Friday, July 2, 2010

Print and a Movie #3

Continuing with the Pixar trend of the last post, here comes another new print and movie combination!!

Print: Metamorphose's Sweet Park
Movie: UP

Though many might not connect the story of a old widow man in a flying house with a cute print such as Sweet Park, it's very obvious to see the relations. Many prints don't involve the illusion or idea of flight, but of the few that do this is my favorite. And what better a movie could you find about such a "flying" journey then Disney - Pixar's UP. The story is that of Carl Fredrickson, a man who just lost the love of his life and is now being forced to live in an elderly home. With his strong will and not wanting to let go of the house he and his wife built together, Carl does something extraordinary. Using hundreds upon hundreds of balloons, Carl creates his ordinary house into a flying machine of true power. With that and the help of a boy scott named Russell, They travel to the magical Paradise Falls, a dream of Carl's and his late wife to visit the location. But what is in Paradise Falls lives the true adventure.

But what about Sweet Park? With it's balloon details and beautiful color shades, it's definitely a unique print ~ I especially love the cream color, which can be seen above. Fun Fact: If your interested in the print, it's on mega sale right now on Meta's website. Sadly it's only in Pink and Sax right now, but still adorable.

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  1. Oh! I absolutely adore this movie, it made me smile, cry, and laugh. I love Carl's determination, I'm pretty sure I'll be the female version in my old age - refusing to go into an elderly home :p
    Then again, I just love Pixar.

    I also really like this print from Meta and that's saying something, I dislike a lot of theirs.

  2. Haha, I agree on both accounts :)

    thanks for the comment