Thursday, May 27, 2010


Thanks everyone for helping LVF gain a following of 50 subscribers. I never really thought anyone, let alone 50 people, would be reading this blog at all. But knowing that there is a niche of people that really seem to enjoy this, it gives me hope to spread my love of Lolita fashion and Film to an even bigger number of people.

Continue to spread the word on LVF, and hopefully soon we can reach 100 new friends on here!

So what is coming up? Well, I'll be off to Lolita Day next weekend for the Blogging Panel. If you are near or around the NYC area, please come to see it!! Otherwise, it will be videotaped and uploaded so don't worry if you cant make it. There's also some new reviews in the works and more "Print and a Movie" to come as well.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Series: Print and a Movie #1

I thought its high time I came up with a new series to give you all something neat to look at! But what is it exactly? Well I took a bit of inspiration from a cable show called Dinner and a Movie, where the host would cook a related meal to the film they would be showing on the channel. But how to connect that similar idea to Lolita Fashion? Simple, Pick a Print that relates to a certain film, and with that we have our new series, Print and a Movie.

This week will be a focus on Angelic Pretty's newest print: Milky Berry !!

Print: Milky Berry
Movie: Pleasantville (1998)

Though not the rori-est of movies, Pleasantville was my choice to go with Angelic Pretty's newest release because of it's 50's charms. Though I love everyone's favorite nostalgic 50's style movie, Grease, Plesantville has this flair that no film I truly think could capture of the era. If you haven't seen Pleasantville, I really recommend it! It's the story of two kids who get sucked into the television show of the same name, and because of their modern era ways of thinking, change the show completely. Almost literally from black and white to color, but also deeper meaning of that description. It can easily give what was the best and worst parts of the 50's, so if you'd like to be educated or influenced, go check it out! Just don't forget your Milky Berry print !!

In other LVF news, we are so close to the big number of 50 subscribers !! Tell all your friends to join, as LVF loves the support in any which way.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: La Vida Frills at Kinokuniya's Lolita Day Event

So La Vida Frills has got some cool news for all of those in the New York area! Got nothing to do June 5th aka Lolita Day? Wanna come meet some great Lolitas, get insight into the fashion, and listen to yours truly talk about the frilly sides of cinema? Well get your bloomers to Kinokuniya in the afternoon to hear Myself, Lolita Charm and Pretty Wonderland (along with fashion brands I Do Declare and Morrigan NYC) talk about everything rori to the core.

But wanna know another great reason to come? Prizes!! There will be two "Lolita Kits" (themed to sweet and gothic) being raffled off, as well as a special prize from La Vida Frills!

But the question is, what has been going on with La Vida Frills (hrrmm... me?) lately? A lot and to put best, some great things. Some of them are lolita related, while others are just great all together. I suppose the thing thats been taking up my time the most is my involvement in the Tribeca Film Festival. Though not the most rori thing, it's very interesting to really see what my future career could be like and how great it'll be. If you'd like to see some of my work, you can check it out here.

The other project I just finished is something you will all find of interest. In one of my classes, we were required to do a 30 second spot for anything we wanted. Of course I chose a brand, and of course that brand was Angelic Pretty (would it be anything else? doubt it.) I can't give out the details, but you might be seeing the commercial in more places then just here, though I gotta keep the rest a surprise. Here's the commercial.