Thursday, September 22, 2011

NHK x Tokyo Rebel Taping: This Friday at 3PM

Hey there readers! Sorry for the lack of posting again, been busy recovering from Fashion Night Out and getting pumped for NYCC/My panel! But by golly is there something cool happening tomorrow for all those in NY and I am extremely excited!

Tomorrow Tokyo Rebel will be hosting an event exclusive within their store where the TV Station NHK "Tokyo Kawaii TV" will be filming the customers for a special episode to air sometime in the future. Part of the episode will be at the store while the rest will take place at CHA-AN, and NHK will exclusively invite some of the Lolitas to have tea there!

So now I'm on a massive hunt to coordinate the most epic outfit possible that showcases my personal Lolita style and that will make me stand out in NHK's eyes, hoping that I'll get chosen as one of the lucky 20 girls!

First off, I was originally going to wear just punk style - but as much as I love it when I saw letsgocolourful's tumblr I became inspired to do a more sweet style coordinate!

So with that I decided to do something more on a Fairy Kei inspired side! There will be tons more accessories added to this outfit but hey, why the heck not go all out for this right?
I don't always wear blouses with my outfits, so I'm hoping to start up again this winter with this one. I also plan on taking the insane detachable bow from the JSK and attached it to the collar of the blouse - hence why I got inspired by the outfit above! Finally I plan on making my very teased and adding tons of bows and charms in my hair. I'm tempted to do possibly buns instead but I'm not sure still.

So if you're in the NYC area and are interested in getting in on the action yourself, check out the TR blog post here! Remember to RSVP as it is helpful to them with getting everything organized for the event. I hope to see some familiar faces there!

On another important note: My panel is approaching super soon! If you are a Lolita business owner interested in sending prizes for the game at the end of the panel, let me know as it is epic advertising! Email me at if interested!

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