Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress Up Time Special: The Question - Who Will You Be For Halloween?

This year when it came to Halloween, I decided to be economical and not spend any money on anything new! By just making an outfit out of my own closest, so with the idea I chose to dress as one of my favorite characters of all time: Dorothy Gale!

Though this outfit isn't perfect, I think I easily got the general elements of the outfit correct and with that made a pretty cute version of the Kansas darling!

First thing I picked was the best of my blue jumperskirts to use. Though it isn't gingham, I chose my Love to be a Princess JSK from Angelic Pretty. It's probably my favorite dress in my closet and since I took off the extreme detachable bows, it works for a more cute and princess looking Dorothy.

I decided this would be more an interpretation of when Dorothy gets made up in the Emerald City, hence why it'll look so glamorous! This is also why I chose to use my red Tarina Dorothy necklace, and my cute and lovely Red Tea Party replicas for her ruby slippers! I'm not using any special Straw basket, but this one works.

My final touch I chose was my collection of Wizard of Oz dolls, that I'll put into the basket instead of Toto. I've had these since I was little and really want to put them to good use. My favorite is the Scarecrow, so he will be featured the most.

Yeah, it isn't exactly Dorothy as intended, but it's my version and I love it. But now I wanna know, what are you wearing on the costumed holiday? Lolita? Nothing related to frills? Tell me!


  1. I love Wizard of Oz, this is really pretty.

    Haha major coincidence, I just did a Glinda look a few days ago on my blog! I won't be dressing up, but I'll probably try to wear Lolita because I can lol :)

  2. Also going the economical route this year. Wearing my AP Starry Night Theater JSK and going as a doll. It's just an excuse to wear OOC without having to deal with people being obnoxious XD

  3. Cute! I'm not going to dress up >_>

  4. Lovely costume, Wizard of Oz is a classic!! I plan to be a candy corn witch for halloween, I just might post a picture of what it looks like!

  5. You are going to look so cute this Halloween! I wanted to go as zombie lolita, and I have the dress ready, but then I remembered that I teach Sunday school to 4 years olds so I am not going to wear any blood or anything else so they don't get scared.

  6. I'm gonna be a rainbow unicorn :D

  7. Cute!! Love it! :) I'm actually not wearing loli this Halloween. My boyfriend, who's going as Scott Pilgrim, finally convinced me to go as Ramona Flowers (okay, I didn't really need much of a push!) for a party on Saturday night. But on Sunday night, to hang out with my friends and chill, I'm going to dress up as a loli-nerd :P Sweater vest, huge glasses, and all!