Monday, December 20, 2010

Print and a Movie: The Nutcracker (1995)

Angelic Pretty sometimes really surprises me and so does Macaulay Culkin! What do those two surprises combined to give us? Well finally, a new Print and a Movie post! Though I have all ready expressed my love for a version of The Nutcracker in the post prior, I think it's important to note how much I love the original ballet as well. Maybe it's because I have a thing for tutus or because I was almost a ballerina myself, but Ballet is something I really appreciate! But what I appreciate even more is a good representation of ballet on film.

Though there have been many before this or after (Oh Black Swan, how you look so good!), I find this 90's simply filmed ballet version of the classic Nutcracker to be fantastic! Why? Because it's just ballet on film. Nothing too special, it has some very nice sequences of editing and the talent on screen is lovely to see. But again, the surprise? Macaulay Culkin (90's kid style) is dancing ballet! Not many kid actors would have the guts to do such a thing, let alone the kid that known for screaming so adorable in giant close ups on camera. So even if he's not the best dancer in the world, for what it is I give him big props.

What about Angelic Pretty though? Well I mean come on, did you expect them to come out with the print Holy Night Story? I didn't! Usually this is something with a flair similar to Baby or Innocent World, yet has it's own Angelic Pretty style in a more sophisticated way. I especially love the details of The Mouse King and the very pretty Rocking Horse! They even went with doing two styles of the jsk, one that resembles the Nutcracker and one that is more their classic jsk style (which I chose to show, in the red colorway!)

So, go and check out this simple and cute version of The Nutcracker ballet along with this surprise of a print from Angelic Pretty. You'll be able to dance the Sugar Plum Fairy dance with even more Christmas cheer!


  1. The new print is a little too busy for me as a whole, but I do love the regimental/nutcracker cut JSK. It's incredibly cute with the miniature hat they designed.

    I saw this version of the ballet a long time ago, and really enjoyed it! The first major ballet I saw was the Nutcracker. My dad took me as a special treat when I was about six. We got all dressed up for it, too (I remember, because I had a run in my tights that Mom fixed with nail polish_.

  2. This is one version of the Nutcracker I have yet to see in full. I remember watching parts of it one year when it came on TV, but have yet to see the rest of it. Shameful for someone who claims to love The Nutcracker story & ballet so much ^^'

    My favorite Nutcracker is from 1886. I have the movie on an old VHS tape, taped from TV. The Pacific Northwest Ballet performed & the sets and costumes were designed by Maurice Sendak