Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dress Up Time #13: Jem and the Holograms

I know, I know I talk way too much about Jem and the Holograms. But can you really truly blame me? It's a series that basically embodies all my favorite things about being a woman and in turn being a lolita. The main character wears pink to an extent far reached by others that sparkles and shines in a glorification of tacky yet fabulousness style. The characters all have big hair which currently is a big trend in lolita fashion, especially in sweet that also comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes. We even have budding romances with ridiculous pretty boys that probably in real life they couldn't exactly exist or probably wouldn't be the kind of guy that you'd date. Overall Jem exudes a sort of fantasy that brings about all of my female related interests along with those of many others!

So here on LVF, all of June will be a celebration of Jem as you can see already by the music and graphics on the page! So, how exactly does one bring themselves into a outfit that is truly outrageous and fabulous just like Jem and her friends? Here are some tips and ideas into becoming a frilly version of a Jem girl yourself!

The best place to start is your main dress piece. I'd go with something on the more casual side, like this AP Pop Rock Onepiece in pink! Angelic Pretty makes a couple of these sorts of pieces every year, but this one is my favorite and perfect for Jem! Next you need to bring on the neon pink with a pair of tights to continue with the 80's appeal. Though I always think tights add to an outfit, they especially add a touch to this look.

Jem is all about the dramatic make up, so don't forget to add on some high colored matte eyeshadow. My favorite comes from Make Up Forever who happens to have a great selection of Jem appropriate colors. Sometimes back in the day Hot Topic used to have some good shades that worked well too sadly though I don't remember the brand names.

Now onto the accessories and the shoes! The best part of the Jem is her magical earrings that give her the epic hologram powers that we love her for. Many people make replicas of them on etsy, so you should find them easily and for a decent price! You definitely need a big bow to match Jem's big personality. My bows come from this etsy store Miss Alphabet! She makes the accessories used in shoots of Locketship Jewelry which definitely go together with Jem flawlessly. The shoes are something essential since Jem always wears a good pair of heels. These come from Angelic Pretty as well and the bows are just to die for, also some shoes from ModCloth will do the trick. The final touch on this inspired coordinate is some kind of pink in your hair. You could either have a small extension piece or go with a full wig. Either way it's sure to complete your "showtime" look!

So think you can take on being part of the Holograms and going against the Misfits? Even if you're not a musician you can still rock this 80's glam style to the most and bring out the most outrageous side of your frilly style with the help of Jem. Try it out and see what adventures you come across!

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