Monday, October 4, 2010

Dress Up Time #5: Ophelia from Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Halloween is around the bend! So this month with Dress Up Time, we are going to focus on the more creepy girly characters you could dress as. This week we will start with Ophelia from the Oscar nominated Pan's Labyrinth (2006). Being directed by my hero Guillermo Del Toro, this film truly captures the lose of innocence and the experience of growing up at an age where fairy tales and dreams still run wild. The counter actions of the story with the tasks that Ophelia must do, interact in such a way that makes it very interesting to observe. Ophelia herself is a bit of a strange character. A girl lost in her own wonderland that to the viewer and herself can not be decided if it is real or in her head. Regardless, whether it be real or not, this world is truly fantastic and scary. But what should you wear to experience the Labyrinth with El Fauno? Let's take a look!

Ophelia, along with the entire color palette of the film, are all muted earth tones. This is great for those who are classic, gothic or country lolita's. It also works very well for those who love Mori Girl or Dolly Kei styles. First, chose a peter pan colored one-piece in either a green, grey, navy blue or black color.

Then go with a brown, grey or nude sweater. Make sure it's a very big and comfortable sweater, as Ophelia goes on long and tough journey's in her outfits.

Next, chose a nice brown or black leather messenger bag. Ophelia carries many objects with her on her travels, so you'll want something sturdy.
For your feet, go with a pair of white tick knee high socks. Bonus points if you find ones with a leave or tree pattern, but don't go with anything too over the top. Make sure not to forget a pair of black oxford shoes. Make sure they are comfortable, otherwise it'll be hard to get through The Pale Man's chambers.

To give a nice finishing touch, find a gothic styled fairy or dragon fly necklace. This represents the "Fairy" creatures in the story that help Ophelia on her quest. If you want to have a head piece (Though it's not required.), either go with a nice green headbow or a simple black hat. After all of this, you are ready to journey into the labyrinth!

If you've never seen Pan's Labyrinth, I highly recommend it as a Halloween or Fall movie choice! It has a great creepy yet beautiful atmosphere and some of the most shocking imagery yet. It'll haunt and move you at the same time. If you want to check out another similar piece by Del Toro, go with Cronos (His first and my favorite of his works) Which tells the story of a grandfather who, by the bite of a haunted piece of clock work robotics, is turned into a vampire. Either way, you'll be sure to have fun!


  1. I love this movie, I could never wear dresses inspired by her though, it would just make me too sad.

    I've never seen Cronos, but I'll definitely have to check it out, it sounds interesting and if it's even half as good as Pan's Labyrinth then it's probably amazing!

  2. It's true - she is all kinds of sadness and creepiness, but still it works with halloween.

    Cronos I believe to be his most personal film. All his movies reflect his childhood, but this one really takes everything and makes it amazing. This is also the first movie he collaborated with Ron Perlman on :)

  3. I love this movie! Thank you so much for this post.

  4. This movie made me cry.. It was amazing though, and this outfit goes with it perfectly!

  5. I love this movie so much but I never thought of making a lolita coordinate based on Ophelia! :D lovely idea <3