Monday, November 1, 2010

LVF Updates: New Features on LVF!

It is now officially the fall, as November has just begun! LVF is going to be a bit spars for a little bit, as mentioned that I'll be filming my thesis in a week. But while you wait for more fun posts, I've added some cool features on the sides of the blog.

You'll notice on the right is a new section called Frilly Video of the Month! Here you can check out a super fun and lolita (or just frilly-loving) video to help you get excited for your day or month! This month's video is Misako Aoki, when she visited Hyper Japan in London. I love the way she talks with the audience and her lovely atmosphere!

Also posted on the right is My Favorite Coordinate of the Month! If you'd like to enter in for next month (I'm looking to go the blog with a Christmas theme, so the more winter-like, the better!)This month, I chose a coordinate from MintyMix (Kammie) in her Melty Chocolate JSK and brown boots! To submit a coordinate either comment on this post or email me at!

If you haven't noticed, the layout changed as well. When Christmas rolls around, I hope to decorate the blog up for the holidays and the 1 year anniversary of LVF (I can't believe it...). Look for more cute graphics and fun little knick knacks all around the blog.

Have fun looking around and as always, look out for more reviews and Dress Up Time posts!

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