Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LVF Check Out: "Big Sexy" - For Women Everywhere.

Lemme just put this out there - I'm not thin. I've never been thin ever in my life and have had curves attached to me without signing any contracts. It's taken me a while to embrace myself as beautiful due to this fact and it's been a struggle back and forth between "Should I be ok with this?" or "I need to change this!". Well I can finally say that a recent new TV show changed my mind towards the positive. Don't get me wrong, I could change a bit of my chocolate intake (for my teeth's sake) but nothing else is changing cause I finally realized I am beautiful, thanks to the ladies of "Big Sexy" on TLC.

If you haven't heard about this series the scoop is pretty simple: It follows the lives of plus size girls trying to bringing themselves into New York's fashion world along with living their lives of romances, struggle and friendship. If there ever was a show our culture needed to get a slap in the face with, I think it be this one. Even if you aren't considered to be the size of the show's cast, I think everyone can find something relatable about these women. But something I can't help but notice is their confidence and their fierce-ness.

The one that stands to be the fiercest of them all is Audrey. This girl gives every other girl, thin or big a run for their money. Her ability to have so much confidence inspires me in every way possible, allowing her to become one of my new fashion heroes. As someone that is both a bit on the tall side and big, this gives me a load full of inspiration. I recommend checking the show out just to see what amazing things this girl wears (Check out her Time Out article here)

But the best overall part of this new series? It's lesson. Be proud of yourself. It's a struggle many of us have to face, things about us that sometimes we can't change or facts that we have to accept and these girls embrace all the hopes I have for females around the word: acceptance of yourself. These girls are all beautiful and take pride in the fact that they find themselves to be such and knowing that makes me think they're beautiful too, inside and out. This definitely is a lesson all girls can have, in Lolita Fashion especially.

My new goal in life: To be as confident and stylish as the girls on this show. I think it's a lesson we all can aspire to have. Check out "Big Sexy" Tuesday at 10PM on TLC!

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  1. I do like this show. It just stands to reason you have to love yourself and everything else will fall into place eventually.