Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dress Up Time: Polly from The Scarecrow

Now granted, This movie is ridiculously hard to find and it's probably more geared towards Halloween - yet I think Thanksgiving works for it too! So here is a little Dress Up Time treat - I picked for this week Polly from The Scarecrow. A cute cheesy little animated gem by Richard Rich, creator of the Swan Princess.

This movie tells the story of The Scarecrow, who by the magic of a fairy godmothe
r, comes to life in human form to help his love - Polly. An orphan girl who is attempting to be enchanted by the evil rich Grisham. Scarecrow (Or Feather Top, as he is later called) must save Polly and the other orphan children, but without anyone knowing his true identity. It's cute - nothing extremely special but I do think it's one of those fun movies you can watch to get that youthful feeling about the holiday's and fall in you.

In terms of an outfit, I decided to go with my own interpretation of Polly, rather then a literal outfit from her color scheme. Polly seems to be a dark red head, so I chose this neat brown outfit to compliment her almost brunette tones. First I chose a recently added Baby jumperskirt, along with a long Forever 21 sweater that seems really comfortable! Polly tends to only have a few articles of clothing, so you need to keep yourself warm.

Then I chose a cute slightly off color tartan scarf. It compliments the strips on the dress and makes it look a bit mix/matchy, as Polly looks usually.
I picked a nice comfy pair of boots, along with a big brown bag to help Polly carry her shoes for the other Orphan kids! The final touches are that of a feather necklace, paying tribute to Feather Top (since Feather's are a key object in the story) and a cute little black (or brown works) bow to place in her hair.

I adore this outfit, and even with all it's cheese, I love the movie too. Fun fact: Corey Feldman plays Max, the rat companion of The Scarecrow. It always makes me laugh when I see this movie, just on that alone. If you'd like to see The Scarecrow, it's been kindly uploaded to youtube here. So go on an adventure with your own Scarecrow!


  1. I love this co-ord, it's so perfect for autumn!

  2. I finally was able to see this great animated movie, and I'm in love with Polly's character, so I totally dig your coord.