Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dress Up Time Special Edition: Alice - THE RE:DUX

For all of those in Lolita Fashion, I think it's easy for us all to say that we have related to one specific character from literature when it comes to our fashion as a whole. Maybe it might be because you loved the original source material, the Disney movie, all the cool stuff that Japan makes because of their obsession, or because she is the somewhat iconic poster child for Lolita fashion. But it's pretty easy to assume that we've all felt something when it comes to this little girl from England.

Myself, I definitely have been an Alice fan
for years. Maybe it's the mixture of elegance and ridiculousness, or the relations of life and it's "Rabbit Hole" qualities, but Alice is definitely something that I've taken interest in and has grown more as I've dug into my Lolita roots.

But at the same time, I can't help but feel that is almost an overrated tone that Alice is getting. It might because I'm slowly becoming an old timer when it comes to this Fashion (been into it since 2004, just for clarification) But Alice truly is something that never changes, which I find it both the downfall and the fortunate quality to her fame.

This mostly comes from my reaction to peoples in take and understanding of how to represent Alice. Yes, of course, there is always the combination of blue and white and a hint of black. Sure blonde hair and maybe some sort of black bow is nice. But does it always have to be the same? Can't we break from this mold?

I think the best example I have of this is Alice and the Pirates, which takes Alice from just the girl we knew of the novels to that of a girl lost on a magical pirate-ship. But this is what I dream of the understanding and appreciation of Alice . She doesn't have the be one dimensional in her fashion recreations.

So if you're going to be Alice for Halloween this year, might I suggested this as a guide to maybe trying a new way of Alice. For go the slutty costume store version, or borrowing a white apron from your mother's closet. Here's my dream Alice outfit, to help inspire you in your Wonderland journey!

As you can see, all the appropriate elements are represented for the character. The knight cards, the blue x white x black, the white rabbit, even the Queen of Heart is included. But was changed?

First, I chose just a regular Jumperskirt and blouse then the added apron. Apron's I find to be one of the most costume like elements of Lolita and doesn't work, or need to be essential, in the world of Alice. Instead I chose for a new take, a super cute high-necked blouse with a bow attachment.

Also, for-go the Mary Janes and pick a cute pair of low heeled boots or heeled shoes with bows in a black tone. Also pick a fun Alice concept appropriate pair or tights or socks. Make sure they aren't too low - so they'll make your outfit tasteful. Then to add a final touch, go with a cute black bow or blue bow. Either works, and like the one shown, chose one with a hint of sparkle or rhinestones.

So at the end of the day, make Alice your own! Don't feel to fall under her usual pressures and cliches. Alice was always a character who wanted to follow her own unusual path and you can do. That way you won't fall prey to the Jabborwocky and you'll be the pretty heroine of the Lolita world.


  1. I love this coord! I see so many Alice-themed outfits, and this one is definitely my favorite because it's so unique while still being true to the story.

  2. I love this, it's unique and modern, but still Alice.