Saturday, December 4, 2010

Movie Review #14: LoliGirls

It's refreshing to once in a while review something that's exactly about the subculture this blog is speaking to and the reasons why we love it. No, I am not talking about anything from Japan, but instead America. Welcome to the world of Victoria, Aly and Julia, or as the film is titled, the Loligirls. This independent short film is exactly what all Lolita's should see as an introductory piece.

Though the styles have morphed and changed slightly from what these famous members wear now, it's refreshing to a positive look at the subculture as apposed to one filled to the brink with drama and negative reactions.
This tiny little film follows that of famous bloggers Victoria of Lolita Charm, Aly of Miss Lumpy, and Julia, designer of Good Night Miss Princess (A frilly sleepwear brand). As the documentary proclaims, the girls dress for themselves and not anyone else! The documentary follows the girls on their everyday adventures and to the final production of their fashion show for anime convention ConnetiCon.

This film is absolutely adorable! Filled with so many lovely shots and moments of pure joy, as a feel lolita fashion fan, I completely was enveloped in the lives of these girls. Seeing their unique takes on the fashion and how they have absolutely no reservations of doubting themselves is again, as already mentioned: refreshing.

Though I did find that to be unfortunately at times, the films flaw. There unfortunately negative aspects to this fashion and to make a well rounded documentary, I feel the need for both sides of the topic are needed to get a truly follow view of what is being discussed. But at the same time, this is only a very small and minor aspect to a film that really makes you have a great feel for the fashion and even if you aren't a huge fan of frills and poof as I might be or the girls are, you want to be friends or become a Loligirl yourself.

Regardless of my slight difference in viewpoints, this film is really fantastic and frilly to an extent that no other documentary or feature film has really captured (Yes, even Kamikaze Girls!). I'm really proud to say that this is a staple in Lolita's journey into the film genre. This makes me incredibly excited to see the new full-length documentary by the filmmakers of Kato Films!

If you would like to see Loligirls for yourself, you can click the link here. For more information of the Kato Film's fashion film series, check out the official Loligirls site. Write down your reactions to the documentary in the comments below! All lolitas should see this, so please speak up!

5 headbows out of 5


  1. aw thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it :) It seems like so long ago now, I feel like such a baby loli in it XD I hope the full-length feature continues, I really want to expand upon the first one with my new experiences in the lolita world. and of course an expanded wardrobe ;)

  2. I agree mostly with what you said. I really enjoyed watching it and was completely caught up in the film. It was so sweet and perfect.

  3. I'm so happy you liked the film, Dalin! Of course it had its flaws, and there are certainly things that made me uncomfortable about it, but all in all I definitely think it did a good job as an insider's look at a fashion that's all about the individual. Thanks for the review!