Monday, October 25, 2010

"My Personal Dream Contest" Ends This Sunday!!!

Just a fun and sparkly reminder - If you haven't already submitted, The Personal Dream Outfit contest ends this Sunday! The winners will be revealed on Nov.1st, along with a 2nd and 3rd place winners (who will get small prizes as well). If you'd still like to post an outfit, you can on this page and this page. When the clock strikes 12 on Oct.31st (Halloween to be exact), both pages will be locked - so no more comments can be posted.

The prizes are: One LVF's Favorite Movie Selections (DVD), One LVF's Favorite Movie Snacks, 1 Small Brand Accessory, A Mixture of off-brand accessories!

And just to get your interest more, the off brand accessories will be from, my favorite girl MintyMix! The brand accessory will be a secret until Nov. 1st, along with the movie selection!

Hope you are getting excited - as I am too! We have some really great submissions, so it's hard to chose. But I bet if you submit something it'll be even harder, as each selection keeps getting better and better!


  1. Can you link to the original contest page? I don't know what the rules are ;A;

  2. Oh, They are both linked in the post itself actually ~ here is the page with the information: