Monday, January 31, 2011

Finding Your Style: Your Own Unique Take On Lolita

I've been into Lolita for almost 5 years now. Trust me, it has been a love affair as it's probably been for most of you. But, I can honestly say that it's definitely a journey into finding what your actual style is within the realm of the fashion itself. Sure, you could pick a "style" like sweet, gothic or classic, but can you find your style within it. It's taken me a very long time to truly find my style when it comes to this fashion culture and now I'd like to share my style with you.

Let's start off with the beginning. Oddly, you wouldn't be able to tell at all, but I started my frilly days off as a Gothic girl. Though I still love the details of gothic style, since my usual non lolita style is a more all black look (not gothic but...dark colors?) I try to dress a bit differently when in the frills compared to my western street fashion counter part. I think many can consider the first step of most lolitas "the old school step", but at least for me it was more on the ita side (yes, yes, I was an ita! Don't deny you were one also, come on!)  

Sadly, we've all taken the plunge into Lolita fashion sometimes without the complete understanding of it. Take me for example, I got into the fashion because of Mana from Malice Mizer. I don't think I really need to explain much of why I admired him or why I even dared to dress similar to him, but maybe it was my love affair with my own collection of dolls at the time and wanting to look similar to them - and I'm really not going to continue on this since I'm pretty sure 95% of you have the same response. 

But after having the incredible realization that this fashion took real dedication and work (No, really!?), I took a bit of a back step on
 it and let myself collect items until I could actually make a decent outfit. Trial and error outfits took place one right after the other, but finally I saw the light. No no, not the heavenly like, The Rori Light! (I honestly think I saw Momoko holding a hand out to me with this one!) The realization that I found the style that called out to me the most: Sweet Lolita. 

But what exactly draws one to this style (which has been the most popular for the last 3 or so years.) that had me believing in Lolita once more as something that was made for me to wear. I've even seen pictures of me as a baby in clothes are definitely pieces of what would become lolita, especially those bonnets my mother forced upon me at such a young age. Sweet Lolita completed that gap in my fashion heart for me that craved pastels in a bell shaped dress form, that I felt fit me the best in the world of fashion for me. I had never felt so beautiful, so adorable or so healthy looking then I did the first time I put on my first brand dress: A little polka dot number from Angelic Pretty in a stark red and white color palette! 

Since then it's been completely a romance of absolute adorable and cuteness that has made me a sweet lolita girl for life. The use of animals, ridiculously high calorie looking sweets and beautiful shades of pink have made me dedicated enough to want to be buried in it, just like in the picture next to the text. I can't contain myself when I see the newest Angelic Pretty print, in all it's sparkle like wonder, it's almost like the feeling you get on Christmas day looking at the new presents under the tree. Such prints as Pastel Ala Mode and Dreamy Dollhouse have given me such fantasies of fun with friends and adventures into new places. 

I get the same feeling from Baby as well. Baby has this great sort of vintage take on what Angelic Pretty tends to make more modern and or slightly tacky (in the best way possible though, seriously.) Even the newest prints like my favorite Twinkle Princess Dream are just well, a dream in themselves (I'm dying for the navy or pink version!) 

Then fast forward to a little under 3 months ago. I step into a new world of style, that is what has ultimately lead me to writing this in the first place. It's best to understand during my teen years I was obsessed with Punk fashion. Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry were my idols and I dreamed of being just as cool as them by dressing in every bit I could get from Trash and Vaudeville at the time. Quickly I learned that the ones called "punks" were never ones to identify themselves as such and therefore I banished the thoughts from my mind. Fast forward to the point previously mentioned and I re-discovered my love for a very under appreciated brand: Putumayo. 
Putumayo can't and shouldn't even be just connected to punk lolita. It, to me, is the only true brand that can call itself a sweet punk style brand. It mixes the two perfectly. It'll have pieces that focus on fairy tale themes turned upside down. One of my favorites was a theme of cutsews featuring Little Red Riding Hood holding a bloody knife but looking absolutely cute doing so (odd? of course!) Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with plaid, but this brand speaks to me like no other and I'm now on a mission: With every coordinate to capture my love of both sweet and punk to perfection.

The only person I've found do this perfectly is one of the old school girls, Nana Kitade. I actually haven't heard much from Ms. Kitade in recent years, but back about 4 years ago she was one of my idols. She always knew the right way to blend Baby The Stars Shine Bright with spiked bracelets and skulls in this way that almost looked elegant. I remember that moment when I first saw Nana in person, carrying her Baby Bunny Bag and sitting with it, arms all around. It's probably one of the most inspirational images ever for me, and I want to carry that tradition on in my style!

So then, what is exactly my style? It's a mixture of sparkles, Barbies, The 80's with your rock n roll mischief and a lot of confidence. It involves hats, clips and a lot of patterned bows. Give me different kinds of solids, maybe even a print or too that makes you think of the bitter taste of dark chocolate. If Debbie Harry or Cyndi Lauper was lolita, would they approve? If they do then I'd wear it for sure. Take any combination of red plaid or pink and black and you've got a winning result of something fun yet interesting: me. Now give me some pink leopard print and let's go!

So, what do you consider your personal lolita style? Is it a mixture of things or do you like to just try one style per outfit? Post pictures and have fun! 


  1. I don't have pictures at the moment, but I know what you mean about finding your own style within a style. For me it's Gothic, but a type of gothic that I haven't seen as often (so I'm excited when I do see others wearing it!).

    My version of gothic is all black (or all white), with lots of texture and ornate details. Velvet, brocade, embroidery, chiffon, silk ribbon--put as many of them on the same dress/skirt/blouse/hairpiece as will look good. Roses, thorny curlicue vines, and chandeliers are always a win. I try to go for a whimsical, otherworldly look, like a dark princess that just stepped out of Faerie. I mostly make my own clothes, but to me the brand that most often captures this look is Atelier Pierrot.

    Thanks for that last question to your readers--it was fun getting to describe my style. ^^ I enjoyed reading about your style journey too.

  2. nana kitade is making a tour in europe atm :)