Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dress Up Time #6: Christine from The Phantom of the Opera

Though I have discussed the infamous Phantom of the Opera here on LVF before (click here to read my multi-review), I thought I'd take a minute to focus on Christine for another fun Halloween and Dress Up Time subject!

But why Christine? Well, she's treasured for being one of the most known and played characters in Musical theater and film history. Ph
antom has been remade constantly since 1925, and many have taken on the role of Christine. But does it make this Diva at all interesting? To be honest, not really.

Christine, in my opinion, has no human struggles on the interior to really concur - which leaves little to be desired in viewing just her and also leaves her to be a bit well, dull. But what makes her so interesting and so thought after? Her co-star and her journey to the end of the story. Every girl has had some fantasy of a romantic thrilling adventure involving two handsome suitors being so entangled with your beauty and strengths that they'll fight for you in a multitude of ways. It's also easy to say that many, including myself, had had many a little fantasy of a tall, dark and mysterious man come and take us to a magical underworld of music.

So in that, we all wish to be Christine. To have the voice and beauty of an angel and to attract such attention along with the Phantom himself, allowing us to enter his world. So, interested in stepping into the feet
of this future Opera star? Let's go to the masquerade in this outfit!

To start - rather than doing an outfit that's a literal translation of the usual attire of Christine, I chose to make it more "inspired by". This is due to the man versions of Christine and her many outfits through out the many adaptations. It was hard to pin point on one outfit, so I created a tribute to put best.

First, I couldn't ignore the greatest print by Alice and the Pirates (in my opinion), Masquerade Theater. Do you know what is the theme of the print? Phantom of the Opera, of course! So by default, I made sure this Christine is dressed in the jumperskirt version (in the cream colorway, to represent the innocence of the character.) The best thing to remember when creating this sort of look is to stick with creams and vintage browns, along with golds. Christine is suppose to be always representing a "bride yet to be wed" sort of look.

Next, I chose a nice white long sleeved cutsew to cover the shoulders. Christine must always appeared to be showing "selective skin." She always shows a respectable amount of shoulders and chest, especially for her time. For the feet, I chose a cream set of tights and a pair of brown short boots from Innocent World. Christine needs shows that can easily allow her to run away from The Phantom, but also to be elegant and girlie.

For some nice final touches, don't forget to add red roses anywhere you can for decoration! The Phantom is always giving Christine red roses, as they are his iconic prop. I recommend at least one rose in the hair with some tiny white flowers for a bit of extra beauty! Also remember to chose a cute gold or white bag to add a little bit of shimmer to the very calm outfit.

The last item I included is a charm bracelet, with tiny pictures from the 2004 musical version of Phantom, which can be found here on etsy. Nice little things like this and "mask" related decor make the outfit absolute perfection!

Hopefully you enjoyed this ensemble, and that you can enjoy partying at your own masquerade come Halloween. Just make sure to not let the Phantom capture you in his layer forever!

LVF Update: Please look out for an exclusive first time LVF interview with an Oscar nominated animation director (Done at NYCC). But who is it? You'll just have to wait till tomorrow.


  1. Love PotO, so good! Great article!

  2. SO perfect! PotO is one of my favorites ever, and you captured Christine beautifully ♥

  3. Perfect choices!! Oooh that AaTP purse, I want it so bad <3

  4. I think her character is quite interesting if you read the original novel, more so than comes through with either ALW version, or any other I've seen for that matter (and I've seen nearly all of them - I'm a huge fan!).

    I have that dress but I have yet to wear it, because it's difficult to coordinate in that color. I don't think pure white goes well with it, as it's ivory, and I've never cared for them together. One day I will make a brown blouse for day...