Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty Japan Episode

Oh America. You abuse your understanding of the word "reality" in so many ways, the best being when it comes to these television shows based around it. For the past decade, America has become obsessed with this bizarre documentary style of television shows, showing us "normal" people things we would not see otherwise. But once the USA discovered the quirky fashions going on within Japan, it felt the need to abuse your vision in any which way. The sad part is, these shows would teach us time and time again the same lesson. America really comes off as ignorant in these programs. But why bring this point up? Vh1's new show "Jessica Simpon's The Price of Beauty" premiered their recent Japan episode today, where Jess and her friends took a trip to the east to see what they thought was beautiful. Of course the episode featured the usual geisha affair, along with things about plastic surgery and etc. But then came the part all of us frilly ladies waited for, The (Harajuku titled but really only...) Lolita section! But yet again, it happened..

As it seems every time when the special "Japan" episode comes up, the horrific treatment of this one section continues to succeed in what seems to be it's one goal. Making "Japanese Street" fashion look odd, and somehow sexual or "easy". But how? Simple, just watch. Jessica and her crew enter into what looks to be MaruiOne, the infamous mini mall of brands like Angelic Pretty, h.Naoto, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, among many others. But the first wrong move happens right away. They call it a "Harakjuku Mini Mall". Now don't get me wrong, MaruiOne is basically that in some sense, but they kept referring to these locations in these dumb American nicknames. So rather then saying "This is a department store called MaruiOne" they would just refer it to as "Harajuku Walmart" or anything else dumb enough you can come up with. I think the funniest part was a tie between the crew hearing the name Lolita and making snarky comments, and Jessica Simpson wearing h.Naoto (yes, breath and process that mental image, don't worry you'll live).

But the most insulting? It was saved for the very end, as the lowest of blows. Jessica and her friends decide to celebrate their new love for Japan in a fashion show with all the "Harajuku Kids" as they called them. Two of these individuals was none other then Maki and Asuka of Angelic Pretty, yet they were only dubbed as "Harajuku Girls". Here's an idea, why don't we humanize these so called "creatures of the east", Ms.Simpson by ask what their names are, rather then refering to them as a product of sorts. These girls are accomplished designers. Maybe not Jacobs or Chanel, but they are very important, and you should give them respect in my book. But then came the horror of horrors, Jessica in Angelic Pretty. Now, don't get me wrong, she didn't look too bad. But the thing that struck me the most was her...uh, behavior? Jessica seemed to think that Lolita meant sex, showing her bloomers and petticoat as a sort of turn on. Granted, in America that might be the male feeling towards the fashion, but Jessica seemed to not want to learn the golden rule. Lolita is a fashion that doesn't degrade women in terms of sex, but rather celebrates the freedom of female expression.

So American Television, take note. When you want to make Lolita viewers actually pleased, do the research. We aren't animals, we are human beings. Once you get that, maybe we will begin respect your views. Until then all we can say is, Silly Americans. Trust me, as one, I wish I could be saying otherwise. But I guess that will be when pigs can fly, and Jessica Simpson realizes her actual talents, which will never happen.

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