Monday, December 13, 2010

Dress Up Time #8: Princess of Winterland from The Polar Bear King

Though she isn't given much of a name, The Princess in The Polar Bear King is the definition of winter. Her hair is a soft European blonde, covered in small bits of snowflakes, and her face is that of a red blush that only can be produced in the most frigged of temperatures. She has a very familiar face and atmosphere of most princesses, but only the most kind. This is why she is the subject of today's Dress Up Time!

In case you haven't noticed, The Polar Bear King is one of the movies given as a prize in our 1st Anniversary Contest, so you might want to check this one out!

It tells the story of the Princess, who is loved by a Polar Bear who claims he is a king. In her fantasy life, she dreams of going to such a place that The Polar Bear describes, and he takes her to his kingdom called Summerland. There we see that he is indeed a king who was once human, but The Princess has many tasks to go through before they are given a happily ever after.

But what should you do if you want to be given the chance to befriend and love a Polar Bear King and go on a glorious adventure to Summerland? Here is how!

First, I'd go with a very simple cream or white jumperskirt. Nothing too royal or over the top, especially since this Princess cares more about her Kingdom then what her Kingdom thinks of her style! You also need to pick a thick and comfortable blouse, and jacket to go with it! The blouse is from Baby and the jacket is from!

Don't forget the little things, like a pair of brown boots to walk in the snow with. Also don't forget to add items like polar bear and snowflake themed accessories, I chose a necklace and hairpiece this time! You also might want to go for grey faux fur gloves or scarf items too.

Now, go forth and have fun in your own Winterland!


  1. I like more casual takes on lolita coordinates. That jacket and those boots would really be quite cute with that jsk!

  2. I love the nordic print jacket, I've never seen that type of print incorporated in lolita but it seen like it would look lovely and give a soft wintery feel!