Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January on LVF

2011 has finally arrived and so far, it's pretty glorious! As you can see on LVF, things have been updated and some new things are up on the site. As stated before, this month I'm turning 21, which means I'm going to be officially an adult. So, in celebration of the last few weeks of my youth, I'm going to be posting about some of my favorite things. Maybe it's a tribute to Oprah or just a tribute to myself, but I thought this would be lots and lots of fun to see.

What about Favorite Coordinate of the Month? This time, one of my favorites curly_b was selected. She has a fantastic sense of her own unique and classy style, that mixes both sweet and pirate and a bit of punk together in a beautiful way. Check out her blog here!

Next up, what is the Video of the Month? Well, if anyone knows me by on live-journal and sees my icon, you know there's one singer I adore oddly enough: Michael Jackson. So in tribute to my favorite things, I posted part the music video for his song Ghosts. In the video, Michael is a magical ghost from what seems to be the Victorian era. But when he is hunted down by a mob of angry villagers, Michael begs to ask the question... "Is this Scary!?" It's very campy but fun, I recommend checking it out. Fun fact: The guy who is leading the Mob is actually played by Michael as well, he's just covered in lots of make up and an extremely convincing fat suit. Tricked ya, ha?

Keep checking the page for a new section called Fashion Icons and for some other buttons to click and experience even more fun and frills!


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