Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mirror, Mirror Trailer

Oh gosh guys, here's the OTHER SNOW WHITE movie trailer. I present to you Mirror Mirror, a movie that considers itself to be the superior Snow White re-telling. It's of a more lighter family appropriate affair with some cheesy jokes, divine costumes and Julia Roberts. (who I have a love hate relationship with!)

Originally I was going to hate on this movie just simply based on whose directing it, (Damn you Tarsem!) but I'm giving it the upper hand as it really reminds me of the Fairy Tale Theater television series style of storytelling. Comedy and fluffy with an adult sense of humor. Also Nathan Lane is in it, therefore it must be incredible because he is my comedy god.

So if interested, check out the trailer here. Afterwards write your thoughts down below of which of the Snow White movies is the fairest of them all in your eyes. I'm still pushing for the Huntsman version but this is getting my interests more then I expected.


  1. I 'll watch the movie but it's not as interesting as Snowhite and the Huntsman or Once upon a time which I love.

  2. Hah! I can picture Julia Roberts as a wicked witch no problem. XD
    Fairy tales are classic stories that everyone will always like, so it's easy to make another film based off of it, but it looks like they derped the story up a bit..
    I'll watch to see all the frilly stuff. ^-^~

  3. They're both an interesting take on the fairy tale but if I were going to see at least one of them, I really like the way the Huntsman version is looking. But I'm not a big fan of the Twilight girl lol But as more trailers come out, we will see.

    ~ Kieli ~