Sunday, May 22, 2011

Otakon 2011: Are You Going?

Now that the suppose threat of "The Rapture" is over, I can talk about this with pride! My favorite time of year is coming ever so fast, Otakon: The East Coast's Premiere Anime Convention (July 29th - August 1st!). What does one do at Otakon? The answer is simple, have a blast beyond compare. This convention seems to celebrate both the newer anime fans and the older anime fans (like myself) and also, for those who read this blog, it's very Lolita friendly. For awhile, it would have the occasional Lolita related event, last year was a turn for the epic where everyday had something Lolita related. Now this year definitely has some shoes to fill, but we can dream that it could be better or just as good.

For me, I will hopefully be presenting a panel about "Lolitas in the Media", so please keep your fingers crossed that this happens. It will be a hilarious look at the idea and I hope that if it does happen you'll come, and get prizes if you do come!

Also, it seems an old favorite will be back as well, a fashion show perhaps? I believe so!

So curious, any of you East Coast Lolitas coming to Otakon? I want to meet any of you readers if you are!

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