Thursday, May 13, 2010

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: La Vida Frills at Kinokuniya's Lolita Day Event

So La Vida Frills has got some cool news for all of those in the New York area! Got nothing to do June 5th aka Lolita Day? Wanna come meet some great Lolitas, get insight into the fashion, and listen to yours truly talk about the frilly sides of cinema? Well get your bloomers to Kinokuniya in the afternoon to hear Myself, Lolita Charm and Pretty Wonderland (along with fashion brands I Do Declare and Morrigan NYC) talk about everything rori to the core.

But wanna know another great reason to come? Prizes!! There will be two "Lolita Kits" (themed to sweet and gothic) being raffled off, as well as a special prize from La Vida Frills!

But the question is, what has been going on with La Vida Frills (hrrmm... me?) lately? A lot and to put best, some great things. Some of them are lolita related, while others are just great all together. I suppose the thing thats been taking up my time the most is my involvement in the Tribeca Film Festival. Though not the most rori thing, it's very interesting to really see what my future career could be like and how great it'll be. If you'd like to see some of my work, you can check it out here.

The other project I just finished is something you will all find of interest. In one of my classes, we were required to do a 30 second spot for anything we wanted. Of course I chose a brand, and of course that brand was Angelic Pretty (would it be anything else? doubt it.) I can't give out the details, but you might be seeing the commercial in more places then just here, though I gotta keep the rest a surprise. Here's the commercial.

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