Monday, June 6, 2011

June is Here!? Frilly Entertainments to Get You In The Summer Mood!

Summer has officially arrived and with that it's time to bring on those long summer days of relaxing, dreaming and watching tons of fun things of course to continue your imagination in the most Lolita of ways. Here are a list of Summer must sees and haves that'll get you wanting to frolic through the bright hot days!
The Little Mermaid (70's and Disney TV Series)
I've mentioned this one on the blog before, but is probably one of my favorite animated pieces ever. I can't really call it a complete film, but more like a ridiculously pretty television special. It's the Hans Christian Anderson Version told in the shoujo Anime style of the 70's/80's (my favorite time period in anime). It's absolutely beautiful, colorful and full of emotional development. I recommend it for a good snuggle movie with your prince, mostly because you'll need his shirt as a tissue afterwards.

But on the other hand we have the Disney Little Mermaid TV Series, one that is so full of fluff it will mend any broken bit you have from the previous movie. There are multiple episodes that incredibly adorable that eventually you might find yourself wanting to walk away that you can't handle it, including the music - but then there is a big catch with episodes that actually are incredibly interesting. The stand out episodes in my mind are "Whale of a Tale", "Stormy" and my personal stand out favorite "Metal Fish". This episode is one of those weird "breaking the fourth wall" kinds that features a character named Hans Christian Anderson (if that name rings a bell, it should! Thats the person that wrote the original fairy tale.) who eventually after Ariel saves him goes and writes the same exact story! Whichever you chose, you'll certainly want to splash into one of these adventures.
Fairy Tale Theater
If you grew up only a mere 20 or more years ago, you probably know about Fairy Tale Theater. If for some reason you don't I say with love and devotion, shame! Fairy Tale Theater is the work of everyone's favorite cheese-ball Shelley Duvall, where she would produce these mini movies of famous tales (she would also star in some of them too!) and get big stars of the time to play important roles. I have a couple of favorites to mention such as "The Frog Prince" (Robin Williams), "Beauty and the Beast" (Susan Sarandon) and "The Nightingale" (David Bowie) just to name a few! But if you get a chance, see them all - they'll bring you to a clean fresh world of fantasy this summer!

Yu Kimura's EP "Transcendent Harazyuku girl revolution"
I'll tell you a little secret that actually isn't little in the slightest, my favorite model and idol is Yu Kimura of Kera/Angelic Pretty/Fairy Kei fame! She was the Ambassador of Cuteness in 2009 and is now fully going into an epic and adorable singing career. I got the chance to see Yu this past weekend and let me tell you, she's got the making of something great. She's got the whole package of adorable personality, spunk and fashion sense along with really catchy tunes. Though maybe not something you'd bring about to your frilly ears, I definitely recommend checking this girl out and is the perfect set of tunes to lighten up your summer!

Jem returns to TV on The Hub
A few of you Nostalgia freaks like myself might be in the know, but if you don't know the most totally cool news on the block this summer then let me tell you: Jem and the Holograms is back on TV! I've already discussed Jem in one of my Iconic Love Letter articles, but if you don't know a thing about Jem or just have heard the rumors of this pink beauty then I absolutely demand you to see this! It'll be on in the mornings and late nights on The Hub, the greatest new channel on TV with tons of other nostalgic and soon to be nostalgic TV shows! (Look out for another Jem related post soon!) If you need something that can give you fun music, silly moments and total fashion inspiration look no further then Jem!

Scented Cooling Mists
I can't hide it, I'm someone who gets hot and burns really fast (I suffer from being ridiculously pale and Irish). The Summer for that reason isn't a joy for me in the slightest - that is until only a few weeks ago! I just discovered the rebirth of the Cooling Mists and now this new creation at stores with Scented versions! My favorite comes from Bath and Body Works with their name Coconut Mango collection. If you are looking for the most perfect thing to have this extremely hot summer I can't recommend this enough and how it is 100% a Lolita must have!

So those are some of my recommendations for this summer - it beats the heat and adds a splash of new inspiration! What is something you girls recommend for the summer? Let me know!


  1. I'm so excited to start watching all of these! I love spending time watching various shows and movies over summer so I'm glad to add all of this to the list x3! I started Jem a few days ago and absolutely love it by the way ~

  2. Fairy Tale Theater was on Netflix instant for awhile, though I don't know if it's still on there. I really enjoyed Helen Mirren as the other woman in the "Little Mermaid Episode", and the episode "The Princess Who Never Laughed".