Friday, May 27, 2011

Lolita Day - Summer 2011 Edition

Loli-Day is fast approaching and I am beyond excited! I'm always curious was to what my readers plans are, so give them to me! Are you going out with friends or spending a lovely day pampering yourself? Maybe you're going to a meet up or just a date with a special companion? Are you doing any fun activities or trips? Let me know!

For me personally I have two big goals: Baking delicious Homemade Oreo Cookies and listening to a ton of my favorite Lolita wearing inspiration tunes! Here is a list of my current favorites that maybe you could find inspirational too:

1. Glamazon - RuPaul
I can't explain exactly what it is, but RuPaul has this ability to make me instantly like anything he creates musically and everything new tune is beyond addicting. Glamazon is currently my favorite, mostly because even though it has nothing to do with Lolita lyrically it has this confidence boosting sound and has great motivational messages "She's taking names and kicking ass", thats how I want to and eventually feel everyday in Lolita! I also recommend "Main Event" which is so disco fabulous I can't even.

2. One in a Million - Private
Private is one my favorite music finds ever. Every single song of theirs is a great deal of "catchy" that is hard to exactly put a point on why it works. Think about all those great 90's dance hits with a modern twist and you have Private. One in a Million is probably my favorite next to "Crucify My Heart" - but the reason why? Simple, cause it makes me feel special. Isn't that enough to understand?

3. Alice in Wonderland - Lisa Mitchell
This somewhat sad tune is not exactly like the others but has this beautiful atmosphere it creates. Of course it's speaking of Alice in Wonderland, everything Lolitas favorite - but more importantly the music itself is delicate and very Lolita appropriate. It tells a great story through lyrics and melody. You'll truly never want this song to end, at least I never do.

4. The Spell - Alphabeat
I've spoken of Alphabeat before, but I can't get enough of their Euro-Pop energy. The Spell is one of their singles and is perhaps my favorite. It grooves and moves like no other and will definitely get you in that magic like mood for Lolita.

5. Gumdrops - The Smittens
Though short, "Gumdrops" is one of the cutest songs in history and probably my favorite song to whistle in the elevator these days. It has an equally cute video to match and overall The Smittens can light a room with their happy go lucky sense of music. This is the sort of happiness I love getting when wearing Lolita and "Gumdrops" just puts me in that frame of mind.

What songs make you ready to frill? I need more tunes to get my going so tell me.

This Lolita Day I also plan on wearing something extra summery and probably wearing my favorite dress, Meta's Cherry Gingham. But maybe I'll change my mind? Probably but for now thats the choice! Oh Lolita Day, what fun you'll be ~

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