Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Bit Of Time About Me ~ My Personal Dream Contest ~

I took into realizing, as I'm just waiting here for work to arrive, that I never really talk about myself much. This blog was never aimed at something really personal, since I don't think my life is truly that interesting (except for a view of my little sparkly moments) But I think it's about time I go and give you a little bit of info about myself. Heck, why not have a time to flaunt myself! I think everyone should once in a while. So here it goes...

To start off, let's go with the basics. Who am I? I'm a little Upstate New York girl who happens to be in the city most of time and spends most of it making movies or working on them. Yep, if you can't already tell my life is film and fashion. Some people might say not to say the F word, but I say my two favorite F words with pride everyday. I personally think Fashion and Film both go hand in hand. Almost like a tango, they can't truly be one without the other. Though now a days, Fashion's role in Film isn't as big, it's slowly climbing again. Even Lolita Fashion is making it's slow creeping into Cinema's eye. Hence my eternal obsession that never seems to end. Also hence the creation of this blog and why it continues to thrive in the first place.

But look? Again I'm not even speaking one word of myself. I'll get all the frills out of the way. I'm a proud and out there sweet lolita. Though I don't wear it everday, I pretty much wear it 90% of the time. Angelic Pretty is my absolute favorite, favorite, and I mean favorite brand. I plan on being buried in it (Along with Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarantino drapped all over me)and wearing it till I die as well. Once I have a steady enough income, I also plan on buying all the prints and pieces that I can. My favorite print? It's a tie between Dreaming Macaron (already mine!) and Magical Etoile. My recent favorite though is Fantasic Dolly, which has the best color-way I've seen yet from the brand (including the shoes they made to go with it, I'm dying to get them in mint!)

If I had my way, I'd dress in Angelic Pretty everyday. Sadly, I don't have the funds to continue new outfits for it on a daily basis but I try my best. My usual clothes though is either a kick butt nostalgic movie shirt, jeans and a nice pair of converse (Something I collect outside of the frills) OR a great dress from Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters with a pair of boots. Nothing fancy but nothing boring either.

You probably are also wondering what my favorite movie is? Hands down, Back to the Future. Probably one of the most un-girly, nerd filled movies. The rest of my list though is pretty diverse including Sunset Boulevard, The Hunchback of Norte Dame (Disney), Jeykll and Hyde (1931) and The Fifth Element. I have a really crazy taste in film but I think it sets itself apart from most. My favorite director? Guillermo Del Toro for sure with Billy Wilder right behind him. Both are completely different but have a fantastic eye on knowing what they are good at and have made all of my favorite movies (others I've mentioned and not). Del Toro though is above else my weird male counterpart and hero but thats for another post for another time.

Ok, enough of the nerdy stuff. Let me return to the frills. Everyone
seems to like coordinate posts so let me show you a dream outfit of mine. I'm really a fan of things parisian and sweets this season! So with that in mind I wanted to come up with a French Party outfit. Something I would wear thats both a bit elegant, sweet and fun to wear walking around a tiny French village and grabbing tons of macarons and singing ala Gigi! Yes, I think about these things. It's almost entirely made of Angelic Pretty along with some off brand hair combs.

WAIT!? What was even the point of this post?! Well I actually have a challenge for all of my readers and fellow bloggers. Create yourself your dream coordinate and let it incorporate something about yourself. Whether it be frilly or just plain adorable, I want to see your dream personal outfit! Why? Well let's just say there might be a prize involved for the best one. I can't away the exact details yet but I promise when there is more you'll get some details.

Excited? I hope so!


  1. Oh! It's such a pretty co-ord. I really enjoyed reading this post and learning a bit about you. It inspired me to make my own dream co-ord.

    Here's the post it inspired:

  2. I thought that this would be a fun exercise. Beyond the link you can find my take on it. I'm a chem major and have a penchant for science and milky-planet... if that explains much.

  3. I adore the new Twinkle Journey print, and the dark colors. I think this dress could be used for both sweet and classic lolita which makes it pretty versatile in my eyes.

    This co-ord includes things I enjoy like: Lush, Autumn, and Art Nouveau.

  4. I saw a bunch of other blogs writing about their dream outfits and I wanted to do one, I didn't realize you were hosting a contest about it XD Anyways, here is mine

    It satisfies my current need for older prints, the color red (which I think I'm obsessed with adding to my wardrobe at the moment!), and Sweet prints that work well with Classic.

  5. Hiya
    I did my dream outfit here:

    It is everything I want from Lolita. It's like a collection of the things I love most in fashion: Strappy choes, victorian elegance and whimsical jewelry :D Purple is my favourite colour and the print: Cathedrals - I'm not really religious, but I am fascinated by the architectural beauty :3
    All I can say is that I wish I could wear this outfit every day, haha :)

    my favorite print of all time (so far :D)
    The shoes are a little bit of an unusual choice, but I think they fit perfectly with the rose motif I was trying to go for.

  7. I hope this is the right link, but here's my coord.

    I love my outfits to be elegant, but not OTT or baroque. I love lace, charms, crowns, and black. This outfit is like dark chocolate, reserved and mellow with hints of unexpected sweetness.

  8. Black and white is a combination often looked down upon as it is strongly associated with itas, however, it's a combination I absolutely adore as it gives such an elegant feel to an outfit.

    So here is my dream outfit:

    If you haven't already noticed, I have a thing for bling and crowns lol XD

  9. I decided to give it a shot...
    Inspired by a lot of stuff me likey: chocolate, programming, fairykei, lolita, nerdy stuff, Paris, cupcakes, teacups, etc.

  10. Hi. I'm Akane1313. I saw the post on livejournal and wanted to share my dream coordinates too. ^_^

    The chocolate theme is my absolute favorite because it's not quite as crazy as the brighter prints but it's still impossibly cute. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford something like this. I'm a choco-holic and I look younger than I am so the more subdued colors with the adorable fluffiness is perfect. ^_^

    I didn't know if it's supposed to be on a blog page or not so I just posted it to my photobucket account. (I hope I didn't make it wrong. I've never made one before.)

  11. Akane, you did fine :) love your outfit and good luck with the contest!


    Oooh it was a bit of a toughy trying to represent myself in clothes and make it all coordinate!

    The Moi Meme Moitie OP is mostly because Moitie is my favourite label, and as a Fashion Student I thought that having something from my favourite label would represent me well.

    The Angelic Pretty Little Witch hat is because I spend a lot of time around Goth clubs and I'm looking forward quite a lot to one that happens to fall on Halloween this year.

    The Vivienne Westwood coin purse is because the peice that got me my highest mark when I was sitting my diploma referenced Vivienne Westwood (heh tenuous link, sorry, fits with the colour scheme though).

    The Alice and the Pirates book bag (I only want one, not all four), is because I am a massive bookworm. It's hard to find me without a book in my hand. I had a dram once that I was in a library and all the books were actually this bag!

    The Alexander McQueen ring is to reflect my morbidity, and again the Goth thing.

    The Victorian Boots are because another one f my great loves is history. I applied to do an archaeology course which was cancelled before I got into Fashion.

    The John Hardy Cuff is because I'm a Pagan, and the design reminds me of Ouroboros the symbol of eternal life.

    The Vivienne Westwood ring is because "To fast to live, to young to die" is one of my mottos of late. My life is amazing right, but very, very fast paced.

    Finally the cat pendant is because my Step Kitty (Stirfry) is very important in my life :)

    I hope this is ok. :D

  13. Since Polyvore's giving me fits, here a quick Photoshop collage.

    It has a lot of stuff I like, mainly the heavy Victorian influence and the cleaner lines of the more gothic pieces. (And a tophat, because I LOVE TOP HATS.) I also like the OP in the coord because I've alway had an affenity to card motifs, especially with me growing up in the casino city I did.


    Here is's very very OTT sweet lolita. But added an extra (and more gothic) coord just for fun

    My lj name is Frills_r_us


    I love muted down sweet and playful, lighter classical. Pretty much anything to do with animals.=D


    This is a rather old meets new nerdy lolita outfit. This is my dream print because it a nice subtle print that still makes a statement not to mention it features purple, my favorite color. I had to go with a nerd theme because the print reminds me so much of my days in Latin class. I totally wish I could wear this to my art class, although the rings may get in the way :P

  17. Hi I'm Sophia and would love to enter you contest with this

    I really love lolita because it makes me feel so flippin adorable! I want to feel a bit classic and sweet. I love this outfit because it looks comfortable, fun, airy and cute! I like the idea of such an eligant jsk and shoes paired with the oversized glummy bear jacket to make it seem ten times more cute!

  18. I don't think my comment posted! I wrote a whole entry about this lovely contest on my blog:

    I'm so excited to enter this contest! :3

  19. So cute! Here is my entry in all it's 1980's rainbow glory:


    I did this set as a tribute to breast cancer awareness month but at the same time it's a dream coord for me because it has all the things I love. It's very feminine (which is why I picked it for breast cancer awareness) with the pinks and reds but it's not overly girly, and in essence that's me. I'm a girl who loves being a girl but I don't need to shout it out loud you know?

    It has a romantic feel to it and it's not over complicated, but has great details.

    OKay I'm going to stop talking now. Love your set and all the other entries!

  21. this is my entry :D