolitas and people who all seemed interested in our opinions. Kelsey and Zoh also did a fantastic fashion panel along with Bibi's insight into the fashion. I have to say, I was very proud to be in the presence of so many women in our culture that I respect and I hope this type of event continues to happen in New York for years to come. 

Next up, LVF has officially over 60 followers! Thank you so much for checking out my little baby and supporting it all the way. I really have this dream that I'll get to 100 followers sometime by the end the summer, so if somehow you think you have people that'd be interested in checking out the blog, tell them to follow.

Look out for more little posts with pictures, videos and reviews coming soon!