Sunday, October 31, 2010

Results of "My Personal Dream Outfit" Contest

After almost 100 entries and so many fantastic outfits, I have come to a very hard and demanding decision.... the top 3 of La Vida Frill's "My Personal Dream Outfit Contest". Before we get started, I wanted to share with you all my favorite entries (since there was so many I wanted to win!) Here on my flickr account (click link).

And now, drum roll please......

In 3rd Place, we have Madison with her Pride and Prejudice inspired outfit:

Description: "This outfit really shows off the side of me that loves a classic, elegant look. I adore autumnal colors, especially dark reds, and I have always dreamed of owning a dress in such a shade. I included cream-colored socks and a cute cutsew to add a bit of sweetness to this otherwise mature look. There is also a feather hair fascinator present for a bit of vintage flair. However, my favorite piece in this ensemble has to be the ring shaped like a longhorn skull. It adds a slightly macabre element and subtly shows off the darker side of my personality. And of course, I just had to put in Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth (I'm a huge P & P fan)! This would be my ultimate dream outfit (and looking at those prices it will have to remain as such...)"

LVF Thoughts: This coordinate is classy in so many ways! With all the interesting elements of subdue colors, longhorn skull ring and, not to mention the fantastic movie inspiration - this outfit really has a lot going for it. Madison has her own unique take on style that is her own vision and truly shows! She takes risks in ways that turn out fierce and elegant.

In 2nd place, comes in Miss Lumpy's blue dream coordinate:Description:"Unsurprisingly, the main color in my coordinate is, as always, light blue. One of my favorite pairings is light blue with dark colors like black or navy; with autumn setting in, I've really been feeling brown lately because it reminds me of whipped hot chocolate and thick vegetable stew and all the other delicacies of autumn. The main reason this outfit embodies my personal style is because it's vintage-y classic lolita enhanced by quirky, eclectic accessories that still remain elegant. I've paired my favorite bonnet, a custom piece by Ophanim Gothique, with a beautiful JSK by Mary Magdalen and a flowy sheer blouse by Victorian Maiden for that classic, old-fashioned look. Because it's getting chilly here, I'd probably feel like jumping off a bridge if I had to cram my feet into uncomfortable, breezy heels; these boots are almost exactly like my personal cool-weather staple, a pair faux-fur-lined vintage leather boots from a thrift store on the Lower East Side, paired with a lovely pair of cream lace tights. These shoes are so comfortable I wear them as slippers on fall evenings! Though I'm usually a big proponent of bags you can live out of, these days I've been packing up a small pochette to tak to class with my bookbag, so I'm confident that maybe I'll be able to use a teeny-weeny clutch like this adorable piece by YSL. Speaking of practical, some of my classes absolutely forbid the use of electronics, so I've invested in a cute rhinestone watch - if only it were this beauty! I'm channeling my newfound love of mori-girl (a love for which I was in serious denial for a time but just can't escape anymore!) with a fur collar and a crazy stag-head ring, and of course, keeping it classy by piling on the pearls until they're practically dripping down my fingers."

LVF Thoughts: I'm such a sucker for blue, let's just face it - and with that in mind, Missy Lumpy has got me craving some more pastel ocean colors in my wardrobe. To the deer ring and my personal favorite touch, the letter shaped purse, this outfit has a great style and fun that I always crave for. You can tell this outfit has a lot of dreams and whimsy put into it!

And now.... the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner of The Dream Outfit contest is....

1st Place goes to Lolita Wonderland, and her mint and red outfit:
Description: "I simply adore the Milky Berry JSK in mint. I love the combination of mint and red and decided to use those colours in the accessories. I chose to keep the strawberries in, because they’re one of my favorite fruits. I wanted an umbrella and a bag and was lucky enough to find two adorable combinations of red and white.I adore white blouses with short sleeves, especially a couple from Baby, so I added that too. This was the last coord I made. I got a bit lazy, so I used full pictures instead of cutting them."

LVF Thoughts: When looking through all the entries this morning, I couldn't help but dive into the world of Lolita Wonderland. Now granted, looking simply at the coordinate and some of the basics, maybe this isn't what I would have originally chosen. But, something sparked my interest and that was the spirit behind the dreams and fantasy coming from this outfit. Wonderland seems to truly love and respect this fashion and it's magical, which is what I looked for in the entries overall! That sparkle and wonder when it comes to Lolita really showed in this, and I just adore it. She has the magic and twinkle many of you and I myself, had when starting in Lolita and this is something I was amazed by. To see more of Lolita Wonderland, go here.

So there are the winners! I'm so happy with the response to this contest and I hope you'll join in the next one (Coming this December!)If you were a winner of the contest, please email me your address at, so prizes can be mailed to you as soon as possible. Keep on the frills ~ LVF.


  1. Wow! Almost 100 entries! So many!!
    The top three are really fantastic, I love them all ♥♥ Miss Lumpy's light blue/brown combo is especially lovely.

    ...and I'm so happy to be one of the favorites too! I'm glad you liked it, thank you!
    Can't wait for the next contest!

  2. Aww yay! I'm so happy you chose mine, and wow, 100 entries?! That's awesome! I'll e-mail you now~

  3. I am so honoured to have won! I still can't believe it! I kept staring at the message for a minute until I realised what it meant!

  4. my entry isn't in your photostream... :(
    but anyways, congratulations to all three winners! :)

  5. Wait... IT ISN'T!? D: I'm sorry, sometimes my flickr doesn't upload all the photos. I loved your outfit, I'll get to there in a jiffy!

  6. I'm so happy that I'm one of your favorite entries. I can't wait until the next contest!

  7. Thanks for including me in your favorite entries, it was a lot of fun to do!

  8. Wow, 3rd place!? I'm so surprised, and flattered! I'm glad you liked my outfit :D