Sunday, June 20, 2010

Print and a Movie #2

It's been slow the past couple of weeks, but with summer break going on, everything should go much faster! Here's a new tiny post to keep you happy!!

Print: Angelic Pretty's Toy Parade
Movie: Toy Story Movies

With the celebration of the third and final entry into Pixar's flagship series, I thought it was fitting to make this post. Even though this print is sort of an obvious fit with the film, still it's a great idea to speak of. If you haven't heard of Toy Story, then I'm definitely sniffing a tear for you. This is perhaps one of the greatest series of films ever to be made. Yes, not everyone will understand these movies. But if you were a child who was raised in the 1990's and was around for the first film, you know how big an impact these films made on American culture.
I clearly remember seeing these films on a huge screen that I had to stretch my neck up until it hurt to see everything going on. Buzz's jump from the car tracks, Pizza Planet, Sid. Everything was magical. I only just came back from #3 and it is a masterpiece, possibly more then it's cannon film. But they all share special places in our memories and with that I recommend you check them out.
Angelic Pretty's Toy Parade is also a classic in the Sweet Lolita world. It's very rare to find many of the items and goes for a lot these days. With it's joyful color patterns and lovely details, it's timeless just like Toys themselves. Check them both out together ~


  1. Toy Story holds a special place in my heart too <3 It's a movie that pretty much defined the 90's for me, and my childhood, rather, disney movies as a whole! I remember being scared of some toys after I saw what Sid did to them, lol.

    And AP Toy Parade is the sweetest print I've ever been fond of! I'f I had it, I'd totally wear it to go see Toy Story 3!

  2. What a fun combination! :D I haven't seen the second or third one, actually. I need to get around to seeing them!