Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: RuPaul

February has just begun and if you are anywhere in the east coast you're probably already feeling the harsh effects of those winter blues. Though I'm a winter baby and snow usually perks me up - it's now becoming more ridiculous as time goes on and hopefully will stop having it's "storm a week" effect on us eventually. But are you really getting the blues from the chill? Well today on LVF, we're gonna celebrate someone absolutely fabulous! Need someone to look at that can turn your frown upside down? Look no further then our subject today, the #1 Drag Superstar in the world, RuPaul!
RuPaul is just one of those people that comes around once in a while and turns the established culture upside down and around in a 180 degree style and it's never the same again. She (or He, whichever you desire to call) is revolutionary and has brought the greatest things about gay and drag culture to the faces of America, with as much glitz and glamor then we could have ever imagined. Ru Paul is in one word, confidence. This why she needs to be celebrated. 
Don't even get me started on Drag Race, which has slowly become my favorite TV currently on the air as we speak. This show keeps getting better with each season and never lets itself become a cliche. I think the best part of this show is how it treasures the ideals of self expression and individual empowerment. All of these Drag Queens are heroes to me, even if not all of them are my personal favorites. But why? Because they don't care what the outside world thinks of them and they themselves think that they are truly fabulous in their own way. This is something I think all of us, Lolitas and humans alone, can and should rinse and repeat in our own minds. 
But what should you do to take the iconic inspiration of RuPaul from this post to your closet? Well actually, rather then the usual stick of some outfit ideas and places to shop, why not try a new frame of mind: Be Comfortable As Yourself. As Rori girls new and old, we are told time and time again that if you don't have confidence or believe in your own brand of fabulous, you might as well not be part of Lolita at all. I can say that without a doubt RuPaul is one of the most inspirational people to me in general for that reason. Haters will be hating on people like Ru forever and ever, which goes the same for us in the frills. But, does that change Ru or the girls of Drag Race? No and neither should it change you!
So with that in mind, go forth and sparkle on down the street with your own strut of love and devotion. I wish I could have RuPaul as president (wish I could say I made this picture.), so that America could be even better and more accepting then it is and maybe the world could be a little bit more too. But the only way to start that is by loving and accepting someone you probably know the best, yourself. As Ru says at the end of every Drag Race, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?" Now, I say Amen to that and hopefully you do too. 


  1. YES! I seriously love you right now.

  2. And knowing I have readers that do and support things like this makes me love you all too <3

  3. With this one post, you've just become my favorite blogger of all time! <3 The world needs a little more Ru-love