Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"She's So Unusual: Lolita Fashion in the Media" Overview

So my panel has passed and gone with success! Though it took a idol to open the show for me, I've seen stranger and have been the stranger thing prior to many things as well. But I must confess, I was extremely nervous to present this and would have liked to have practiced more. But overall it was an experience I'd love to present again (maybe at another east coast convention in the spring? Hint hint!)

For those of you that might be been interested to see the panel but couldn't make it, don't worry there is a video coming soon! It was shot by a friend of mine (thanks Ann!) and should be available in the future that isn't as distant.

Here's a small spoiler for you in picture form, taken by my lovely friend Yuuki!

One disappointing factor of the panel was I ran out of time to play the game at the end. But good news for you, I still have a pack of prizes! So the question for you is, would you like to win something? If so answer the following question:

Who to you is your Lolita Fashion Icon?
The best answer gets a prize!
Contest ends on November 25th!

(by the way, I while ago someone won a prize on the blog for a contest I have and yes I still have your prize. If you ever see this please contact me as it's almost been a year and I need to send this to you!)

So excited? You should be! More Comic Con updates coming soon!


  1. Your panel was awesome, Dalin! I was glad to see it <3

  2. My cosplay idol is CLAMP, which I know are a manga group but go with me on this. They create absolutely beautiful art and stories, many of which has a lolita theme like their super detailed poofy skirts and adorable stories with strong female characters.

  3. OOOOHHH congrats for the panel!!!! Can't wait to watch the video!

  4. Who to you is your Lolita Fashion Icon?

    Hmm well in all actuality, my Lolita fashion icons are the people who love Lolita and wear the fashion. Yes this includes the catty girls who aren't the nicest people, and the people who lie. But there are also honest, loving people who love the Lolita fashion for its simplicity and the details to obtain it.

    I guess to say the only real 'icons' I have are people that make their own clothing. They have the drive to design their own clothing, put it into patterns, make it and wear it with pride. I guess it goes the same for me because that is what I want to do as well.

  5. I wish I could have seen your panel! Sadly I couldn't make it =( But I can't wait to see the video~

    Now to answer: "Who to you is your Lolita Fashion Icon?"

    I think my Lolita Fashion Icon are the people I meet here on their blogs. No one is a master at it but everyone has their own ideas and opinions and are all wonderful people that can create so many beautiful things. Each post is something to look forward to and I feel this is how inspiration is shared. And it only takes one person's idea to start something big. And I love to create things so being a part of the process drives me to create more and hopefully become one of these icons =)

    ~ Kieli ~