Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dress Up Time #11: Some Kind of Wonderful

Recently today I decided to pop in one of my favorite movies ever that I haven't watched in a couple of months: Some Kind of Wonderful starring Eric Stolz and Mary Stuart Masterson. Though not exactly anyway or shape frilly related, it some how puts me in a great mood and thought it would be fun to make a Dress Up Time post on it (I've missed making these!)

The plot of Some Kind of Wonderful is your basic high school behavior: The outsider loves the popular girl but can't seem to get her. Keith (Eric Stolz) is a less then cool student at his high school - He's poor, a painter and works at his Dad's Car Repair shop (But he's so my kind of guy, le sigh!) On the other hand we have Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), the most popular and prettiest girl in school. She has everything - the hot popular boyfriend, tons of beautiful friends and a sweet bitchin' wardrobe to match.

Yet there is one character who is in the middle of these two, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson). Watts is by far my favorite female character in film history, truly my hero and basically who I was in high school with a slightly more girly edge but only slightly. Watts is an independent and free speaking girl, who never questions her actions or her opinions. She's Keith's best friend and Amanda's worst enemy - yet there's one thing she can't seem to be honest about: She's in love with Keith. I can't spoil the entire movie, but this slightly conventional story is actually super unconventional and I love it for that.

Now, how do you exactly embody the whole style of this little movie into your own frilly side? Let's take a few cues from Watts and see what happens!

First I chose a JSK that was with a darker tone with a tiny print. I also had to Musical style especially since Watts loves playing the drums. Watts also has a thing for Men's clothing, including jackets and hats. The Jacket and hat are from Forever 21 and happen to go very well with the dress in my opinion. The leggings bring in a super punky and 80's feel, and I can't explain how much I love these Sex Pot Revenge ones. The boots are Steve Madden, which are a Watts trademark along with the fingerless gloves. The finale touch is a pair of Rhinestone studs, which are a symbol of the movie and something Watts dreams of getting as her own. There's a lot of ways of taking this sort of outfit in different directions, but anyway it can be tons of fun!

So definitely look into Some Kind of Wonderful, the most underrated John Hughes movie and you'll see just why it's so incredible - you'll share in the inspiration if you try and outfit out like this!


  1. I like your blog, but... Can't you change the font in your entries? Georgia looks horrible and it's not easy to read. Arial or Verdana or something other simple font would be great.

  2. Oh hmm, on the blog I'm looking now the font is actually in courier. I would be happy to see what you're seeing and fix it, but I don't see it? Maybe this appears when you're looking at it from a specific blog reader thread or something? I'll try to make sure all my blog entries don't appear in Georgia but I didn't think they did, sorry.

  3. Sorry I didn't recognise the font since they look a bit similar. And I'm not reading with a blog reader, the font just looks like that. Anyway, to explain shortly what I meant: Courier is a 'serif' font which means it's created for magazines and printed products because it's makes the text easier to read. But it's not good for writing on computer. So there is 'sans serif' fonts that are created for computer and those make reading easier, for example, Tahoma and Verdana are sans serif fonts and they are really good for writing on computer. those red parts make the font serif. If you changed the font it would be much nicer to read and also look visually better.

  4. Thanks for the information! I'm not really sure which font to go with then since the majority of the fonts other then courier I find to be pretty ugly and the others I do like would be even harder to read. I'll look into it, but I very much appreciate the insight.